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Sunday, August 31, 2014


MY FIRST EVER COLOUR RUN ! #Happiest5k #Thecolourrunsg 
Taken from Facebook : The Colour Run SG 
Pretty Pretty Pretty colours flying around. 
I know this day of mine will come . Haha, I heard of "The Colour Run" online when it happened at different countries. And I really hope that they will hold at Singapore, one day & they did. 
I think this year was their 2nd or 3rd year holding Colour Run. 
The responds and tickets were sold out very fast. Me and AhLai people were lucky to be able to buy the tickets on Sunday (31st August) , which happened to be on the last day of the month. Lucky. 
At the meantime, I could not attend this last year was because O level was one of the reason, second was I do not have a group of friends to go with. Playing this alone to me is like a waste of money. So, is the best if you go with a group of friends. 
Of cause, if you are going alone and you could make friends there easily, go ahead. Cause, it will be wonderful to make friends in this kind of event. :D 

I went there with FBT + Colour Run shirt on only. 
We did not bring extra materials for us to bath or anything too , cause one day before, we saw how crowded and how hard it was to fully wash away the starch. We decided to go home and just maybe clean up before going home. So, we only brought a small bag along.
I love the shirt. Btw
Went there and we was late, but of cause we are not the only one late. 
Due to the huge crowd, there will different batches going at different starting timing. We went at the 2nd or 3rd batch. It was very crowded indeed, but most of the people there are quite co-operative and high. 
Jeff is very on with interacting with people. If I do not know him personally, I do not know that there is another side of him where he is very shy and quiet. Haha. 

How crowded is it. Hehh. You know it when you see it. 
It was a good experienced though.

There was 4 colours zones and ending point end up in a party . Where all colours will mix together. 
I have to spoiler myself for this. The After-run party was the best out of everything. So beautiful, so party. I believe if I am rich, I will turns to be a Party Animal
We did not take photos at every colour zone , but it was fun. 
The slapping of colours on your face was scary. It will travel into your eyes and your mouth. I think I have ate many starch powders and drops many tears for this. Haha. 
But I like it . Is 55 bucks, I will want to have every colour splash on me till I am happy. :D 

Blue Zone

Orange Zone 

With different colours throwing above you and you will get many colours raining down on you. 
Where everyone ehwa ehwa ehwa together at the same time. I feel like I am re-experiencing FOP's Jam and Hop again . One sad thing was that my fav sunglass died that day. :( 

I wish to join events like this again . Those events that could make yourself dirty and could join as a friend. It will be an awesome event :D 
I want to join the next year. See you :D 

Loves, so much loves.

Haha. I think I have fell in love hard with this group of friends of mine.
My seniors, my best friends. The group which went through one hardship at this semester & we are still here, sticking to each other.

Holidays are finally here !
A great Saturday. Went and have a taste of lovely sunshine and seawater over us. I just love it when things goes longer and better than you have planned. & everything went smoothly or even better than what you have expected.
I have this wonderful friends who have been together with me till the end of this semester and we are still going strong. Thanks to Jeff (handsomepie) , I have the privilege to know them and able to have a chance to be together as a group.
They basically go through the tough stations of my life. When I am in school, I do not need to worry that I have noone to eat with during lunchtime. We will always meet up and eat.
Talking about food. We have 2 look slim but they have a huge appetite people. We love food. We cant resist food. Who could?

So, Farida want to go beach as we could not make it there with her at the first time.
So, we take this time to go together as a clique. Which turns out awesome.
When we first reached there, we have to walk there due to the happening colour run event. It happened on this weekend. We did not take part on a Sat, but we took part on the Sunday.
The queue to the monorail was no kidding. So, we have to walk to the beach station with bus 11. (Our legs).
When we reached there, we do not know where to sit either. And when we were done packing our stuffs. Laid down our mat, when we are going down to swim. We were being alarmed. We were at the non-swimming area. (The water was so clear and clean there.) 
So, we moved to the other side. It was fast and I went down to the pool with them too. For the first time, I wanted my dslr to be waterproof so I can take under-water shots or do not need to be afraid of taking it down to the sea with me. I did brought it down, but all of us are so caution about it.
But we did managed to take nice photos , group photos and everything. Me and Evan became photographers of the day :D
Photos turn out nice.

HAHA. We always tend to bully Farida cause she was the only single.
Hence, we kept saying we want to find a boyfriend for her. Of cause, good things have to wait. Poor Farida, but you will always have our hearts and love with you <3.

The Water was so salt-y. Achievement unlocked for me as I managed to trap water in a very deep water. I managed to swim a distance from the starting point too. But, I have to say. The further I go, the more I am scared. I am not worried that I will drown, I was worried that there are sharks below me and is aiming me. (Watched too much Sharks Movies) . But they really started out this way ><

We did not think that we will stay that long at the beach.
We kept going out and in into the sea. Thanks to Farida & Evan for the sandwiches which they woke up early to prepare.
We slacked and stay under the sun for quite awhile, until sun sets. I really did not expect us to stay that long. We saw many Colour-runners coming to the beach to "wash" themselves.

