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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday to you !

28th July 2012 . - One of my dearest friend/family's birthday.

Happy 21st Birthday to you , Lim Jiaqing !

When I get to know him, he is already 19 . We have known each other this long, Kor :D .
He was the first person that made me into a different person, indeed a person that I will really treasure.
He was the one that make me think in a very mature way, he had made me from a child to a young adult.
He was a person that I could really pour to when I have troubles.
Because of him, I will always think twice of the content of what I am going to say.
Because of him, I have known a few people that change me alot too.

Honestly, He could be so guailan that you could just shut your mouth up infront of him. I do not know whether is Brandon learn it from him or the other way round.
But at the same time, you will think of what he say, in his conversation, 80-90% is kinda true.
I once called him a relationship king because he really know how to advice people but in his own, he needs advice too. I pity him in this point :P .

For him from me :
Kor, You are the one that I do not want to lose as a friend and a family too. 
I hope I could celebrate your birthday every year. 
I hope you will want to receive your birthday present from me every year :P
Continue implying all those mature stuffs in me, because you are the one that could wake me up when I am doing foolish things, you are the only one that could make me think in many ways. 
Jiayou in your future. I hope to attend your wedding though :D . 
All the best Jiaqing. 

-Your mei , Abbie loke. :3

Monday, July 23, 2012

Accomplish One !

I have finally started on one of my "before poly" wishes.

I went for a "Pool lesson cum Pool Playing" with Manfred . :P .
Hahhaa, He is too old for me, way too old. :P
When I am just a baby, he was already a teen :P 

Went to Kpool, actually it was with Crystal & Don, both of them do not want it. So yeah, the deal was off .
So randomly, ask one person , and he was free. So yeah :D .
Requested him to teach me & he is not a bad teacher at all. I can hit a ball into a pocket confident ally,
The way of hitting the ball with a cue stick too .
Just a few ways to remember, try not to open your arms so wide, stay close. 
Hold it lower, aim the center of the ball. 
Apparently, my aiming was the worst, and I cant hit straight at all , and I cant hit strong balls, I do not have the strength at all :P  .
He praise me for improving throughout the whole 1hr/. :P .
We had a few proper games after he teach me.
He told me he had not played this since last 10 years . 0.0
I only win one game out of dont know how many games we played. :P . I think it depends on pure luck :P

But, Now, I am able to play pooool. I am happy enough .
I am not in the standard to win anyone yet , definitely not my dearest :D
He is the last man that I could win against. :D
I hope I have a chance to play a casual game with Wen & Mel :P 

Night of Music & Dance

Amkss present NOMAD 2012 !
Nights of Music and Dance. on 20th & 21st July 2012

I did not perform at my last nomad. I was there as an audience.
Rumours spread that this year nomad was not as good as previous 2 years one.
I was a performer last two years, that badge was my choir's best badge. I love my senior and that choir that time, where we had so much fun. :P
#Nomad2010 was the best yet :D

Choir did not get involve this much although we achieved Gold With Honours.
Choir cant do much too , I went there with Michelle and her bf, Sweet uhh. I wanted to sneak in , but sadly, the councillors' security were so tight there. Haiis. Pooor me.

Overall, the whole nomad process, it did not take much of the space although their main point qwas to scatter the performers around the school.
Ohya, the theme was on " Imagine Ang Mo Kio". , it was more on the past and present.
The dramas were mostly about the people now, in HDB flats, neighbours.
The canteen was having a major dance display. They were performing dubstep, kpop dance, hip hop, etc.
Their lights and stage was the best and the most attractive.
Saw Yishun Town's besties :D . Terina. Shen Jie, Shahzlee & Zhi Yun :D .

