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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Preparation D:

Today, was fun.
When Melvin was back from school,
I have finally get back my old wallet, most of my cards, keys are there, but I have lost many money & including an apple charger. D:
I wanted to see the apple charger, but when I reached there with Daddy, He spent most of his money on the taxi ride.
While on the trip to collect my old wallet , I heard the conversation between Daddy & the Taxi Driver.
I heard that he always have difficulties managing customers already , those foreign people.
Then, heard that he will always get scolding from them, & they might complain to the office. All those.
& then I realised that my daddy is the first man I ever love. 
He is the best man I ever love, Really !
He is fierce sometimes, but on the same time, he might be cute.
I dont want to leave him at all , I dont know what will happen to me if my dad leave me  alone in this earth already. This is to tell most of the teens , Please treasure what you have now, dont wait till it is gone. 
I really dont wish to . D: , But my actions show that, I cant do it D:
I love my Daddy , Really. 100% heart on him !
(I admit, I nearly cried when I was writing this part).

After that, take bus 13 , from there to AMK .
Super long trip , but when you are doing your own things, it passes really fast .
I leave Dear waiting there D: , I feel so bad.
Then, not long after I came, Maurice came. I was like "YOU NEVER TELL ME YOU ARE COMING !"
Went and take some walk around the centre area , then go the latest NTUC , where it is 24hour & there is a second floor. :) ,
Dear bought a cake, pandan cake . He ate the whole thing. O.O

Then , after that , went up .
I show attitude -.- . Okay then . (Actually, I dont know why I did that) . I damn buey song that time.
Sorry , if the people there chua tio , I really dont know what am I doing. ._.

After that , slack awhile, went to Dear's house.
I didnt talk much to the step mum , because I really dont know how to start to talk a topic to her.
But I know his brother, Bryan Tan :) , !
He is a cute parrot laa , he repeat what me, Mel & Mau said. :) , He is damn hyper,
I dont know how he get his imba stamina from.
How come the whole family, the boys will get so imba stamina de , His brother also have , he also have.
He is damn cute ! :D , He love taking photos lo ! :D
Then, we take some photos :) , ! Wow. I love it actually. :D
All the photos below, is non-edited part :)

Melvin & Bryan . (The Tan Brothers) Real de xD
 They look more like father & son then Brothers right ? xD

Pig Face ! :D 

I like this photo with Bryan (Y) 

We look like a family right :) 
 Not going to boast about this. My fringe is killing me. But I really love this pic :) !

When Mel was young ! 

(Rest can be found in Facebook) :)

I just realised when I see Melvin's primary school pic.
Then , I saw all those awards , wa ! Meow, he super pro laa . 
Then he cooked for me & Maurice , his speciality - MAGGIE . LOL .
Then, we watched lbxx , for awhile, the go off le. :)

While on the way back, Dyana say , The braces will hurt more then extraction . >.< ,
Die, I die ! I still want to help Dear to dye his hair de , then , my braces kill it all, I thought it will not hurts so much, now what Dyana says . I want to cry le . I dont know what will happen tomorrow.
I hope one sleeep , can kills it all D: .
I dont care, even if hurts, I am strong enough to stand all those pain.
Dying his hair will be fast de ! I will be strong de ! :D , I dont want to disappoint Melvin Tan :D

Omg, am I going to be like that tomorrow ? 

Wish me luck :D !!
They say they are going to pull all my front teeth back , to all the gaps will be covered, Wts.
D: .


Monday, November 28, 2011

Excited !

Hehehe , as what my title had said.
I am damn excited what will happen at Tuesday >.<
Really very excited , Haha ! :D
I think many things will happened on Tuesday ba. I will be putting on braces ! & Will be dying Dear's hair into other colour . Meow. Is my first time doing on his hair >.< , I hope that there will be no mistakes .
I'm thankful that he accepted my request to be my precious first time guinea pig xD . 
& I just know that tomorrow is MAMA's Day. Want to catch it .!!
Is Mnet Asia Music Awards (I only get to know this today).
At 4pm to dont know what time.
But is tomorrow, dont know can I catch it D:

Was reading all those dye hair articles & watching all kind of videos about dying a person's hair.
So, that there will be no mistakes on that day.
He wants the natural bleaching by Gatsby .


When, actually I want him to try on the bubble foam de,
So, it will make me lesser because is bubble foam , so is easier and faster , to me. >.<
But he want to bleaching de. XD
This :D

All the same to me , actually.
So, since he say he dont mine. Then, alright.
I will try my best not to make any mistakes. :D

(This is the bubble foam ver. But , I think everything will be the same , except for the product :) )

I hope he dont mind, I think the venue will be at his house ba.
Will be seeing his step mum for the first time today , Imagining what will happen later.
I am surprised that he told me that his step mum is an Indonesian . While my mum is.
So, I hope later , we will have something common to chat it, I hope my chatty box genes will come out when I meet her. LOL .

