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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

16th December 2014

9 weeks have passed, just like that . I have made some friends who I think worth keeping. <3 
In this 9 weeks. I realised that I have been going to school for my friends, and sometimes, for my grades and I dont know for what reasons, when one of my close friends said that she wanted to skip a day lesson, I will be gladly to go off with her. So, suddenly, friends come before GPA. 

Every Tuesday is a day where most of my classmates dragged themselves to. Cause the faci is being a woman. Someday, she can be so bias. Someday, she can be so petty. Yeah. I wonder why too. 
So, the Tuesday on the last week.. Went to school early but in the end, me and Amelia skipped school in less than 60 seconds. No point going back to class cause both of u will be counted as late, and there goes my "A" anyway. 

WenHui do not want to come school and have already planned not to come school on Monday due to her comment. She wanted to go Shopping so in the end , Me and M went and have a shopping session too. 

Pretty little Amelia. Most funny moments were that, all these were decided last minute. 
We want to skip like 2 mins before school officially starts, before Faci come in to class. We went off from class 10 seconds before Faci arrived in class. 

So, we went to my house first. Went to Private-Clinic to get MC. We have to act. I was so glad that I did not have any medications. I just had some chit-chat session with the doctors and I got my MC, of cause, nothing is free. I paid consultation fees for it. Haha .

So, after that. Slack awhile at home, before meeting Wenhui at Bugis where we start our shopping session. She was my ATM for the day. As I said, nothing is free in this world. I will have to pay her back all at once. I wish I could be more discipline man :( , In savings especially. 

Went Bugis and went straight for Pedicure and Manicure -- $17 
$15 for both Manicure and Pedicure , $2 for one different shades colour nail. I love the final products from the start till the end. I am still loving the colours now. Manicure made me feel more like a woman and when I look at it, It just remind me how a woman should behave. LOL 

Crepes Hour when we reached Bugis. 
First time for me. Cause, I have no idea what was that, but I tried to be on date of stuffs. Who knows those 2 younger than me knows perfectly what was that. This made me feel so old, tsk. 

After Creps , We went and do our routine, shopping. 
I told myself to give a limit in shopping, such as I want to buy only ONE leggings, shorts and shirt. That's why and we did. :)) 

Lastly, Me and Wenhui went and try "Eyebrown Trimming" . 
Wohhh , it was painful, but I bear the pain, but there were still tears in my eyes. Same goes for WenHui too. Glad that I have someone to do it with me so I dont feel alone. 
And there, we go off as we need to go meet up with the guys and Wenhui have a date in the evening. :) 

And, there we go, go back to school. DOUBLE TRIP. DISPLACEMENT REALLY 0 SIIA. >< 

But despite of all those. 
I love these 2 and I had a great time with them :) Great day spent and Skippping school with friends can be fun :P 

Sunday, December 14, 2014


AHLAI regains our activities.
Finally, It is Evan's 20th Birthday. Most of us actually had a surprised plan for her, but it back-fire because she was nearly going to get pissed when she found out that noone remembers her birthday in the clique. Even, her boyfriend. But that was the plan.
The plan was to arrive to her house one day before her birthday with a cake outside her house in the morning and surprise her. Haha. We planned this for a week or 2 weeks ahead., but things kinda back-fire and we made our last min plan as our back-up plan. Hahaha.

Finally, that day came. But she knows our tricks as we need to tell her about it ><
The day went by us fast. I woke up in the morning helping jeff to buy the cake for her. He insist to br a fruit cake. I woke up at 9am to go to the Market & get her a fruit cake.

Went to Yishun , to their house on my own as Jeff was rushing over from the other side of the world.
Went there and ate my breakfast/ Went up to her house and celebrate and eat the cake before we go out and have further plans.

Went to have my Llao Llao (Virgin gone) . It was nice . It was sour that why it is so nice because I love sour yogurt. Where does all my clean diet go to ? 
But it is really nice.