When night time arrives. I want to take more photos so all of us took photos together too.
I love my camera when it comes to night scenes now. We looked like we are in clubbing place.

I OFFICIALLY LOVE GROUP SHOTS. It consists so much love in one photo .
We looked like we are enjoying all the best time there. I love it ^^
Awww, Thanks for this 4 people. They make my days in poly so easy when I think I wont have good and true friends in poly. But I must have done many good deeds before I went into poly to have the chance to know people. And All these memories will remains in my com and my heart until the end of my life. <3. AHLAI THE BEST. 

Saving the best to the last of cause.
My favourite person. My love, my helping hand, my bestie, my bed, my favourite shoulder.
My everything. I love this person to the core. Thanks for bringing the best out of me most of the time & allowing and giving me a chance to change and meet all these people.

Lastly, Loves so much loves from you gusy <3

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


15 weeks passed by me that fast. In a blink an eye. I still remember I was just a stranger to RP and a freshie in SAS Camp & FOP Camp. 
I still remember I was not capable to find my way to the Sports hall during fop. 
I still remember how I made my first clique in RP. Team 15 was formed during SAS till the end of FOP. In just 15 weeks, I had learnt to take notes from seniors and how can I survive in RP with the help of my seniors. Believe me, the notes help me so much. 
I also remember how I went crazy and lose almost half a pound during Jam & Hop, ignoring the fact that my ear-drums were actually burst anytime sooner, but we just kept EHWA EHWA all the way, till the end of the stage. Imagine the sweat on me. >< 
I still remember how I got my first Eyecandy's number . How I first texted him until the end of the semester and I am still texting him :P . (You know who you are. :P) 

Thinking of all the good things only. Nahh, I been through bad things in this 15 weeks too. 
Sad, Angry, weird moments. I have it all. 
Sad because of my classmates, Angry because I am hard to understand sometimes. Sad again, is because I thought everything was a brand new start and did not prepare myself for many things that could happen again and again. 
Actually, many things happened in just a few weeks. 15 weeks, it might not be a super long duration. It is not short either. I learnt and changed myself in these 15 weeks. Meeting so many friends and learning how to work each of them . Getting used to RP's new style of learning. Typing the keyboard softly and everything. 
Now, new semester is here. I believe I want to bring out a different type of "me" . If it is possible. 
I just want to do things that make me happy. When you are happy, things might goes well. :D 

New semester, nnew class. 
During the last day of school. My Dear Clara wanted us to wear the nice clothes we have. And I wore. 
It was a fantastic day to me. Full of photos. I love photos. Just keep it coming :) 
Thank you for everything. W55D.
Thank you for my dearest handsomepie for this awesome journey. & I believe we will have it more in this journey of ours. <3 

Haha. Garfield is the center of attention. 

Thanks for my OB group uhh. FIONE , JORDAN, HAYATI <3
You are very loved and remembered by me for life HAHAH .
My handsome-pie. I hope you could continue teaching me the things I am suppose to love and continuing supporting our relationship with much love. -- By your beloved <3

Monday, August 18, 2014

Is time for formal day

Finally, week 15 of that module. It is finally the last week of that module, Effective Communication.
I'm always bad at English. So, at first, I was so surprised I got an "A" grade for the first exam of this module. I think it was just coincidence.
Cause by UT2 , I got a grade "D" for it. I was so bad, cause I thought I will at least get a B. Hahah.

So, this problem is called the "Final Presentation" , from the first lesson, they have already said that there will be a formal wear on the last problem.

So, in just a blink of an eye, 15 weeks or more have passed.
I still remember, I was rushing to buy a formal wear. I did not wear a formal skirt. Not like others. I wore leggings like jeans. It was chosen by Jeff. With a purple buttons up T-shirt. Bought it at UNIQUO .
And with the shoes , bought at Bugis. Overall, I had a man-kind of look when I actually wanted to wear a skirt , so I actually look feminie for formal wear. But, this attire got praises from my classmates, so I think it is alright. :D
(I'm bad at taking ootd. ><) 

I have a hard time going to school with tat confidence in me wearing this attire.
Going into the class like a different person too. I got to have some confidence in me, after this time. I dont think I will be wearing formal wear until Year 3. For final year presentation.

Have some fun or fun-photographs with my classmates.
As, this was the first time that I brought my "James" to classroom. I am glad that most of my classmates co-operate with me , and took some photos with me or allow me to take photos of them :D hahaha .

More photos could be found in facebook instead. >< (To be honest, I am too lazy) .

But overall, it was a good day passed.
The module that I could not like. I finally escape from it. 15 weeks. Hahaha.
Thanks my classmates for everything for this module & especially my new group. :D hahah .