Braces tomorrow. going to do filling later.
Wow, Braces, less things to eat , more brackets for me to put on the wax le.
Then , it will be so mafan , again D: , need to know how to take care of my teeth , with braces , I need to take care even more. D: .

I hope to have this, left is before, right is after.
Should I have the pink one ? 

Ohmy, this photo kinda, taught me sth :) 
LOL ,  
This photo, is for Melvin.
Is a funny photo alright. Please. Dont think sick xD

Braces, tomorrow, I hope it will become nice.
Will take tons of photos tomorrow, I think . Because two huge difference of we two will be damn obvious. :D
I hope it will turns out fine.
Have to go tomorrow,

Today , since morning was a busy day .
Just, I just went to school, I thought that bookstore will be open today, but did not see the date carefully, so need to go tomorrow or the day after . D:.
So, went to school, to take my IC then. Yeah, & I have my IC already.
My face like. Meow. D:

Have to go filling soon,
Then, after filling, *Dot know how long will it take* , then have to go the lost & found center to take my old stolen wallet that is found. I hope everything will be there. Including my apple charger & some money that my god-ma give me.
But it has been months D: , I dont know what will happened.
I love that wallet of mine, I bought it on my own, no memories., I just love it . hahahaha .

Stuck at this song, I rape the "REPLAY" button man :) , Nice song. I hope you like it :)

Nice song right.
Can just click on the "YOUTUBE" button on the bottom right hand side & you will reach his Acc, there are tons of nice covers by him .
I hope you will like it. Follow & subscribe him alright :)

Bye ! :D

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just stop & go . xD

Today, another bored sunday .
Woke up & play maple , maple , maple.
Maple all the way . Omg . ~!!
Then , my level only at level 40 D:  , Pathetic, while Mel's level is at 50+ le ~~ , what is this. Killing me D:

After that , we meet up ,
Studying & Eat .
I slacked again ! D: , Have to stop slacking.
Went to Hub , & saw Don , Daniel, JQ & Brandon , Didnt improve again D: , Is damn tired.
After that , all went off , so we went to eat . Porridge again xD
After that , study until I want to eat Ice. xD

We stoned at the market to talked about our family .
What our family expect from their child's partner xD . Cool right, I learnt alot. :)

I hope what we say can really come true.
Although , I have high hopes in it suddenly. ahaha

Want to help Dear dye his hair siia ! xD

Breaking Dawn Part 1

Rating = 3.9/5 stars :) 

Is a very nice part one.
It became a horror & NC16 scenes all in there. Lucky. I get used to this kind of things already .
Watched this show with Kenna & MayHui :) , Super Nice can , But we catch it at night.

Taylor , which is my favourite character in Twilight Series, Acting as Jacob Black.
He is a werewolf. Wow. He is getting super hot. XD
One by one, from young to old :) . He is the reason why I chose the movie to be my one of the best movies.

It is a very epic nice show.
But I love the sound effect all those. :) , But Bella's baby girl is super cute , even with her eyes, enough for Jacob to kneel down xD
Is super nice :)
Some images to show some spoilers . I am currently waiting for part 2 , which is the last part already.
The trailer is not even out yet , so the movie is totally impossible to be coming out soon.

Jacob Black  !

Balancing can be fun :)

Aha , I have not been updating everyday le , recently.
Because I am very tired, lazy to go update, because I came home late this few days.

Was out with Dear , outside , having a very fun time  .
With Jiaqing & Brandon , talking.
Jiaqing finally gets it pay , so , he treat us drinks :x , So I followed . since Brandon will be going the same direction as me ,then we talked until he sent me home downstairs, both of our house are quite near to each other so its alright.

We talked about relationship , why he dont want to have a girlfriend all those .
Because of his ex , his ex is so cute :) xD
Because , we saw a chiobu at arcade , then he kept staring at her like a godness like that , I asked , you want to get her number or not.
Meow, me dont want to be the one introducing , me want to be the girl that is being watched by guys D: 

Hahaha , I saw my BMI with Wen & Mel.
My one like , super fantastic like that , So heavy .
Okay, I promise, even my weight is heavy , I want to look slim, no muscular activities for me le , I want to go throw away all the fats le. Walau ehhh D: .
I want to die le , seeing so many chiobu recently. D:

I watched Breaking Dawn le , With Kenna & MeiHui .
Nice, I want to watch Part 2 . I have many movies i want to watch lehh ~~~ :D

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gonna Miss 23/11/2011

Ah , Woke up later then Mel.
Go to his house & see him since he cant go out of the house . ._.
So ya, went to his house , accompany him , see how he do his work, as per usual. I am watching his television while using my phone.
Lying on his living room sofa , like my own house. Joke right , then we have heart to heart talk.
For the past 2 hours, we have been "talking" . xD
Is a fun time at his house ! :) , he is suppose to cook for me Maggie. But I cant eat tooo. Hate it D:

After that , I wanted to go collect my previous wallet, & it ended up didnt go for it because of time time & the heavy rain. Is super heavy rain D:

Went to Dear's house downstairs that coffee shop , and eat some stuffs,
I am having a hard time just to suck up all the noodles :(

After that , walk to hub , under the rain >.< , I dont mind being under the rain. I am alright with it . :D
Walk to hub , went to NTUC , he really dont want to try on . I want to see how he look like when he is trying what I give him , >.< , but cant force him :) ,
Hehehhe :) , I once dreamt of him wearing checkers, , and it is quite nice :D
Eat some ice cream from Snow Flakes.
Then , went up to play pump , just one credit. Yeha ;) ,
Damn tired can , both of us ,
So we went to our mushroom house & sleep . I slept on his lap for only half an hour.
Saw how tired he is , so lend my laps to him , He slept for 1 and a half hour.
Maurice came and find us later on .

Got an appointment at 7.30pm with Mayling JieJie .
Super nice chat with her , She gave me a surprise , Yunting came. !!!
That is a total surprise , we have not met for more then 1 year ba . It has been so long D:
Have a very long & funny chat with them ,

Went up and saw Justin playing pump .
Saw Mel , sitting with his legs big big de lo ! xD
With Rina ,
After that , went Mac to have supper, Meow is hungry . xD

After that went home.
Many things happened , Maurice & Hilda broke off , I want them to be back again .
Haoiis, I am sad for them D:

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Is hard to have $$$

Hello :D ,
Not much readers uhh, update for the fun like that .
But nevermind , I update due to the motivation by reading Sherilyn's Blog .
Her blog always motivates me to update thought. Hope you all support her blogshop , Is all in her blog.
Go read some posts from her :D , she is a very good owner & friend :D

& on the mean time , always want you all to read this very talented fashion blogger.
This girl is just 16 years old , but she dont look like. Her fashion sense is super crazy good :) ,
Her fashion is unique . Very unique.
I recommend you go and take a look .
She have the passion for fashion blog. & she can be a very good fashion blogger :) !
Her name is Gracelyn , Call her Grace :D
Grace's Fashion Blog !
Is a must read ! :D

Okay , Settled with the recommendation :D ,
Now, Is a Tuesday , Hell for a few hours , it was actually better for my 2nd extraction which I hope will be the last :D
Is a few hours of hell , but is not as bad as the first week . This time is a male who help me in the extraction, it is not that bad . :D
Super late & bad day today D: .
Was late , super late.
Overslept , woke up at 9.35am , Appointment at 10am. -.- ,
Have to take a cab , and could not flag for one. I waited for half an hour for it . Decided to call for a cab , the cab registration named me as Mr Wong. -.-
I have to use my phone number to confirm my real identity , WTS .
And by that time , the time is already 10.30am. -.- , XiaSway . -.-
Went there , all in a rush . Dentist told me to go see her after 2pm , Extraction first .
Then, went down to second level, can take off , then they say need my father to be present for my extraction. My father was like, I got a client to meet. Then , sian .
Have to wait for him to come down , then , I was late for another half and hour , so Dr Peh , Have to put the metal rings at the 2 teeth, when it is suppose to be 4 .
She know me so well now . (Y) Due to me always late news .

Overall , this week was not that bad, the numbness went off after I go sleep. the blood stopped early too.
Thanks left side. Then , tonight, went out and see DearDear , it was super late ., Around 10pm ?
I thought we can stay out late , I thought I can at least / -.- ., father look for me like a mad man D:
Mel say that I look like I never do anything yet .
Sorry Dear, cannot peii you for long . Tomorrow , going Dear's house. For the second time :)

The metal rings are driving me crazy D: !!
My tongue is hurting !!! , it is so sharp, at the sides, I just lick only, I can feel the sharpness .
So , overall , i scared got ulcers only . So , the dentist gave me wax . Hope it helps , I hope I know how to put. >.<
The Wax ,

So , meet Mel , 
The first I see is he doing his physics at the walls there . Where you can sit on top. 
Mugger lo. ! 
I need to go Hub for my personal thingy , then hear 4 girls, shouting my name. >.< 
I feel like I am a mummy all of a sudden. 
But one is my Brother's Daughter , another one is my laogong's sister. 
Another two , I only want the left side de >.< , I bias laa . i agreed. D: 

I received a letter from police that they found my wallet , after such a long time. -.- 
Need to go take . Want to see what I lost inside , maybe good luck , my charger is not stolen inside. 
Need to go until a place that I dont even know. -.- 
Need to collect it , before one month . Or else they will throw away . Singapore Police so ................ 