After that, we went and have our KBBQ <-- Another guilt food moment.
(And I have not done any exercises this few days.) Welcome fats into the family of fats gathering in my body.
The services there , sucked when we stay even further. When the people in the shop increase, the services there went from bad to worse. They wanted to chase us out so much that they refuse to change the bbq pan for us when at the very first place, he could just change it for us whenever we want to.
But at the back, all they did was adjust the heat that we applied from high to low. And we didnt even know that there was timing for the buffet.
But, we did have our fill (at least for me and J) , we did . It was so nice. Chicken never fails to make my first experience in KBBQ good. I still prefer K-food than J-food anytime. I guess.

I love it when I say I want to take photos and they co-operate with me and even took photos with me. I love taking photos because it is a form of memories. It is the most-realistic way of keeping memories. The people in there stay tills, after years and years. Photos will remind you of how it goes. If I have the money, I will want to create books books and books of photos, with their dates and the memo for the purpose of the photo.

Happy Moments last. :)

Lastly, we went and have some small drinks with them , despite of needed to leave early.
I love to have some moments like this with them. I love you all.
Lastly ,


Friday, December 12, 2014

Week had flies so fast

Wow, time really flies. In just a blink of an eye. I am already spent 8 weeks with my classmates. 8 problems for 5 modules have been solved when I was in school since the first day of school.

I find that this week flies extraordinary fast. I think it was because I have made some close friends and spent like a week with them. I also made some matters hard for one of my close friend. At the wrong time, you can say. So, there were happy moments, but also at the same time, some sad moments made too.

She was one of my friends who I have made. One of the closest one in class too. I can say.
We even bought L4D2 together. She was the one that make it worth-while. I am not the gaming type, so what can I say right ? ><

So, during this week. It was the first week that I did not even eat lunch with Ah-Lai . My lunch time is dedicated to both of them. I also thanks to fate. Another close friend of mine was in my group for 4 modules. I guess, I need to treasure this kind of things before it is gone.

This week was also a fun week as I am closer to Jeff's friends already.
I think I become outspoken too. I am thankful for this week that have passed. Just have to remember and treasure all these moments I guess.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Yes, I did really plan and do something about it after my previous post.
Thanks to my dear J , he is so willing to cut down and go to gym with this noobie here.
He actually willing to cut down on his diet, spend more time in gym with me, training with me. And he even suggested to grow fit together too. <3_<3

I went gym for the first time. I went there with Shuqi first , before J appear in gym.
As my first time in gym, dealing with the machines, I have no idea what to do , no need to tell me about those sets , training which muscles kinda of stuff, but thanks to my first time & shuqi, I managed to find some related stuffs to do. I overdid - like over spending my budget on my legs, or thighs. It hurts. I nearly unable to stand up.
So, I decided that the next time I go gym, I will train my arms, Maybe not many repetitions, cause I do not want to have big arms, I still have the misconceptions that lifting weights will make my muscles look bigger. I want toned arms and thighs. -- that;s my ultimate aim.

So, the next time I will go and research on how many sets should I , as a beginner do in gym for my arms so I will be more prepared when I am in gym, instead of just flying here and there , trying out different machines. Bur I got to say that, I like it though. I like the flow, like I will run on the trackmil for 5-10 mins first (warmup) -- then go and do those machines. Subsequent set, the timing on the track is lower, then do again. I think I just have to ask J for opinion and research more about it.
But, for now. I like it though. Although I am still so shy But I believe I will be nice and slim one day. :D

Finally, Again

Yes, Again. How many times have I wrote this in blog.
I guess everyone is gonna say that I wont succeed this time round, but trust me. I wanna succeed as much as many expect me to fail. This time round, I would have to make this goal of mine last and keep going for, let me see . For 2 weeks first, before a new blog post comes by, saying I have successfully completed some stuffs ?

Things to be completed this 2 weeks ! :

1. Finish my UT.
2. Finish reading my "If I stay" .
3. ** Lawn's Salad for 3-4 days with J. **
4. Exercising morning workout before I go to school for 3 days -- till 4 weeks (Suppose to) .
5. SQUASH ON EVERY MONDAY ! -- Need to make that squash partner active.

For now, I just want to complete my module's notes .
Too many things to edit in my notes. Too many words. I dont know how to make them nicer to see, easy to read & all those. Hand-written notes seems to work the best for me :(

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Enjoyable 14.11.14

There were many "impromtu" events happened. At least for me, it were.
I did not have many plans for my sixth month with J. We were just going for the flow.

