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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy First Anniversary


Ahhhhh , Sentosa Trip. Cable Car, Angry Birds, My Dear Mt Faber, Cute, Precious, Hot, Chocolate cake, Cafe. 
Those words were what I seen during that day .
I dressed like an Auntie going out, because I am trying out my jeans. Teehee, It looked ugly on me. 
Dear dressed so formally that day. *shock* , He really have that clubbing look when he wore that on :D 

The Cable Car's view was nice, really nice. 
The lights view from above, nothing scary about it. It was cute :D , with the angry birds characters beside us. :D , Dear bought the angry bird tickets. :D 

With PopCorn & 2 angry Bird masks. Yellow & Red. 
Mel with Red, I with Yellow :) 

Went to Mt Faber, there was not much wind, compare to December's wind. 
I love that place, Mel dedicate a diary to me. And clue, the book cost not cheap at all :P 

And we ate there, a chocolate cake at the cafe, from my view, eating there was beautiful.
There was another cafe that is even higher, but the price, seems pretty too :D 
But, the whole presentation of the view there, was the best :D , Is called the "Sapphire" I think :D \
I hope, we could come back here & have a dinner one day :D 

Went back to MRT Station and that marks the end of our day :D . 
It was cute , in anyway :D 


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Achievement unlock

Finally. I go against my limit & broke my best record ever :D , for the first time.
The feeling now, is so satisfying :D .
Is like breaking a world record or something.

Ran with Kenneth after my choir's departing party in school .
Reached home around 7.30pm+ , asking Kenneth to run with me today since Monday since I need to start my pace on running more.
Since the run after Dyana , I was very motivated to run more & do more abs exercise to cut off everything in my body. the fats especially. :D

Okay. the achievement is :
I ran for 4.6km non stop for 30-35 minutes. 
From Bishan entrance to Kenneth's house -------> J8 (using the long way) ---------> Amk Hub . 
Non stop :D 
The feeling after completing is damn shiok :D
I used Mel & Dy's ways of running. Mel's mindset thinking & Dy's type of motivation run.
Kenneth was running the same pace as me too, I am glad that he did so, because it somehow motivate me to do so. :)

I want to do this once in a week at least.
I want to feel this feeling again, or try to break another record again..
Motivated :D

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Saturday is the best ♥

Is an expensive ice cream, you know. 

I love Saturday, I think in the 7 days in a week, I love Saturday :
As per normal, I went to SLOCC, was super late, an hour late. I woke up at 0930, & I did not know that they have audition & they start at 10am instead of 1030am. I reached there at 11am & the Indian woman gave me the wrong instruction on going up & I saw many indians instead of chinese -.- .
But, I hope it is only today. 
Rest of the day, we learnt a few songs, I love those songs & I love the instructor who is teaching me now. I think for long too. 
Those songs are for Christmas & annual concert. :D , is a must to go & I really want this to be a memorable one before I leave SLO, the fees are not cheap either. & the "Dont stop Believing" disc cost $40 -.- . 
Love it when there were SeanChing & Zoe :D , they are like my best friends inside SLOCC , with a damn young girl , Phoebe . Is full of jokes & discipline, they want me to sing together, do work together. & they were always with me. :D 

After choir, went out with Dear ♥, He was an procrastination person. So, have to go to his house. Slack at his house till 5pm , before leaving his house. when he wanted to leave as early as possible, cute isnt :P Went out to Safra , since he has his Safra card & he could claim a free watch & it looked quite expensive :D , I am jealous, I want to be a safra member too, so many things is included inside, but the basic requirement is that, I need to be 18 years old and above. :( . He was there suan-ning me. After taking his watch, first time in my life time, I heard Dear ♥ asking whether do I want to play bowling. :P . Bowling :D , I love to see how dear play :D . How cute he laugh at me when he is done with his turn & his throwing of bowling ball tend to make the whole area seems like it is having an earthquake. In the end, his results were not that bad at all.

His first game was cute. zero zero zero all the way & suddenly, he spare & get 9 for most of his turns. He like to roll his ball slow :D . 
I think he got 105 for 2 games :D improve kay, since the last time i have played with him. 
While playing, Kenneth called him & asked us out for a dinner :D 

From a dinner, it became a midnight slack period. 
That is a good thing, when we have a friend that have a car & he is able to stay out late. I am able to bond with Dear more. :D . I love Dear ahhhhhhh :D 
We went to have dinner at a typical cheap area :D , went to have a small dinner and Taohuey :D 
& the next thing, I thought that we were going back home, but in end , we went to Thomson & have ice cream, and I did not expect that those 2 men. Argh, I do not know what is inside their stomach, the ice cream was just an appetiser to them, & they told me that they are hungry O.O 
I have not even digest my own dinner, & what they told me was they were hungry. SHOCK !!!! 

The ice-cream. I do not mind going there & slack again. 
Is super fun , I hope to have this kind of period soon, like midnight supper & hangouts. 
I can't wait for 190812 & Dear's 21st birthday :D . 

I really love today lots :D 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Great Motivation Starter.

I have finally ran for 2km :D .
I have started to run in the stadium , and it was really a running/jogging session .
& I cant do it without my dearest trainer going to be , Dyana . She is the best in this kind of stuffs, & of coz she is the best for motivating me & she is one of the example that I want to be one day - slim thighs, flat tummy . :P .
She really taught me well & motivate me alot in this one day :D
Just one day, she motivated me to run for more than 1.6km, so in the end, I ran for 4 round continuously, when I wanted to stop jogging, she want me to walk for one more round, and while walking, she promise me that it will be a last round after this walk.
 I love running with her . As, she was running/jogging the same pace as me always :D
I have never stop jogging for that 4 rounds and she did not leave me or pace up :D

After running , she want me to do some abs exercises/warm ups, since both our body were warm-ed up :D
So. we did three sets of everything, like sit ups, bridge(planking), stretching of our tummy & scissors.
It were super shiok :D . I swear. :D .
I love the feeling after everything was done.
We went swimming straight, she have a total good figure. *jealous much* 
Slack there like we were in a jacuzzi :D , for a half an hour :D

Went to have our dinner at Yoshinoya at Bishan .
& took neoprints at AMK :D .
We took many crazy photos before she have her dinner at somewhere high class :D
Teehee, It was super fun with her. & I think I'll run with her every sunday & I will run twice in the weekdays. Every night. And do some abs exercise, because of my tummy & thighs. , I should work hard & spend more time for this :D , YEAH :D