After that , saw QiHui & Tianxin they all. I dont want to see them lo , Sorry , 
So , went off right after they reached , they are rushing for bus 269 , lucky lo . :) 
Went Fountain to slack. Watched 2 horror trailers, what the hell. Make me dont dare to go home. 
I want to watch 4 movies in total though , with 3 different people. Worst , all are boys >.< 
Then , Okay . Need to wait. :) 

Came home , damn tired D: . 
Saw Daniel's new hair colour, done by Sherilyn. 
It was damn nice can , I want to be like her , know how to do everything. 

I want to dye Mel's hair. He dont allow,. D: 
Bad right ? D: 
I know is my first time , I hope he can be my white mouse, but he dont want. 
Need to find someone else . 

Okay , Is not that long actually. 
Then , I go sleep lo . Need to go do many stuffs tomorrow, Or maybe later :D 

Monday, November 21, 2011


Haiid, I dont know what had happened to me.
I am always waking up at the afternoon period already . Today too D:
Was being called up by Ximin , to come to school to take IC , rush like crazy .
Went to school & being scolded . -.-
ICA haven give my school anything yet, but ICA told us to come to school on 20th Nov to collect .
Then , Me, Rachel & Ximin was being scolded for not trusting the General Office's staffs ._. HUH? 
Haiis, Wasted Trip . Really.

Then , went home.
Zen asked me out , but that time I was watching Happy Feet 1 , lazy to go out also .
So, wanted to reject then when he said that Maurice is there, was wanting to go . But in the end , wasted their time lo , Sorry D:
Too engrossed in my happy feet series le D:
I have to admit that I like to watch the happy feet 2 more :D 
At the same time, have to meet dear at 4.30pm .
Then also have an appointment with JQ at 6.45pm also.
So failed to meet them. I think Zen is angry lehh ._.

So , Dear called me at 4.45pm sharp , when I wanted to call him.
心电感应哦 ! xD
So, take bus go there . While waiting for him , went to second floor to see what can I get for our 4th month & at the same time, Hilda Birthday . :D
She invited us to her 21st Birthday at Fort Canning Hotel there . :D .
Want to stay overnight  & sleep at the hotel there . I've never stayed at Singapore Hotel before.
Went to have some "hard" food . This time round.

After that , went to library . I want to borrow recipes books, but in the end . I am quite interested in Pregnancy , how to take care of babies , what happen after you have babies all those.
Interested in this lehh , but dont want to make .
Was about Art at first , then slowly to babies.
When I was with Dear , he smell nice ~~~ , really nice , that kind of nice :D /
I love the smell . I dont want to leave him because of that , can . :D , not because of my age , I will have follow him home . I wanted the jacket so much D: 
He refuse to give me for a night D:
He better dont wash it . I want the smell to be there. I thought he use anything or what , suddenly one nice scent of fragrant . XD
Miracle to see how babies are formed . >.< , feel like having one too , but I dont want to bear the pain >.<
Mel say he want 4 . I was like . NO . 我养不起。Feel like a pig
I just want 2 , max ._.  , if I happened to have twins, that will be the only time I have the child. no more >.<

Time to go meet JQ ,
Went hub , I have suddenly become very sociable.
Talking to everyone of it . Xiaomeimei .
Wanted to talk to JQ only, then in the end . I was having quite a close conversation with Caroline they all.
Not bad uh >.< . I like this.
Quite a successful day today . I like.
I hope I can balance things like this for quite a long period of time.
I think I can , by the mean time . making dear a better man . :D <3

Justin came for awhile , then all of us went off .
Because Valerie Law will be coming to pump , with makeup on . 0.0
Idont want to see it . >.< , not because of that , I will have stay in hub .


Happy Feet 2

Today , woke up very late.
Early afternooon. D: . 12.45pm .
My eyes are very sore D: , nearly cannot open D:
Then , saw my brother using my computer. He have his own computer. I feel it weird lo D:

Wanted to meet JQ .
He say he might be going hub at night.
So , I thought I can just go peii him & talk to him.
Maurice & Hilda suddenly call me. , say they want to go watch Happy Feet 2 .
I am alright with watching that . So , agreed to it. :)

Need to get money from Melvin.
Wanted to go his house downstairs to take the money & chat with him.
But in the end , is rainin . So , he come from his house to hub with an umbrella. I have never seen him take an umbrella before :D
Then , come to hub . He looked so pale D: . 
He looked so sad tooo , Feel like giving him a giant hug , I wanted to cry kay D:
But at the same time, I feel like making him smile :( , so didnt do it.
But really I feel like sleeping at his chest , hearing his heartbeats.
Then , we go play pump , in the end , we dont even have the time to talk D:
We only meet for less then 30 minutes D: .
I thought JQ coming at night,  but due to the rain , he didnt come.
Is okay :) !