I always like Friday. And luckily, our sixth month falls at that day.
I like friday because of the module. I have a good faci for this module, he is like a friend. Funny and smart friend. :D
He will be there to help. Cracking jokes. everything.
And another thing to add is that Jeff's class is opposite mine during every Friday. <3
So, I was up to a good start.

As I thought it will be a good start. It did not turn up that well.
That day's problem turns out to be one of what I hate ? I dont know. I have slow process of understanding some stuffs. And I will force myself to understand fast, cause either I do not want to stop the process just because of me or I hate people thinking that I am a burden or sth....
People are selfish no matter what. 
I have a team-mate who turns out to be so bias. I have no reason why.
I dont like people who do not like me because I am loud or stuffs, or hyper. I did get affected, but after awhile. I really dont think it was worth my energy. I am just being me. People have a choice to hate me or to make friends with me. I am not being fake. I'm just being me.
So. I happened to buck myself up. Work fast for my brain. and roughly get it. But the practice questions was .... pathetic though. I did not know how to do... hence, I was so shagged out even before my celebration for it.

After school. I have no idea where to go. All I know was maybe to have steamboat or hotpot or bbq or sth. (But I have learnt, not to have any of it anymore, my appetite is not big enough for it.) 
So, me and Jeff took some time to choose for a place to go. Blasted music in my class till the end. I am happy to have J , he always have ways to make me do stuffs that I, myself will laugh at too. 

We went to Vivo. Yes, Woodlands all the way to Harbourfront. And J only sit down for 2 stations and I actually slept through the journey, Such a sleepy girlfriend. :( Hahah
I thought there would be food for us to eat, but it turns out no. LOL
So, we travelled back to Bugis. With Jeff saying that he will be going out with his friends to celebrate one of his friend's birthday.
So, we had steampot with bbq at the side. Which I got splashed by oil a million times :((
I will talk more about it next time.

Definitely had a good time at night, Celebrating his friend's birthday. It was a good experience.
Although I feel like I could maintain myself slightly more for some matters. But, it was good. I was hoping that there will be more activities like this once in awhile.

Once again. I love you babyboy.
Thanks for a perfect day and night. <3

Friday, November 14, 2014

Half a year just fly past us

Omg, Half a year just passed by us. We have been sticking together for 6 months. Another 6 more months, we will be 12 months (1 year) together. Time really flies , without us knowing anything. Time just did its job ticking away. 
This 6 months, definitely, like any other couples, hoping it to last, arguing till the very end, dont feel like seeing each other at some times, awkward heart to heart talk,after awhile, pillow fights, mini cute fights among ourselves... buying food for each other...
It is always the mini events that happened that makes this memorable. 

Before we were together, I have already ensure that you know me well first before you say you want to get together with me. Taken my past into considerations, my current me, my moodswings, my wants and everything for a relationship. I was afraid that you could not take it. But, who knows. and see where we are right now.

I am definitely happy .
Happy to be your girl. I'll be ancipating for more love from you. More months for us to become stronger as it passed.

--- Much loves x100
Abbiephotogenix xD 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Dear John"

Just finished "Dear John" from my folder of a whole loads of movies in my hard-disc.
Duh, I'm not going to write about review of every movie that I have or going to watch in this hard-disc. Just, some memorable review of my own, my feelings for some movies.

Background information:
I have various types of movie genres that I like or I have no hates in movie genres, I guess.
But, I am an emotional girl sometimes, I love fiction stories, I read romance genre books most of the time. I just love reading inspiring or reality love stuff.
So, I watched alot of this genre. and I will still continue wanting to watch it though. Just that, "Dear John" is in my hard-disc. And I find my feeling of this movie is worth writing down. I guess.

"Dear John" .
Summary: It is about a life of a US soldier when he fell in love with a young woman. They decided to exchange letters to each other whereever he is after he is deployed to elsewhere for war.

My feelings: 
I have already know that whoever, or which girl who fell in love with US army's soldier is a girl worth admiring. As, they have a strong heart, strong determination and definitely patience. US Army soldiers, they are like basically married to their country, they are ought to serve their country. First priority is always "USA" . Hence, it is not easy for a girl to wait for a love of hers to come back and have to go right after that. 