I love the opening of Nomad ! ,
It was funny & attractive to me, I think it was about the costumes & make ups :D
The whole stage , which were the main people for nomad, the clown , nyonya , primary school kid, last time policeman. Almost all of them were from my class, those jokers in my class.
Actually, all of them are from the 4A classes, most of them were from 4A2 :D Proud to have them as my classmates, they were so high on stage :D ,
The closing was the best and it became my highlight of this whole nomad.
The closing consist of Ketchup Dance. It was damn funny & nice. :D It is a flashmob. :D
The stage at the parade square, with my classmates on it, they dance the happiest although they are so tired after this two days already :D .
Kites by my class 's talented  Tang Brothers :D .
It was my last nomad in school. Two more years ahead will be the nomad 2014. I wish them the best :D .
Wondering will I support them that time :P

Samuel"s solo 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ns man, I admire you

Was with Dear all day long today.
Went to his house to accompany him , I want to see Bryan too, but he appeared to be sick today. I really hope you will get well sooon, Miss your voice ! That high pitch voice.

Went to hub to meet Jiaqing so he could give Mel his present . Saw Brandon with him, so, they appear to be preparing for tomorrow's basketball competition. Brandon told me to go there and support him. Ohkay, I try. :P
Played dance core, Was even more fail than ever. I am unable to pass 5 stars normal,
Mel had started trying out Expert , whichlook like a double dance core players to me .

Went back to his house , Saw how he pack his stuffa , as wonder all ns men do that !
Salude to you all, is just a look like big bag, It is able to carries a helpmet (1kg) , anoter bag and many uniforms, able to put in alot of other things too. And how they need to pack it, ohmygod . They really have their way if doing so. Amazed.
I am amazed by how many things they have too. O.O
I admire the way how you all do things. Us super coool :) !
Jiayou in protecting the country.

Plus Junwen is having guard duty outside the floating platform . I wish him luck :) !
Hope he will be fine :) !
Dear is still packing his stuffs , sorting it out. My dear 2 ns men , Jiayou :D <3

Friday, July 20, 2012

Gather back to us.

On the same day as Mel's Bday,
I was on my way to hunt for presents , I have noone to accompany with at first , until I called Dyana.
She say she have the time to accompany me to Yishun :D .
So, we went to Yishun .

At first , we went hunting for photo frame , a photo frame that suit the photo that I have edited .
So, we went level by level, went to the same shop all over again, even the boss of that shop was saying that we have became a frequent customer in just one day :P

Dyana bought my birthday present - A handphone pouch (At the same shop) .
It was a nice handphone pouch, I have return to the days where I like to wear things that will hang around.
Those things ensure me not to lose my things. :P
I desperately need a new wallet, Ohmygod, I am in love with Dy's KATE SPADE red wallet.
Damn nice, she say she want to change to a new one, she is getting sick of the kate spade wallet, ohmygod, do you know how much is that wallet. Meow ! I need my 4 months pay just to buy that !
I was thick-skinned enough to say that if you do not want this anymore, dont throw to the dustbin, throw to me. :P
Desperate me :D

Print the photo at North Point.
I didnt know that it was 5R , alright, so I thought that the frame is wrongly bought. :P
In the end. the frame was able to stand vertically and horizontally. I was surprised :P
Went up the same shop to wrap the present for Melvin :P

After everything, Dyana treat me to a lunch - A Sakae Sushi Buffet :D .
Super lucky me :D , It was a double present, we chat and eat , take as many sushi plates as possible. Ohmygod. I was having a huge appetite, I know I am fat , will trim myself down sooon :P
But the lovely session with Dyana was fun. I love her , that sensitive girl :D

My teeth improve alot & it loooooked damn white here :P 


Time to fly

Have not been studying for a long period of time.
I have missed studying so much .
Wondering why do am I not studying when it were infront of me all the time ?
I have been stupid recently, I am working recently, unnecessary stress ? Yeah , I think I am crazy. Now, I cant quit the job, I can only be in a break. I feel like quitting and come back to my studies world where i am surrounded by books .

Found those quotes to motivate myself.
To make my engine start again. I need fuel too.
I hope that things will go back to what I wanted it to be soon. Tired of adult life, I want to be a student now.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Firstly, Is finally 19th July 2012 .
I have finally aged to 16 years old .
Today, I want to say :

He is 19 years old now. :P . Getting old isn't .
A Happy news was that he got his driving licence one day before his birthday :D
He passed his driving test on the age of 18, he was very happy about it :D .