Rating for Happy Feet 2 :
4.5/5 stars. 
Is totally my type de. :)
I like how they sing & dance. I totally love the songs they sung in there ! :D
I love the mother. & the child totally get genes from his mother :D
I really really love the show. Like that , I should have watch Happy Feet 1 D:
I want to watch , if I have the chance & i can find it. :D , Finding the songs :D


For those people who want to watch Happy Feet 2 
I am sorry for the spoilers. 
I haven find the song I really want though , But I really love the Gloria xD 

Yeah ,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Is hard to even Maintain it.

Haiis, Didnt update for quite a long period of time already D:

Recently, have a very miserable 2 days D:
One is happened to be the conflict with JQ .
Another is , the resulting of knowing how hard it is to maintain a relationship. Believe me, it is damn hard & hurting at the same time. D:

Our 3rd month is sweet . IMO
To me, it is. Because I have taken many photos with him.
He weiqu himself to take photos with me kay . *touched*
We take around 27 photos in total . :)  . Not bad le kay , first month to second month, I only have 8 in total. :D .
He knows I am the crazy photogenic person. No choice.D:
Then , we went to our usual studying place & there is a cat , is a female. She love Mel more then me . D:
No choice , who tell Melvin have a name that is so similar to cat . = "MEOW-vin"  :P

Favourite <3 

The cat that loved him so much xD

After that , we have a chat on phone for hours :)
Sad conversation . But , we learn many many things . Really, I want to thank him for it .
It is memorable one.
But it hurts me to see him suddenly become so sad & depressed . D: 
Heart damn pain recently. D: 
But , I know I just want our relationship to be a memorable , happy, & sweet one.
I want him to become a better man in the future. I really want him to be .
Seeing him loving others , even if is not me in the future.
I really want to see him like that . I want him to learn D:

I believe he will . I want to be his guardian angel. I see almost most of his weak points.
I want to help him. I want him to be happy always . His smile is my heart pain healer. :)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Taking things for granted.

Today, have to woke up early . But I slept quite late last night.
Have to rushed to a private clinic to do something. Appointment.
Appointment 9am , I woke up at 8.30am. Lazy to leave the bed , as usual.

It hurts, everything hurts.
I didnt know if I want to do these , I hurt , My parents' hearts is hurting too.
My teeth hurt because you are doing something to it. Taking it away too. But that is all for the sake of chio-ness. But is that really that important to me ?
When I was doing, thinking why am I enduring the pain. After enduring the pain, is there any hopes/percentage that I will be prettier ? No, no one told me. But I received a very bad news that totally bring my self esteem & confidence down , deep down . It suddenly trigger my thoughts on why am I doing it , making myself feel so miserable if the results is the same as now.
I am breaking my dear parents hearts . Their hard earned money is being spent on my dirty & useless teeth.
I am always taking things for granted. I dont know how to repay them , I owned them too much, too much that is so uncountable, I feel that one life of mine is not even enough to pay them D:.
I still feel so bad , I screamed at my dad. Why ? D:

After that , I only can eat after 4 hours & I endured this since 10am .
Finally I can get to eat , but I have no appetite , you know why .
I take things for granted again . 
I take Mel for granted. D:  I let him wait , wait, wait when I am doing my own personal thing here.
Why ? After his call, I feel so disappointed for myself. Utterly disappointed.
I shouldnt let him wait , I should have chiong over since I know he have his exams going on.
What the fuck am I doing.
I cant get to see myself eat . I dont bare to eat. I feel like punishing myself.

I cant even have the courage to message him or call him to say "I am sorry". 
I am a bitch uhh ,
He is damn disappointed with me right now right, ?
"I am very sorry Mel. Forgive me . I dont know whether will you" . 

Beautiful night

Last night was one of the greatest night ever.
I didnt go work, Actually, I was not needed anymore. The job is when you need a spare hand, they will call us to go and help & get some pay too. I like this kind of job , but is not stable at all, as long as you are a part timer, nothing is stable for you .

So, didnt go out. Was at home one whole afternoon watching "Dr House" .
Few episodes, is was one of my favourite show because of the series, is all about doctor doctor stuffs.
Nice uhh, to me. It is.
If there is any shows that is related to that, I dont mind watching it , for long or for temporary only.
That why I want to be a doctor :)

Then, after that , went out with Mel.
I want to have dinner. So, we went out.
Yeah, Get to see him again, he is suppose to be out studying or memorising Econs's notes.
& I am suppose to be testing him. In the end, he is the one that is studying.

We are having fun more then studying.
LOL . !
He make me high until crazy , I have totally no control of myself. Nothing happened :) HAHA

Yesterday , have a sweet heart to heart talk with him.
Talking about what to do at the 19th, our third month .
We from fountain , usual area & we walked one round and back to the same spot & we went travelling around again, & in the end we found out a place that is totally very cute.
Like a mushroom house, inside is dark, only the sides are totally dark.