So, it was a story about it, hence, I want to watch about it, I like it too, when it comes to a part when is it not always him (John) and the girl. There are family love inside too. The father. 
I love how the plot brings out . 

This movie, also shows me that guys can really fell in love with a person deeply. 
And it is definitely not easy to have a long distance love, The guy is facing danger all the time (in this movie) as he is deploy for war. And the girl is being challenged to wait for him, Which is not easy. and this movie shows the life of it . It is meaningful. Dropped tears for this,

Ratings? : 
4/5 - Plot 
4/5 - Casts

Friday, October 3, 2014


I finally have a chance to go out with my most character alike to me twinnie in my sem 1 class.
How do I introduce her?

Hmm, let's start with:
I believe that there is always a purpose and a reason why you met someone. 
My today's random girls only outing partner is CLARA TAN JIE RU.

To summarise how to describe her:
"She is someone like me, but another much more stubborn me. meow." .
We are born at the same month too, she is just 4 days older than me.
Both are us are cancer too. So, we turns out to have the same thinking too.
And we happened to have the same reactions and thinkings toward some people or situations. Which is shocking to both of us. Hahah.

So today , we went and try one of the Japanese Lunch's buffet .
I found this shop through Groupon, it was having a discount & Clara love buffets, so went for it.
It is also a good try for me so I have more things to write in my blog.


  • Good services from staffs. They explained to us how to order from the menu. E.g, How should you write when you want this and that. They were patient to us , or is it because I understands what she is talking about very fast.
  • Good environment.
  • It comes to us as a surprise as both of us were expecting like a real buffet, like we could get food ourselves. But, they have a menu for it. It is ala car menu. 
  • Disadvantages are : Some food are delivered wrongly on to our table or some food were not served to us until we told them. 
  • 2nd D: We have no receipt to look back to, like confirming what food came and what food we have actually chose. 
  • Rating for this : 2.5/5 stars .

After that, we went and buy 2015 schedule book from Popular .
Went to mac for a short drink and some small snacks. But, due to OUR jobs commitment, we have to leave early. Or else, we would have talk more.

She actually copied my style of having a planner :P
I just have to say that to "entertain" her. Teehee. But in this case, both of us are so KIASU.
We have not even started sem 2, both of us are worried for our year 2015 already :P.
I hope to see her tomorrow during chalet. :D


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Random Celebratory Dinner for me

Finally some good news from school.
I'm finally happy with something related to my results, to school-related activities, e.g GPA.

So, I was updating my private blog about it. But, I will be more than happy to share this. (I have no intention of bragging.)
I was saying about my GPA. I got 3.5/4.0 . It was my targeted score for this semester. I am happy that I hit it, but this is just the start, I need to maintain this grade so I am giving myself slightly higher gpa target for this Year 1 Semester 2.
So, my dear handsomepie found out, and said he will be giving me a treat to celebrate me for getting such a good GPA.
So, he told me to meet him after his work and we will take a walk around and go to Swee Choon.
Yes. Swee Choon AGAIN. :P . (Tbh, I go for the Xiaolongbaos)

I ordered like 2 baskets , 1 basket consist of 4. So, I ate 8 all by myself.
In the end, It was not really treat by J . It was all Aaron's treat due to his good mood.


  • - I think the first time that I ate there was with Jeff's parents. (I was craving for xiaolongbaos and their parents actually says they dont mind eating there. It was awesome day with them.) 
  • - I really really love xiaolongbaos from DingTaiFeng after my first try, but I could not afford that expensive baos. And I found out that the xiaolongbaos here are cheaper and nicer too. 
  • - The best midnight supper restaurant you can ever come look for. 
  • As it OPEN FROM 6PM - 6AM. 

(For more infromation, click on "Sweechoon".)

Good thing about today was that :
- I could get to talk to all of J's friends much more better.. It was better than last time , the first time when we go out together. I was unable to communicate with them. But, I could now. HAPPY !! 

Definitely thankful for my handsomepie for such a random reward. 
much loves from me. 