I still cant get him a present. A proper one. Ohmygod.
Let's see what can I get for him later. I bet Junwen have already prepared a gift for him.
I do not know how to celebrate his birthday. Maybe a hug ? :P .
Let's see what will happen later.

It was another significant date for me :D .
We have been together for 11 months, Yeah, I shall be more bimbo about this, one more month to my very first anniversary. 
I dont know why, but I am loooking forward to that day : 19082012 ? :D
I think maybe it is because this is my first relationship that I have for so long, I believe I will have more anniversary. :D
I still remember my longest relationship was 4 years, but that was puppy love. :P .
I am a greedy girl indeed, I want something for this day :D . Hahaha .

Finally able to give him a gift, but he can guess it right from the start .
I don't expect him to do not know what it was. He said "Not bad" , I was happy :D
At least, that photo. I spent the most time editing it, Actually, the side photos means all his child to teens photo. and the middle was the photo I really like, the army photo.

Went to his house to eat his cute birthday cake :D
His mum was very kind to bring things back to eat , but I was damn full that time. :P
I want to bake some muffins for him .

19 year old of mine, one of my wishes for you was : You can finally eat that bit of vegetables. :P 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

14TH JULY 2012

14072012 - When I became officially 16 years old :D
The only year . The first stepping stone of live.

Firstly, I thought my birthday will be a bad one because I had a bad start (12am) , It started with me & Daddy quarrelling. It was sad , really.
But, I am thankful to my cousin & Aunt , as they took time to come down to Esplanade (Sushi Tei)  to celebrate my advance birthday, My dad too . He was the one that host everything last night.
I was very late too , I got a scolding. :D
Ice-Cream (All flavours) 

Thanks SLOCC (Singapore Lyrical Opera Children Choir) 
They host the performance one day before my birthday . :D , Although it was not for me of coz, but I knew many awesome friends inside, like Zoey, Megan (Seanching) , Amelia, Chebee , and many more. I get to expose to many places and to many different people too. :D
I enjoy performing this perfomance alot , Dancing & Singing Glee with the ACS Barker Road's boys.
It was worth it. Dont wish to separate with Zoey . :D

Thirdly : Thanks for the people that remember my birthday especially my dearest Melvin & Haida.
Sharp 12 o'clock , sent me a birthday greeting. I was touched.
Melvin still time , count down and aim to be the first (As usual) . :P ,
"I am really thankful for your message :D , touched that you spent some effort on timing down :P"
He was the first to send me that and it surprised me :D
Haida was the second one, She sent me a song , in message form . A korean one :P .
As my 2 years seat-mate, I really love her as a friend so much . :D , She is always the best , really, :D
And the others that post on my wall too. Thank you so much .

Dear was the one that made me happy all the awhile,
Thank him for accompany me for all day long . He is the best , Love him max :)
His unromatic way of buying a gift for me became a fun way, It make me love him & my 16th Birthday present from him more :D
Went to Just-Asia to satisfy his needs :P , his craving before he book in .
I did not eat alot compare to the last time I ate JA . Maybe I become more feminine ? :P
After that, we went touring around Plaza Singapura to hunt for my present.
Went to Daiso at first , thought that there will be things that I could buy . and is only $2 for whatever you buy . Is to his advantage.
In the end, He get his discount for my birthday present which shocked me, I should eat the money hell out of him. "He is going to get it from me at his birthday" . :P
Went back to AMK .
He went and have his pooool session, while I hunt for human to accompany me .
Kenna came and pass me my birthday present from him .
Joel & Waihong precisely forgot my birthday when they were the one say that they will remember it for life. Ohwell :P
Went and eat Beancurd , and went back home to take a rest /

During the night time, I camp at Dear's house.
Touched when he bought me a cake back to his house, since I am at his house.
And he and Bryan sung me a birthday song. :D . Damn touched.
Cute Bryan was like, "Whose Birthday" . hahaha .
Love Mel & Bryan to the max. They are the best , make my day :D .
My Birthday cake from Mel <3

Yeah , Camp at his house till quite late , and in the end, :D
Countdown to my birth-day . Got to go .