We have fun inside, talking about things, future. :)
Then, both of us are tired , he slept at my thighs , My thighs are the best area to sleep on xD , due to the fats accumulated there . xD
He didnt sleep, he just lied down there . We talked & talked for hours.
We didnt know the time really ticked without waiting for any men at all. We have been in that house for hours, :) .

I am still wondering what to do for him at our 3rd month.
Hard to decide.
I also dont know what to give him today. hehehehe , under planning.
Went home and continue chatting with him. It was fun. :) , lovely night, when he started to be sweet somehow :). I just like the way he is.

Thursday, November 17, 2011



I like my idol inside :D , Fanfan is my favourite role model. 
She have the brain , the relationship, the attitude, the singing & friends all those. 
The things that I hope it will appeared in me. 
The relationship is damn long can. xoxo . 
Is like what , 10 years relationship , then they finally married on 05072011 :D 

10 years relationship.
Her figure. 
Her friends. (I hope to have this kind of Besties) , 
Her wedding ! 

She is my favourite role model. Really :D , She is damn sweet & I really want to be like her.
Her relationship , I really feel like asking many questions on how she last long with Blackie de. 
Blackie is one year younger then her :D , Cool uhhh . 
I  really love them ! As a couple. Individual tooo :D 

My favourite. & they are really darned sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !

I love the atmosphere ~~

Let's talk about yesterday ~ :D
I love last night the most ! :D ,

Working officially stopped today :D , Yesterday was my last day working there.
Therefore, I need to look for a job le. Still considering whether should I go for the ntuc interview . D:
Working for quite a short term yesterday. Today might get the pay . :D , So I can go buy sth using my own money again for someone :D
Worked until 6pm only. Then come back to AMK to look for Dear & Wen. ♥ 
I need to eat something to cure my hunger . & due to my teeth ,  I cannot eat alot of things D: 
After that , went back to arcade together. 

I just feel that I corrupted Dear's purity mind. 
It suppose to be pure , & now it is becoming dirty . XD , we love to talk sick things all a sudden . ! 0.0 
Then yesterday , we try to be pure. xD Failed of coz /. 

Arcade was damn crowded yesterday but with some correct people in it. 
I love the atmosphere yesterday . With Charmaine, Brandon , Crystal , Mel , Wen , Justin all those in the arcade. All the pros are there. Then we have fun , playing behind & on "stage" . Camwhore with most of the people there. 
Then after that , we went night market & take a walk. 
Brandon want to buy Ramly Burger  . But -.- , I saw Adrain , Eric they all. 
Step one A beng only. Damn fucking annoying can , what Do Re Me. Want to talk also cannot siia. They like so fucking guai lan , Dear go off first./ Is better for him too. Justin nearly go crazy , not because of Brandon, he will have take out his screw-driver xD . 
After that , went Brandon's house downstairs & slack for awhile. Talked about all kind of things . 
People, pump. 
Wanted to chat for a very long time, then Mummy came and appeared behind me. 
Then, sian . Need to go home lo. 

But overall, Dear Dear was extremely sticky recently . I love how he sticks his body towards me . So, I dont mind the feeling at all :D .
I love yesterday's atmosphere alot. :D 

There are laughters , all those. :D 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Extraction of teeth !

Today, didnt go for choir. Due to my dental appointment.
I was one hour late for Dental Appointment tooo. My appointment is at 10am. I came at 11am. -.-
Registered straight and sharp at 11am .
Lucky  because of the early appointment person is not here. So, I can see the doctor easier.
Summarize. I did 2 extraction of my teeth. (& it hurts the hell out of me) .
Put rubber bands at my left side of my teeth. & it also hurts the hell out of me.
In the end , overall . I eat dont know how many panadols to stop the pain D:
Slept for 2 times & it still does not work.

After that , I want to go eat because finally there is no hole at my mouth.
Now when is close, is fully close. I've been a merlion for a few hours. xD
Want to see MelMel so badly, & finally get him out of him house for a hour :D
Eat Mac with him . He rich laaaa , last time eat McValue Lunch , now I saw him eating McSpicy at a normal dinner rate xD
I only can eat what , ICE-CREAM !!! , So, ordered McFlurry.
Eat that , I also eat until so 辛苦。Pain here & there.
Still cant get used to the 2 holes in my mouth . Cant smile widely for all these days.
Then, Dear peii me walk around Night Market that is just newly opened opposite AMK HUB .
Then, he fed me MuaChee xD . I can suck it., I cant bite it D: So, only eat those small small de.
Then, went straight to arcade.
Saw Sher & Xian. They said they saw a ghost/monster . which is Valerie Law. I tio shocked . Due to her makeup . D: ,what the shit. Damn fucking ugly -.-