Monday, September 29, 2014


LOL , I nearly wrote "BMX" .
So, I did not know that it was his birthday till he reminded me about it.
So, a simple blog post for you since I meet my dear friend empty handed. It was a simple and go unnotice Birthday celebration for you from me. And it was so random. Cause I only know it when you reminded me.
Because of Mingxian, I made a new friend, YiHeng. Hahah. I love making new friends, esp when they are very approachable and easy to talk with,


Although it was a simple birthday celebration with just a simple eighteenchefs dinner and Udders ice-cream. 
I hope you like it. 

Although, dinner between us was a small routine, but Hahah. At least today, I did not bully him or said that he was bad to me or anything as because Birthday boy have all the good treatments for the whole 24hrs. Although, we only met for a few hours. 

// It was my first time eating at udders. Standard pricing I shall say. 
I ate waffles under 10bucks. :( But, Cant expect cheap deals here. So, I chose Soursop Vodka. It tasted weird to me. I think my liking for hard liquor had drop recently. HAHA .
I think the Baileys also taste weird to me too. Hahah. But nonetheless, I have learnt that simple taste the best. Dont go for exotic flavours. Hahah . 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Our New Vlog

Hehh. Finally a succeeding vlog done by both me and J.
I have been wanting to do a vlog, but I sucked at it. Even after watching many various vloggers in youtube. I have concluded that, being a youtuber is not an easy task. Okay, NOTHING IS EASY. 
But, for videos-doing. The committments and time needed to put on it is HUGE.

But nonetheless, I have a crazy boyfriend who want to try this out of a sudden.
And under a few hours left before I go for work. He wanted to try a simple video, as wanted to do that for our first video.
Although I wanted to try it just for fun, as I find vlogging fun, but it is also a stress "mission" to be done. (Whereas, we are both at the very busy period currently.) -- So, I am doing this for fun purpose.

I dont dare to try youtube clips too as people nowadays are judgmental like hell. Luckily, both of us have friends who knows us well enough to know that we behave in this way normally, or else, people out-there will tend to judge you based on the video. So, although we hope that, there will be no negative commotion. And it stays for that way for now.
So , enough for the talking. And here is the video. --->


2 days of work

FINALLY, I finally get myself started with new location in F&B.
Thank goodness, there is Evangeline who accompany to work in this from the start & really till the end of the holidays. Without her, I dont think I will have the courage to go to work and I dont think I will be working by now.

So, finally finally, my hopes did came true. Me & Evan went through 2 days of suffering. It was very tiring at first, although I did not do anything as I took only 2 tables in the VIP room. And the customers there actually used 3 hours to finish their dinner. So, I did practically nothing. But, I was hoping that the time will ticks faster.
I was glad that I had a wonderful mentor, she was strict and she taught me the right ways of doing things, like to be more perfect in it.
She dont seems as scary as I think she would be.

2nd day, which was today. Busy day.
I took care of the tables outside. Now, there are more tables and more guests for me to handle.
It was not easy, as I only can clear and I cannot took orders and due to today's busy hours, many complains were made and food were served late and everything.
There were many Japaneses esp, glad that I do not meet those who are not kind. but thanks for the patience people around me. I can smile more and work much more comfortably during this 4 hours.
Time really ticked fast when everything are busy. It was just 2 days & I managed to get close to the staffs there. It was fun working with those people. They take jokes and they are more than willing to help the new staffs there. It was nice. But, the peak hour there, is really no kidding.
But, I am happy I am done with Red House. Next, which might be my permenant location , which is at Sushi Tei. Thomson.
I hope me and Evan could do well and hope to get kind staffs there as well.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Praying Hard

Finally, I am back to working society.
And I am surprisingly back to the F&B's society. I need to work hard. I need money. I have wasted half of the holidays planning on whether should I work or not. -.-
Now, when I am finally working. My pay is going to be at 8th no matter what . If is going to be my first or last pay for this whole holiday. I shall make a full use of this and take alot of money.

So, later in the evening will be my first job for 2014. & Evan's first F&B job.
Praying hard that time will go by fast and the job there will be manageable for both of us. I wont ask for an easy task, cause F&B is never easy. I will just ask for good working-mates there & a manageable handling of food tomorrow.
I hope I will be alert tomorrow and be fast tomorrow too. I am praying that my mistakes side of me wont come out later and tomorrow. I just have to be able to finish this 2 days and our f&b sure have no problem already.
As what TCC's staff told us, once we can get passed this seafood stage. We will be stablised for any restaurant jobs. I hope me and Evan will have a good day later and tomorrow.
Wish we can enjoy our 4hrs there.
Time will fly by in a busy environment.

