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Thursday, May 16, 2013


This trip came too sudden. I was notify only a few days before the actual day.
This Miss Haida, who I am proud to called her my bestie. Out of her random-ness, she feel like going to the beach to see the sunset. She was so obessed in her photography lesson. It's no wonder, since she mighht be one of the director in the future. (It is her dream.) .

So, I was suppose to go Sentosa's Siloso Beach with Khalidah & Novia.
I was not really against it, as I really have to find an occasion that I can wear my sundress that I bought at Thailand. I wanted to see how will Haida looked like with the sundress too T.T
But due to some sudden moments, Khalidah is unable to come out & Novia was having flu. & the weather was not exactly at our side. It was cloudy all the way.

So in the end, the backup plan was watching movie.
We ended up watching "THE BIG WEDDING" .

I've been wanting to watch the movie for awhile. As there was a big poster about this infront of the cinema in Amk Hub. It seems funny and it seems sick. I admit, those shows that have just a little sick content. Idont mind watching. I am interested in finding What's next.
And another reason why I want to watch this was that it was something to do with Wedding. I like those "Happy Ending" stuffs. I mean, who don't ? :)
The reason why I love Happily ever after is because I admire those princesses except for Mulan. But she did became one in the end. :P
And I always want to experience a sweet Wedding moments.So, this movie meets all my needs. So why not.

THE BIG WEDDING is an uproarious romantic comedy about a charmingly modern family trying to survive a weekend wedding celebration that has the potential to become a full blown family fiasco. To the amusement of their adult children and friends, long divorced couple Don and Ellie Griffin are once again forced to play the happy couple for the sake of their adopted son's wedding after his ultra conservative biological mother unexpectedly decides to fly halfway across the world to attend. With all of the wedding guests looking on, the Griffins are hilariously forced to confront their past, present and future - and hopefully avoid killing each other in the process. 
The rating was not that high for this movie.
I find this movie not that bad, but it was not that good for me to buy the DVD for it. What I meant was "Watching it once is enough." I have problems catching what they are saying still, cause they talked way too far, but that was not a very huge problem. I mean, I like how they talk. :D
And the movie was quite interesting and sad to know how they are going through all that.
How did goes from the ex wife to the current wife.
I like this movie and the male lead, actual name is Ben Barnes is so hot... :D
Dont he loooked hot. In the movie, he was adopted in Columbia.

Went Swensens to have our lunch/dinner after our random shopping around Orchard ION .
There was a student's promotion, Why not :D


Me & Haida chose the first option. We were hungry, we need solid food.
& those 2 ice creams are so fattening. :( & I can't reached what was below, so we wasted money on that :(

Teriyaki Pasta



I am not a male, but I behave like one.

So I tend to be interested in whatever boys are feeling. I was being bored early in the morning, so I went to check on my gmail. I have tons of mails to check, they are not as important or urgent as my documents. They are just videos :P
I have subscribed to many channels, so I have tons of videos to watch.

My top favourite channel was the : ELLEN 

In this channel, you will see all kind of things, you will see all sort of people, celebrity and even the kind deeds that Ellen will do to help people in the world. SHE IS FABULOUS REALLY ! 

So, today I have found a few videos on Jaden & Will Smith. The famous never age family.

I have watch that Jaden Smith from kid to a teen. He looked so hot right now. He is rich afterall, his whole body is branded and he as a teen should be damn lucky, he is capable to get anything that he want.

So the main point why are they in Ellen because they want to talk about their Father-Son Movie (For the first time) , in AFTER-EARTH. 

Yeah, this is the trailer. Action-packed movie once again. I have been seeing action-packed movies recently. It is getting interesting to know how people put their creativity into actions.

Wow, behind the scene, the relationship between this two guys are not that strict.

I love them, love their family. Although they have all the fame,but they dont really make use of it , of it too much.

You see how close they are.
How many parents really do these with their son, especially father. I love their relationship.
Hoping that my future son and husband could have a relationship like this. It will be lovely. I love it :)

Yeah. Just sharing. :D

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in this world.
Take this chance to love and gave your mum the best hug you could ever give this year.
Take this chance to accompany them and tell them "I love you!" 

My Mother's Day was spent fully, like I have a full stomach before today ends. It is not the best day for me. It was perfect and alright till the sun-set. I did not spend my time much with them, but instead, I need to take care of my priority first, which was my exams, I am having Science Paper 1 and 3 the next day. (Why would people put exams one day after mother's day.....) 

