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Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Hairstyle + Surprise

 Finally cut my hair :D ,
Actually, this is not even cut , trim only. My hair length remains the same.
I cut my fringe. Previously, my fringe make me looked like a ghost. I feel so much better now with the new hairstyle.
Went to the salon with Haida . Best partner for this 2 years. :D
Went to the cheap salon, I think they are having promotion now. Haircut cost $2.80 , Treatment cost $15.80 now. I think I am going to try and support their salon by going there for my first hair treatment with Haida , maybe by this week. :D
I love Haida's new hairstyle, plus I really like her fringe although she kept complaining that it is damn short, but she looked cute with it. Wonderful tadahhh :D

But what surprised me is MELVIN BOOK OUT TODAY .
I do not expect this the most. I thought that he is having field camp recently, that why I didn't disturb him.
But then. when he called me , I was so surprised, and when I received his text, I was outside , going crazy infront of Haida.
He is still char. :D , The first thing he do is to go to his favourite pizza shop .
In such a coincidence, his favourite show "Ninja Warrior " was on . :P
He sent me to the bus stop even though he was lazy to even move.
(Cant wait for tomorrow ! )

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I think it is hard to slim myself down . :P 
Looking at some pictures and imagine myself becoming one of it. Haha. It seems like an epic fail >.< 

How much I hope I could get their figure or their hair at least . 
My hair had stuck to a length that is so short for years. If anyone have any ideas how to grow my lovely and pathetic hair faster, please share with me :D 

I hope that by this June Holidays end, there will be some changes, I kept saying that . but it did not change, so hope that this year's June Holidays , there will be some changes :D 
AT LEAST SOME THIGH CHANGES. It became bigger instead of smaller. :( . 
I want to have my hair length as long as the photos above. 
I think I am going to dye my hair brown , if I want. At the same time , I do not want to spoil my hair :( 
How can I improve my makeup ? I have been learning how to put eyeliner, but it kept failing, and I looked damn fierce with it because of my eyebrow . I think I am going to "plucking eyebrow" session soon. So, I will look "less fierce" with eyeliner. 

Actually at the same time, I do have some ideas . 
But I will only do it , after a very long long long long long long consideration . 
If I really want it and I will have no regret after putting it, then I will put it for life. 
I want to have a back tattoo. A Permanent one, but I am worried that people's first impression on me. 
And how much my family disagree to it, my bf too. 
I want to put it at the lower back. So, when I am slimmer and if I wear jeans, It could show abit, I really want to have it., but it will be a for life decision. 

Think twice man :D 

Now, I have many wishes. 
But I will express it into pictures. Let's hope how many wishes can I dash it this june holidays or this year 2012 . :D

 Head to Toe. >.<
In mentally, I want to know what wrong is with my studying method. :D .
I hope I can cope with everything,
I want it to come true. :D , BYE :D

Hilda Alert

She is the best always. :D , She is always the one that I can talk to . Some stuffs.
Yesterday, She accompanied me to the movies , after talking to her "sister",  Zen . Hahaha
Love joking with Zen, especially when I am really high .
I do not know why am I high , After I OTP with Kenna & Waihong, they never fail to make me high on phone. So, at the same time, I was on my way to Hub to meet Hilda .
I was damn high after I hang up their call . Zen was the one that entertain-ed me. LOL .
I didn't know that I could get so high around him . Haah .
Hilda shared everything with me, about Maurice.
I know that those two will not break that fast , but at the same time, I do want them to talk, when they can do it. I want to talk to Melvin properly too, just that I am afraid, I am not good at my words at all. :P

Watched "Men In Black 3" . I like this movie.
I watched this since I was little, Is my like my childhood English Season movies.
I only watch Season 1 >.< , when the ants were their helpers . Hahahah / Damn funny .

Yeah . Spend my night with Hilda.
Spent my day with the choir, 10am to 5pm. Devotion ._. , I think so .Hahaha

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Songs of the day .

I been listening to a few songs only.
Actually, I think it will be the same songs like the usual . >.<
I have been singing, But as everyone knows, I am not the singing type. Hahha. Nahh, not the dancing type too.
Since I have nothing to do now. Hahaha
I miss my dear boyfriend too, which is busy with army stuffs. I just can't wait for his POP ? Haha

Alex Goot - Payphone Cover
Original by Maroon5 .

It took me awhile to like the original . But his cover for this, make me love it instantly.

Lady Antebellum - Just a Kiss
Cover by Boyce avenue & Megan Nicole.

I like this by Ximin Tee . I like the original , but this cover is nice too.
I support this two youtube singers too. Their voice are fabulous.


I'm in love with MBLAQ recently, because of Hello Baby :D .
They looked cool and cute right. I like Lee Joon & Thunder. Actually all of them. MIR is totally cute and he rules kay.

Complain Queen

Wow, I am a complete complain queen.
I should have a trophy for this. I kept complaining, but nothing change, I feel that I complain for the fun only. Ohmygod. >.<

Choir's crazy rehearsals are back .
I think I drop to the pit on my own. I should not even agree to go for the Europe Trip at the first place.
But my dad want me to go . I want to die now.
Can't go with my results like this please. :(

O level Chinese was here and done with yesterday .
I do not know why. I am speechless for those 2 papers, One and Two .
Emotion-less tooo. I have nothing to react to it. :(
Either I did well for it , or I fail this 2 papers.

I feel like continue my VLOG thing.
I feel like doing it with my girlfriend. She is really dearie. Although she can be idiotic sometimes.
But, If you make songs covers or play instruments with her, I think she will be crazy for it :D .
I will loook forward to a day like this, ONE DAY .

Till the next time we meet :D

Friday, May 25, 2012

Does this mean that my blog is dead ?

Seriously, this blog of mine is so dead.
I have no time to update too. No one is reading. :D .
But then. it will be my blog for the day, I am tumblr-ling like crazy, If you all want, just click this, and you will be directed there, to my tumblr page, but warning, I reblogged, and I reblog like a crazy woman :P.
Tumblr Page :D

Recently, I am crazy over Kdrama & entertainment shows.
Firstly, will be :
Love Rain 

Queen Inhyun's Man 


Yeah, Crazy over those shows.
I want to have mixed babies all a sudden, due to Lauren , Dayoung & Leo's faces.
Are all mixed babies that cute? I'm counted as one, Just that I do not look like. I just looked pretty XD

Queen Inhyun's Man. I love their transition, it linked .
At least. in this drama, the female protagonist  is not dumb like in other drama. :D

Yeah . I will conclude here,
Fetching Melvin & going to meet Junwen soooon :P