Praying that Friday will be a good day and a good bonding day for me and handsomepie.
I wish I could get my thoughts over and have a good session with him too. I also hope that I will catch the right time.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Safe trip to UK, Bryan && Thankful for you

Bryan (who is someone who my judo-mates respect) , as he is a very fun mentor in judo & a great and inspiring senior, who I try to learn as much and learn as fast as I can from him.
Judo, is not an easy sports for me, especially when I can only learn so slowly.
But no matter if I am good in it or not. I wish Bryan a safe flight to UK.
He will be studying there for a few years. I wish him all the best there. and coming back here with a fantastic results.
A great morning with them too.

I am so thankful for this guy for this whole entire day. 
I am so thankful when he is always there to listen to my rantings, mixed feelings. Giving me advice to improve and even bringing me so much fun and joy in just a few hours and my whole entire poly life till now.
He is always there for me when I need him there.
Although time with him is not as long as others, I really love those moments with him.
We love making memories so much nowadays. I just felt so happy whenever I am with him. It is a very good time as I get very stressed up easily.
No matter what happen to me, what choices I chose, he will always be there for me and for my feelings. I love his fantastic guy of mine. My handsome pie. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Iphone date day.

Yay. Congratulations to the boy who is so vain till he need to have a new phone so that he could have the best front camera quality to take photos.
My handsomepie got his iphone5s. Hey, I am just an "S" away, there is nothing big different okay.
Just that I like its slow-mo camera function. It was so cool when I saw someone use it during FOP.

He was not working yesterday. & I was irritated by the problems itunes and my windows is causing me right now. Yes "is" , cause it is not fixed yet.
I have the determination to get this fixed by yesterday or even by last night. I wanted to call the Apple Support contact, but they told me that I might need to pay $38/call as my phone is no longer under the protection scheme or sth. Gosh. 
So, I went and call one of the Apple Service stores to confirm what I need to do before going down the store. I thought there will be lesser people as yesterday was a Tuesday (weekday) .

I told J about it & he say he do not mind going down with me, as he need a screen protection and a casing too.
Haha, How will I mind a time to see him. I am so glad that he accompanied down as the process of waiting there was TORTUROUS.
We went to Plaza Singapura's A.Lab. To our surprise, the queue was so long and there were no more seats in the shop. It was that many people. 0.0 .
I queue up for 5-10 mins and have to wait for 1hr++ to get to my turn.
We have free excess to the internet by using their mac computers. J used it to watch masterchef while waiting for my number to be called. Even after watching it, my number was not called yet. T-T

When my number is finally called, I was so anxious, my bag actually slipped down while I am walking. I actually lift it up, but with my dress too, so the whole back could be seen. :(
My whole below could be seen and luckily J help me, but by that time, I have already throw my face to the crowd behind me already. It was so embarrassing. I am thankful for a boyfriend who help up so much at this kind of situation.  
To my disappointment, they could not pinpoint the problem as I do not have my laptop with me. To make things worse, I am not a mac user. -.-
So, they actually gave me some choices to choose and a small little paper that contained a toll-free number. We actually wait so long just for this. 
I am not annoyed. Just praying hard that it will work .but I was out late and could not call last night.

We were so hungry. J and I walked down to Somerset to eat 18chefs. I need to save money. :(
So I introduced this cheap student price meal to him and he tend to like it though. Of cause is my introduction. It wont be bad :P
Then we go shop for our items, his phone casing and protection.
In the end, he got his matt protection and after so long, I finally got a mirror protection and we both have the same "couple" casing. --> Black bumper casing.
Hey. it looked not bad on us okay :D

Went out and we selfie all the way.

I just love all those moments when we can just selfie so happily. Our smiles and everything.
I actually like it when he actually react to my video. They are called memories okie. (I could not find the photo that I like in my folder.) .

Thankyou for such a sweet date and a sweet day.
I do want to see more coming & we will still be this sweet all the way kk. CHEYYY . :P
I am so happily in love. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014



To the dearest Judo Captain ever.
Dont be too stress & stay smart for your course.
All the best for your dreams. I hope your wishes come true.
Stay cute and sweet with Evan. :D


Such a great start to my favourite No. day.
One of my favourite is the number 14. Particularly it is because is my birthday date.
I have many numbers that I like, each contain different reasons, maybe different stories.

