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Sunday, June 3, 2012

I love Saturday .

I love Saturday ! 

Yeah , At least there is some days that I love in a week. 
If I do not have even a day to love forward to in a week, I will be very miserable. 
Somehow, at least that is a day that is the best :D 

So, what had happened last Saturday which was yesterday.
Is my SLOCC's rehearsal . Haha, Getting the hang of it now, at first when I go there, I thought it will be very boring because I am a "forever alone" person down there. No perfect music background. Only years of experience in choir. They are still children . 
Luckily, I met some friends at the same age as me. :D , Finally ? At the second rehearsal, I have to talk. That why I get to met those 3 , only 2 were close to me because I am in the same section with them . Another one is is Sops2 , but when we have the chance to talk, she refuse to talk to me. :( . She is too shy I think :P 
Yeah, I get to like a few songs among the one whole chunk of scores. I have a 200+ bars' scores too , which is the "combination of all glee songs" , you will go crazy singing it, plus they are alot of solo parts that we could audition it for. 
Zoey, which I am closer to , she planned to take part in every solo part , of coz there will be auditions.
Hahha, It will be fun. Btw , all of these rehearsals that I have been taking part in , is for this day, (One day before my birthday) !! "Dont stop Believing" on the 13th July 2012 .
Do support me . :D 
I hope I could get one solo , and that will be for one French song. :D 
It is damn nice. Although I heard those songs since I was younger. It was from a very long choir movie. 
Very inspiring. If I can , I will post the songs here later :D . 

Yeah . after that . I went to Junwen's house , to ask him for help for my solo part. In the end, we did not do much :D , Is okay. But from that day onwards, I feel like learning piano. :D , LEARN BACK PIANO , I mean . I want to have that music background / if I have a music talent in me. So next time, my children can play any instruments. LOL . (Still too long to say) . 
I could not post the video here, because is copyrighted, without Junwen's permission , I can't post it anyway online :D 
Share alot of things with him today . :( .
Although some, I very scared to share with him, in the end, I still share it. :P 
But I have no regret uhhh :) . 

I have to pack for my next week's Europe Trip. Choir suffer trip , I think you can call it that. 
There are so much things to prepare, I have to go Family Doctor to get my medications, stupid ? I dont know. 
But I do hope to have a camera this time round, a cheap one will do , do not need to be so crazy. 
I hope that I could have it >.< , 
Wish me luck for my Europe Trip . 
I will miss My Melvin & Junwen . I hope I could take some photos, HOPE.