Came home & saw my brother having a new computer.
I wanted to help my brother & thank my father & you know what I see.
My brother complaining how small his ram is . 0.0 ,
WTF , my dearest father bought you a computer & you do not need to pay a fucking single cents for it & now because of one game , you are comparing my computer & yours . & rant that the ram is not big enough.
Fucking not appreciative. I cannot take it anymore.
Scolded him the shit out of him. But he did not listen to me de , although I am older than him .
He fucking take everything for granted. My father walked out of the house so disappointed.
I feel damn sad to see my father like that , My father just want to see how my brother react to his newly gift for him despite of his results having 3 "U"s. Ungraded -.-

But what the hell, my brother show him attitude & straight told my father that the computer is not good. 0.0 .
Fuck, I saw my father's reaction.
He worked the hell out of him for us. Just to have his computer for him. -.-
Cheebye. My dear brother. I hope whatever I say will get into your head. This time. if you hurt my father one more time. Dont expect things to be easy for you. I will make sure the whole school know you are a jerk. Grow up boy . I want that more from you please /.

I just hope that he can just say "Thank you & Sorry" to my father.

Many people like this dress . 
I think it looked nice one me ! :D 
Sian, Cant buy it D: 

Monday, November 14, 2011

What I learn : Pain Pain Pain

First day of work today.
Worst, I start off with cramps all over my body & have to drag myself to work.
Worked as the packer, at Watsons & John Little. The cosmetic brand of ZA . I think.
What I learn today is know how to stick stuffs in and on the things, the another lesson I learnt from work is PAIN PAIN PAIN . 
I injured my fingers from the start to the end. I learn how to stick things inside when there is no need to tear out the sticker all those.
The pay for me is quite high because my hyperness between my partner they all are high . 
I am tooo social , it turns out to be a great weapon for earning money .
The pay is $6.50/hr. Yeah. I like the job, And today I earn 50 to 60 bucks already :D , I like.  & it includes my travelling fares. 
But the worst thing is that while working, I am enduring the pain in me. Stupid monthly friend of mine -.- 
Endured through out the day D: 
From Somerset to BoonLay D: 

I thought my working time will end only at midnight since they say so. 
But, they let me go early from IMM . At around 7pm . Want to see Mel , so rush home.
The MRT is so damn squeeze -.- , from Jurong to Amk -.- 
My stomach hurts when I am sitting down & standing up . 

Cant even move , so I have to sit down and wait for Dear. 
Dear is so high todday can , he make me go "nearly to crazy" stage. 
I like the feeling, I have to admit.

But at least , I get what I want today . & is to see him :)


Simple Plan

Yea. I love this song. Kinda in love with Simple Plan already :)
Lyrics will be given here :

Lyrics to Jet Lag :
(feat. Natasha Bedingfield)

Ohhhhh ohhhhh
(Go jet lag)

What time is it where you are?
I miss you more than anything
Back at home you feel so far
Waitin' for the phone to ring
It's gettin lonely livin upside down
I don't even wanna be in this town
Tryin' to figure out the time zones makin' me crazy

You say good morning
When it's midnight
Going out of my head
Alone in this bed
I wake up to your sunset
And it's drivin' me mad
I miss you so bad
And my heart heart heart is so jetlagged
Heart heart heart is so jetlagged
Heart heart heart is so jetlagged, so jetlagged

What time is it where you are?
5 more days and I'll be home
I keep your picture in my car
I hate the thought of you alone
I've been keeping busy all the time
Just to try to keep you off my mind
Tryin' to figure out the time zones makin' me crazy

You say good morning
When it's midnight
Going out of my head
Alone in this bed
I wake up to your sunset
And it's drivin' me mad
I miss you so bad
And my heart heart heart is so jetlagged
Heart heart heart is so jetlagged
Heart heart heart is so jetlagged, so jetlagged
(ohhh ohhh)

(I miss you so bad) I miss you so bad
(I miss you so bad) I miss you so bad
(I miss you so bad) I wanna share your horizont
(I miss you so bad) And see the same sunrising
(I miss you so bad) And turn the hour hand back to when you were holding me

You say good morning
When it's midnight
Going out of my head
Alone in this bed
I wake up to your sunset
It's drivin' me mad
I miss when you say good morning
When it's midnight
Going out of my head
Alone in this bed
I wake up to your sunset
It's drivin' me mad
I miss you so bad
And my heart heart heart is so jetlagged
Heart heart heart is so jetlagged
Heart heart heart is so jetlagged, so jetlagged.

(Ohhh) So jetlagged

Today is another week, going to work sooon . With Kor.
I hope my performance will not fail for working timings. xD , Will not be seeing Dear for today. Highly . 
I hope he will be alright with the paper later, at 2pm . 
I am not very worried because I know he can do it. Remember to write his formulas down and he will be alright by then :) 

Have a small conflict last night .
About some thing. Is just one thing. But I think I will not be thinking of it again.
Learnt my mistake, just have to do what my heart told me to do. Dont think about it. 
Idiot Jq , make my thinking always go hare wired de . 
Believe in Dear is what I will do and can do . :D . 