But no matter what. It was such a good start to it.
Yesterday, I woke up at 11+ am, cause I slept late. Body clock is back to having a full 6hrs of sleep, but my body clock is not used to sleeping at the right time yet. I hope that it wont be this way when school is near.
Once I woke up, J told me to be at Somerset at 1pm. I thought that it will be a rush for me as I just woke up and that is less than 2hrs for me to prepare. Trip there need 20-30 mins. Hence, I need to leave house early. Thankfully, my dearest J was late for half an hour.
(I wanted to go buy a card and print a photo for an advanced card, but I was afraid that I'll be too late.)
But I was early. Walked one round around the level and saw Qianwen. And back to waiting for him at the MRT station.
Just felt so much love whenever I see him. Probably because I missed him alot before seeing him in actual. ><

Blablabla, went and take a walk. Back and front. Walk from one place to another.
From Somerset to Orchard, then to Far East, then back to Somerset. Haha. He had plans for his stickers. Worhh, the time he took to pick the stickers was almost the same amt of time for me to choose my clothes. But, he was happy with the overall results for Jamie (bmx bike) and lappy. He was so in love with one of the stickers that he put on his bike.
Listening to Jay's live over and over again  is awesome. Both of us love his songs. but both of us are too broke to attend his concert in Singapore, so videos actually works well for us okay. :D

I love it when he send me to the bus interchange. This time, same plans.
Just that I did not expect myself to be not walking there. but enjoying the breeze all the way to the interchange. I sat on his bicycle and he cycle with me on it all the way to the interchange. It was an achievement and awesome experience for me.
It was dangerous too, but YOLO LOVE for me. The feeling was awesome! :D
I hope to have this more.. and my dear J was jealous for a second down there. Teehee, Noone can make me as happy as he could. How can you be jealous of someone else instead of yourself, my dear :P .
JUST HAPPY HAPPY FOR SUCH A GREAT DAY. && Yeah, I made a simple card and place it under his pillow. I think from the start, he knows that the card is for him. I guess. 

First colour run together 

First Kite-Flying Event together
Don't know how many times beach time with you together.
But I have no idea why are we so cute together. 
Happy 4th dearest handsomepie together. <3 

Monday, September 8, 2014


I am so thankful for the friends around me. Including my juniors from Secondary school.
Like Weiting, Jiayi, Shuqi. For listening to my rantings and everything.

Today was such a good day because Weiting met up with me to eat Eighteenchefs. As, I was so addicted to the baked pasta there. It is just so nice.
For the day before, she even went to watch "If I stay" with me. It is a really good movie. I do not mind watching it for the second time. (I want to watch it with Jeff though, but I dont think he will like it.) I will talk more about this movie in my another post.
Thankful for Weiting to forge out time for me, even today.

I want to go ECP. For 2 reasons.
I want to ride bicycle and enjoy the wind. Second, I want to see Jeff. 
She actually accompany me there without any complains. I am just so thankful for a friend like her. She accompanied me for 2 long bus ride, to Bedok and back to AMK .

I am also thankful for my handsomepie. I am just so thankful to have him by my side , all the time.
I am so thankful that I met him through school. I do not regret meeting him at all. Falling in love with him is awesome. It has been so awesome.
I was so thankful for his accompany today. with me & weiting. and his understanding & forgiveness .
He is the most LOVELY person ever. I love you. I really do. I fell so hard. I have no idea how to get back up. :D

Sunday, September 7, 2014

1st Judo Beach Training

I was actually quite lazy to post the judo post after that night.
Cause I was release early, but I reached home late eventually.
So , this happened at 5.9.2014.