My day was great as it started with me going to Mel's house. I am going out with Mel's mother to whereever she wants to go, since is her day.
I feel bad rejecting although at first, I wanted to reject because of my exams tomorrow.
So, me and mel went to DG, her workplace to wait for her, before she could get out from her work, Mel tested me on my chem, just to make me understand the questions more.

Right after that, Melvin's mother want to bring us to MBS (Marina Baysands), as she has the card. Is like an ez-link card, you have to top up the card and one advantage is that you do not need to use cash to pay when you eat there. Simple as that.
There were many straight buses that go straight there too, so we don't mind, I mind about my attire though, I was wearing a tanktop with a casual short with slippers. How unglam, when I went there with the attire, cause MBS is a place where all the real branded stuffs are ....
Ever the food. I mean the food was made up of really foreign ingredients.

We have our lunch there, Mel have his Ba Ku Teh , while I have my Bimbibap, which is a mixture of beef/chicken with vegetables. It was nice, I like mixture of food, cause I am a lazy person, therefore I could get all the nutrients with just one step, why not.
It was fun, walking and talking to his mum, like we are a family. :D

After that, I have to go back to my mum's mothers day celebration. It was very unexpected and that day was my worst and unluckiest day ever.
My mum got choked on fish-bone and ended up going to the hospital for a full-body checkup, cause I told her to do so.. \
& My notes were soaked by the water that was squeezed out from my wet tissues. and that caused me to lost my camera.... , my camera was soaked, and water went in, I could see water all flowing in it, from the screen. & I know I am screwed. I hate myself for it, because this was a gift from Daddy. I promise to treasure it very carefully. I am sad and disappointed.
That was what happened. I learn to treasure my things right after that moment. Everything, including humans....

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Random Once Again

I can't sleep, I think I had enough sleep already.
I slept at my house for a few hours while at Mel's house for another hour.
I have declare that today was the longest sleep I even had.

So, I can't sleep therefore either I am up to stalking people or I am viewing some videos.
This might not be interesting to you, but it seems interesting to me, since some are taken by Singaporean, like Loh Yeh Mo Yeh Gentleman.

Yeah,some vloggers made this up. 
Is kinda really Singaporean Style, and is funny . Hahaha. 
Ridwan is inside, is that how you spell his name. Yupp, if you are interested, you can take a few short minutes to view this. 

Another one, from the same channel. 
The channel belongs to JianHao, the Loh Yeh Mo Yeh guy, I get to know this name from those weird people in my choir who loves to keep saying this and kept doing the dance above this video. 
So, I find that Peishi pretty and she seems to be really good in makeup for herself I think. I just shared this video here for fun. like I like how they talk, they seems to be a perfect match, but I dont know if they are together or not,if they are, it will be a very noisy couple :) . 
So. if you really want to know how to put on makeup and you happened to be a beginner, try not to follow this. :P . 

Well , she and he have a blog each of their own. 
Yupp, I dont think there is anymore to share here and I alway wonders, how did those femlae bloggers get so nice photos, I can't even get it pftt. 

Alright, time to sleep. :D 
Good Night.s

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Connection at home in my laptop is not working well.
Does anyone know how to solve this problem ? As, I am interested in knowing how to make my internet connection loads faster now, even my webpage is not even loading fast. :(

Whenever I go into youtube, I cant even load a 3 minutes video, is not even HD mode on.
When I on HD, that video just stops there for a few hours. Ohgod, what am I suppose to do now. Same goes to my internet modem. So, are there any ways to solve this problem?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Much Convince-d

I know I am random right now. 
I am not asleep, even at the time 2:39am. Same goes for my brother. I was utilising my effort well, as I spent like 2-3 hours just to complete a downloaded torrent. It was tired, but somehow it worth the wait though. 
I was watching since I came back from Dear's home. 
I was suppose to be preparing for my upcoming exam papers right now, but give me a break alright. :P
So, I was taking a slight break off from the whole House series, and I have found this interesting clip/video in facebook. Shared by JG :) 
Just thought that it might be fun and kind to share this not only on facebook or twitter, but on my blog as well. Well, you can say that I am consoling myself for knowing that I do not have much readers to start with. 
Alright, this clip is about talent, all I can say is that : They have make used of the light and shadow well.  I cant even make a rabbit or a dog using a beam of light, and there they go, making buildings  cars and even heart shape , and made all of the actions into a short and touching clip. 
Amazing, I admit. Everything that are not common to me are amazing, but this was the first shadow clip I have ever seen. Give a shot in watching, it does not kill you to appreciate their talent for that few minutes. :)