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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Year 2013

It is the last day of New Year already. How fast . 
Time really flies. As I was playing time limit game, I have realised that I have spent that one min or past 60 mins sitting there doing nothing but just staring at my phone. When I could took those time to do something better. 

This year, I did not collect many red packets, either is the economy becoming more cui or I just simply do not have the luck in this year, which is totally a NO-NO. I need luck , GOOD LUCK ! 
As, this year is my O level year , I'm here willing to scarfice everything for the sake of my results. 
Just that I am not doing anything ah . Sher's tuition work is not even halfway done and I dare to ask her for help. 

I became slimmer, that was all my relatives say. :D 

First Day of CNY's attire. 
The skirt that I wore, I thought it will make me looked fatter, it looked nice with the top though. Proud to present you me :D . 
I did not much clothes to wear already :P 
I just realised that most of my clothes represent my this year's luck colour. :D 

So, what I have done was just wore this when my relatives came into my house.
Mum was busy with all her things and came back home later. 
Jun Meng was playing his computer all the way& refuse to change his clothes. My brother has no fashion sense at all , Ohmygod. 
I have to choose the clothes for him, Are all boys like this ? :P 

My two precious & cute cousins. 
They are like me. Can study, but not born smart so have to work doubly hard. 
Female one , I think she could do very well in her studies. Male, I received his PSLE result. It was not that good as I have expected. But, ohwell. Just do well in whatever you are in now. Brookland Sec. Jiayou. 

Yupp. Then, we went to GUGU's house like at 10pm .
Received 4 red packets at once. 
When I reached home, facetime choir members before sleeping. I slept at only 3 or 4+AM.

Second day, Coursework day man. 
I went to my aunt's house and do coursework & eat , drink. Nothing else. ._____. 
I was awake only at 10am. Sucks.
After that stone at home. My family had a conflict yesterday. I do not want a conflict at a new year at all, but it seems like it cant be avoided in my family. 

Lastly. my third day of New year . 
I will get to see my dear bestie & bf :D . 
I cant wait. I want to spam photos laaaa. :P 
And another movie coming out : AH BOYS TO MEN 2 ! 
I have been listening to their theme song. I was so anticipated to watch this. :D 
Most of my friends watched this & I was left out. But, no worries, I will chase up after today. 
All the best . I will be bring my laptop out , I think . I need to have a laptop bag already :D , lazy bring my sling bag all around Singapore. 

I will get to see LOBANG again. 
Going fangirlling over him, which I dont know why. 
He looked so much better shaved :P . 


Sunday, February 10, 2013


It have been a long time since my last update my blog.
I was busy with all my things, education mostly. I have nothing to worry more than my studies. :P
2013, Year of Snake. I hope all those SNAKE's People all the best & succeed in whatever you all do .
I am not too good in chinese or lunar stuffs. So, I do not know which year is the age of what. :P
I am so proud to be a chinese. :D

Today , 10th February 2013.
I hope all of you will have many red packets and each red packets will be filled with blessings & Money.
I shall update after a day of Chinese New Year. :D

Thanks for the reading , readers.
I love you lots.:D