I do not know how many times have I went to Sentosa or Siloso beach already.
Ever since my first SL trip (Which turn out scary) to the last event, Judo beach training.
I have been going down to Vivo for many times. and I always choose to walk ever since, cause it will be free during the weekends. & you are required to pay $1 entrance feees during the weekdays. But, meanwhile, Monorail from Vivo cause $3-$4. When I can just walk to the second station and take the monorail for just one buck or less. (Good point taken)

I was very very late for the judo training.
I thought that I will be alone there, and might reach somewhere earlier, but Evan was going, and we planned to meet up since we will be on the same MRT line to DG, but something stupid happened. I think I miss going to school, or I am so used to going to school. I went to the opposite direction when I was supposed to go to the Marina Bay direction. Ohgosh. Wasted time and embarrass moment.

Love going or walking to Sentosa with a person you are comfortable with. Thanks Evan for making the walk easier :) 
When we were there, I never see any trainings at all and they were in the water. I managed to bring down my camera, and it actually was very expose to water cause the males did back-flips and everything and the water splashed onto my camera. but I was very lucky that it did not get too expose and into water and managed to survived with just one battery life.
I love it when my camera comes & everyone started posing and want to get the camera's shot.
I honestly hope you all like the photos. 

Although I have to admit that I am lazy & always skip training due to stupid reasons.
I know it might sounds kidding, but I am not offense by it. Just that it make some sense okay. Haha.
Now that you say it, I have a competition that supposed to motivates me to keep going. Cause. I will need to have at least a passed NAFA and joined competition to be one of the vice-captain. I dont think many will be happy with that selections. I dont think I could make it . Haha

But, I will try my best nonetheless.
And Yellow. Noone wants to run 10km with me. :(
But unhappy things aside. I like all my photos. We took like over 300 photos in that day.


Have to start taking care of my hair & thinking of a hair colour.
I really dont suits black. & I am thankful for one of my senior, Shah. Who make me feel so normal there by saying bad stuffs all the way. Hahah. Is cool all the way. 
I think he is the one that I will miss alot in Judo

Sunday, August 31, 2014


MY FIRST EVER COLOUR RUN ! #Happiest5k #Thecolourrunsg 
Taken from Facebook : The Colour Run SG 
Pretty Pretty Pretty colours flying around. 
I know this day of mine will come . Haha, I heard of "The Colour Run" online when it happened at different countries. And I really hope that they will hold at Singapore, one day & they did. 
I think this year was their 2nd or 3rd year holding Colour Run. 
The responds and tickets were sold out very fast. Me and AhLai people were lucky to be able to buy the tickets on Sunday (31st August) , which happened to be on the last day of the month. Lucky. 
At the meantime, I could not attend this last year was because O level was one of the reason, second was I do not have a group of friends to go with. Playing this alone to me is like a waste of money. So, is the best if you go with a group of friends. 
Of cause, if you are going alone and you could make friends there easily, go ahead. Cause, it will be wonderful to make friends in this kind of event. :D 

I went there with FBT + Colour Run shirt on only. 
We did not bring extra materials for us to bath or anything too , cause one day before, we saw how crowded and how hard it was to fully wash away the starch. We decided to go home and just maybe clean up before going home. So, we only brought a small bag along.
I love the shirt. Btw
Went there and we was late, but of cause we are not the only one late. 
Due to the huge crowd, there will different batches going at different starting timing. We went at the 2nd or 3rd batch. It was very crowded indeed, but most of the people there are quite co-operative and high. 
Jeff is very on with interacting with people. If I do not know him personally, I do not know that there is another side of him where he is very shy and quiet. Haha. 

How crowded is it. Hehh. You know it when you see it. 
It was a good experienced though.

There was 4 colours zones and ending point end up in a party . Where all colours will mix together. 
I have to spoiler myself for this. The After-run party was the best out of everything. So beautiful, so party. I believe if I am rich, I will turns to be a Party Animal
We did not take photos at every colour zone , but it was fun. 
The slapping of colours on your face was scary. It will travel into your eyes and your mouth. I think I have ate many starch powders and drops many tears for this. Haha. 
But I like it . Is 55 bucks, I will want to have every colour splash on me till I am happy. :D 

Blue Zone

Orange Zone 

With different colours throwing above you and you will get many colours raining down on you. 
Where everyone ehwa ehwa ehwa together at the same time. I feel like I am re-experiencing FOP's Jam and Hop again . One sad thing was that my fav sunglass died that day. :( 

I wish to join events like this again . Those events that could make yourself dirty and could join as a friend. It will be an awesome event :D 
I want to join the next year. See you :D