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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy 62th Daddy!

I actually felt guilty for it. 
I did not know when was my Dad's birthday until I asked him for his birth date for admins purposes. I was surprised when he told me is "2nd March 1951" . I was like "Isn't this date today? O.O" 
Hahaha, My Dad was rich for today. He even have the right mood to joke with others, except for his habit of getting late always :P 
And I realised whenever it is his day, he will treat others no matter what , even if they are not our family members. My brother's 4 friends come along 0.0 . 
I was strongly disagreeing of the plan at first. It was because maybe I did not bring friends along or maybe because I was not in a good terms with them. My first impression of my brother's friends are they are not that good, but this dinner, my impression changed. :D 
They are one bunch of 15 years old boys . Naughty, Hyper-active but they are not that rude when you see them or maybe I am not close with them yet bahh . 

We have Ichiban Sushi for our dinner :D
I hate my camera for being so nooob. Oh, is not the camera's fault but the batteries . -.- . 
They simply just cant last long. Only once my batteries last, it was the rechargeable one. Seriously making me piss. 
I love the food there. Actually as long as it is Japanese Food, I will love it. Even better, if it is sushi. I love them too much, I can just have them for my 3 meals. I have Unagu scramble eggs set. 
All of the boys had Ramen as their dinner. Of cause they do not need to pay for their meals and therefore, they will order those cheapest ones. Except WenHao. Tsktsktsk. 

Overall. I love my dad <3 
Happy 62 Birthday. I hope you had a happy birthday with us :D