Ouch, I need to earn money to pay people but not earn to spend on the things I want to buy and learn. D: 
Consequences of borrowing money I think. 
So , this whole week, I have dental appointment.
Wednesday onwards , have to go work . Will not have a chance to meet Dear at all for this whole week . D: 
I am sad enough to admit this though. D: 

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hello , Back with an PEACE pic above.
The hand signal is a "Cheese" , that sign. xD

Mel & Don they all are back to normal. At least with Sher, Yes.
Daniel , it will be abit hard. It will be hard for them to be normal although Sher is alright with everything le.
But just one thing that happened , changed thr whole atmosphere among them D:
Nevermind, put all the sad things in the past & never touch them.

Today, everything was quite smooth-ly done. Went home early too.
I can finally do all my questions calm-ly. x.x
I just need to apply , apply. In love with studying. I think. Trying my best to fall in love with it xD
But after awhile, I have been slacking until night-time.
Disturbing Mel , you can say . Molesting him ? xD
Help me pluck most of his white hair out xD , MOST
I think it is only 1/10 of it only xD

Then , slack on his laps for quite awhile. See how he do his work all those,
The rain was so heavy that time, it make me want to sleep D: . Worst is that I am still doing maths, it will not make me sleep, but the weather is making me sleepy D:
I love how he hug me ! :D

After that, meet JQ in arcade to play pump.
Saw Don they all, they like dont get to like me as much le . Especially Daniel & Don . Haiis. Nevermind Nevermind. :(
Time will pass , and change everything.
Went home. Thanks for the 三个大男人 , Send me to the bus stop and wait for my bus. xD 
Thanks uhh . JQ , Mau & Dear ♥ 

Was wondering whether will me and mel lasts . 
Like really lasts . I dont know what will happened to him after he go into army , 
During his process of army days. I dont know how much will he change after NS .
Worst worries , NS ba, I dont know what will he change to , by that time. 

Will he still want me all those. 

Many people say that when a man go into NS , he will change completely. 
I hope he will change to a person good really. 
I hope he will still choose me still :) , Think too much again D: 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

11/11/11 ♥

Today is fabulous , with the shopping & movie session .
Both with my two darlings :D
11.11.11, nice date for this life of mine. :)

Shopping with Dyana is fun & nice. I get to know what to wear all those.
I get to know what kind of clothings and shoes to wear :D , We went around 313 to H&M for hours. Just in 313, we can shop for hours. I like the clothes in most of the shops that we have gone to.
Like Nichi , Mango, Forever 21, Pedro , and many more.
Went to H&M , went to search for bras and new clothes for the boys too, I have more ideas on what to buy for Mel too :) , Cool :D
Get some photos shot too, I love most of the clothes and shoes I wore. With Justin , his few funny looking :D

Love all the stuffs there , I want to buy , but officially broke today. >.<
Need to save or work for the money for all these items. & lesson I want xD . No support, then I need to support myself then :D
Played pump with Dyana , I did improve. Nearly the same standard as Dyana . Not alot kay , is like I can have A , when she also have A . Proud to have all my combos there . Love playing with her. But totally not with Justin. xD
Justin want to go home and do his homeworks , so we went back early in the end.

After I went back to amk.
I saw Maurice , JQ . I could not recongnise Maurice at first , with his attire xD , Meow.
Not bad, even with his green army bag >.< , I still cant know who he is until he called my name :D

Waiting for Melvin Dear to come to AMK HUB from walking from Bishan.
He overslept in bus , therefore the bus bring him to Bishan's one of the bus stop, therefore he need to walk here.
We are watching "2359" . 
I like the show somehow, I dont know why people say that they are not scary when I find it creepy and some scenes can be scary , still with the sound effects .
Rating for this show : 4/5 stars .
Not a very bad show, Me & Mel like it . But we are freezing cold inside >.< , our hands are numb .
After that , we find things to eat and bring it to the fountain.
I love that place :D ,

After eating, we have our heart to heart talk session .
We shared quite many things . I am still shocked.
He got like me before, before I like him ! 0.0 
He even think of how to confess to me for one night >.< 
& we talked about our future. 
Whether how to make our relationships last , what can we change all those. 
And we discussed or talked for many many things, 
we talked from 11+ to 1.05am xD

Love talking to him like that :) , Can get to know him well from all these talks.
And I have to admit that I feel like marrying to him >.<

Came home and watched "Live to Dance" .
Jill & Jacob's dance caught my attention the most.

Have to say that I really love dancing.
I hope to dance like this with MelMel =P
I like how they dance to their story-line. I like :D

NTUC called me for a job interview >.<
Monday I have a one day job & Tuesday I have a dental appointment . Hope everything goes well :D