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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

16th December 2014

9 weeks have passed, just like that . I have made some friends who I think worth keeping. <3 
In this 9 weeks. I realised that I have been going to school for my friends, and sometimes, for my grades and I dont know for what reasons, when one of my close friends said that she wanted to skip a day lesson, I will be gladly to go off with her. So, suddenly, friends come before GPA. 

Every Tuesday is a day where most of my classmates dragged themselves to. Cause the faci is being a woman. Someday, she can be so bias. Someday, she can be so petty. Yeah. I wonder why too. 
So, the Tuesday on the last week.. Went to school early but in the end, me and Amelia skipped school in less than 60 seconds. No point going back to class cause both of u will be counted as late, and there goes my "A" anyway. 

WenHui do not want to come school and have already planned not to come school on Monday due to her comment. She wanted to go Shopping so in the end , Me and M went and have a shopping session too. 

Pretty little Amelia. Most funny moments were that, all these were decided last minute. 
We want to skip like 2 mins before school officially starts, before Faci come in to class. We went off from class 10 seconds before Faci arrived in class. 

So, we went to my house first. Went to Private-Clinic to get MC. We have to act. I was so glad that I did not have any medications. I just had some chit-chat session with the doctors and I got my MC, of cause, nothing is free. I paid consultation fees for it. Haha .

So, after that. Slack awhile at home, before meeting Wenhui at Bugis where we start our shopping session. She was my ATM for the day. As I said, nothing is free in this world. I will have to pay her back all at once. I wish I could be more discipline man :( , In savings especially. 

Went Bugis and went straight for Pedicure and Manicure -- $17 
$15 for both Manicure and Pedicure , $2 for one different shades colour nail. I love the final products from the start till the end. I am still loving the colours now. Manicure made me feel more like a woman and when I look at it, It just remind me how a woman should behave. LOL 

Crepes Hour when we reached Bugis. 
First time for me. Cause, I have no idea what was that, but I tried to be on date of stuffs. Who knows those 2 younger than me knows perfectly what was that. This made me feel so old, tsk. 

After Creps , We went and do our routine, shopping. 
I told myself to give a limit in shopping, such as I want to buy only ONE leggings, shorts and shirt. That's why and we did. :)) 

Lastly, Me and Wenhui went and try "Eyebrown Trimming" . 
Wohhh , it was painful, but I bear the pain, but there were still tears in my eyes. Same goes for WenHui too. Glad that I have someone to do it with me so I dont feel alone. 
And there, we go off as we need to go meet up with the guys and Wenhui have a date in the evening. :) 

And, there we go, go back to school. DOUBLE TRIP. DISPLACEMENT REALLY 0 SIIA. >< 

But despite of all those. 
I love these 2 and I had a great time with them :) Great day spent and Skippping school with friends can be fun :P 

Sunday, December 14, 2014


AHLAI regains our activities.
Finally, It is Evan's 20th Birthday. Most of us actually had a surprised plan for her, but it back-fire because she was nearly going to get pissed when she found out that noone remembers her birthday in the clique. Even, her boyfriend. But that was the plan.
The plan was to arrive to her house one day before her birthday with a cake outside her house in the morning and surprise her. Haha. We planned this for a week or 2 weeks ahead., but things kinda back-fire and we made our last min plan as our back-up plan. Hahaha.

Finally, that day came. But she knows our tricks as we need to tell her about it ><
The day went by us fast. I woke up in the morning helping jeff to buy the cake for her. He insist to br a fruit cake. I woke up at 9am to go to the Market & get her a fruit cake.

Went to Yishun , to their house on my own as Jeff was rushing over from the other side of the world.
Went there and ate my breakfast/ Went up to her house and celebrate and eat the cake before we go out and have further plans.

Went to have my Llao Llao (Virgin gone) . It was nice . It was sour that why it is so nice because I love sour yogurt. Where does all my clean diet go to ? 
But it is really nice.

After that, we went and have our KBBQ <-- Another guilt food moment.
(And I have not done any exercises this few days.) Welcome fats into the family of fats gathering in my body.
The services there , sucked when we stay even further. When the people in the shop increase, the services there went from bad to worse. They wanted to chase us out so much that they refuse to change the bbq pan for us when at the very first place, he could just change it for us whenever we want to.
But at the back, all they did was adjust the heat that we applied from high to low. And we didnt even know that there was timing for the buffet.
But, we did have our fill (at least for me and J) , we did . It was so nice. Chicken never fails to make my first experience in KBBQ good. I still prefer K-food than J-food anytime. I guess.

I love it when I say I want to take photos and they co-operate with me and even took photos with me. I love taking photos because it is a form of memories. It is the most-realistic way of keeping memories. The people in there stay tills, after years and years. Photos will remind you of how it goes. If I have the money, I will want to create books books and books of photos, with their dates and the memo for the purpose of the photo.

Happy Moments last. :)

Lastly, we went and have some small drinks with them , despite of needed to leave early.
I love to have some moments like this with them. I love you all.
Lastly ,


Friday, December 12, 2014

Week had flies so fast

Wow, time really flies. In just a blink of an eye. I am already spent 8 weeks with my classmates. 8 problems for 5 modules have been solved when I was in school since the first day of school.

I find that this week flies extraordinary fast. I think it was because I have made some close friends and spent like a week with them. I also made some matters hard for one of my close friend. At the wrong time, you can say. So, there were happy moments, but also at the same time, some sad moments made too.

She was one of my friends who I have made. One of the closest one in class too. I can say.
We even bought L4D2 together. She was the one that make it worth-while. I am not the gaming type, so what can I say right ? ><

So, during this week. It was the first week that I did not even eat lunch with Ah-Lai . My lunch time is dedicated to both of them. I also thanks to fate. Another close friend of mine was in my group for 4 modules. I guess, I need to treasure this kind of things before it is gone.

This week was also a fun week as I am closer to Jeff's friends already.
I think I become outspoken too. I am thankful for this week that have passed. Just have to remember and treasure all these moments I guess.