16th year old


  2. Name Necklace . 
  3. Happy Birthday Personalized Flip Photo Album
  4. Sweet Sixteen Personalized Birthday Picture Frame. 
  5. Cushion
  6. Pillow with photo 
  7. Nintendo DS
  10. SPA Basket (Consist of Perfume, Lotions, Masks, Shampoo, Hair Mask, Nail Polish. 
  11. Snow Music Ball .
  12. A Hair dryer 
  13. A Wallet (Long & have have zipper for coins holder.)
  14. A Privacy Screen Protect-er for iphone
  15. A New Iphone holder
  16. Bicycle 
  17. Hair Treatment :D

Friday, July 13, 2012

Gardens at the Bay

Yeah, Finally get to see Dear during his block leave. 
I miss him :D .
I lost my card. -.-, again.

Yesterday, I thought nothing will happens actually, maybe arcade all day long until Melvin 'kidnap" me. 
I really do not know where am I going that time, when Mel say that he says he want to take Mrt, and he didnt tell anything at all. 
I felt like I am being kidnapped & he made a phone call , I asked who is it, he said that he have a new girlfriend in army , In S Comp. Okay . :P 

In the end, we alight at Marina Bay, so my guessing was quite obvious, should be getting it right & he finally smile :D 
Me & Melvin have a tour guide for free , which will be the person that is working there still :P 
Jiaqing Lim (Justin) . That tall guy , yeah :D 
We went and tour around the place for free . 
Heard that the entrance fees is not cheap at all :P.
Spamming photographs time , at those kind of 5 stars venue, Isn't the best to take photo, I will never know when will I be back there. :P 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Is Unfair

I have nothing to say about this.
I do not want to complain at all, at least not to you all about this, but I think it is too much . 
He is just a teacher being put into our class, and I admit that was sometimes that I was irritated by his "life" lessons instead of what he need to teach , but I think it is aright as a teacher, he is allowed and encourage to teach other stuffs, it might benefits you somehow , like how he advice me to calm my eyes down so I can recover faster. 

As for his teaching, as long you all really ask him questions or listen to what he teach . Just pay attention , his lessons somehow make sense, or what you can do at least is to go home and start to read the textbook, is that hard. 
Now, you all want to get rid of him. Is really too much. 
If you all have a parent that is around his age, you will know that it is not easy to have a retired teacher at the age of 60+ to come teach all of us. there will be a necessary age gap , but you all should not treat him like that. 
I just hope you all could understand what are the consequences & put yourself into his shoes, how will you feel ? 
I just want to say what I want to say. 


J K TAN S_________ , Finally Pass-ed out. :P
This morning was a struggling one for me. I have to wake up earlier than usual . Since, This day was my Dear's one of the most unforgettable moment, I will go down & support anyway :D
It happened at Marina Floating Platform.
Went there with Junwen. Was nearly late because I was lost. Saw many people wearing vey nice clothes. I did not know that it was an hour event only.

When it started, the entry song play.
That song , to me is a song that Junwen & Mel kept singing :D . "Wonder why we serve" , something like that. Quite meaningful lyrics, followed by the re-entry which was what Melvin was waiting for, and what I am waiting for too because they are going to throw their caps up high & pop lo :D
I like their roars . It was funny & interesting at the same time. :D

After everything, Junwen & I went down (By jumping down the chairs) to meet Melvin .
The whole going down event is to take photo and fetch the soldier. :D Fetch Melvin off the place with Junwen. He alight first as he needs his sleeps :D.
Went to Melvin's house to sleep too , with air-con , super shiok . :P .
Actually, the feeling of sleeping beside Dear is fabulous, it seems like we are married that kind of feeeling :P
Some photos. Just some :P

I think it was an meaningful morning to me :D 

Friday, July 6, 2012

画皮 II .

Painted Skin 2

I like this show surprisingly , Thanks to dear that brought me along to watch this with him .
At first , I was interested to watch it because firstly, one of the main cast is Vicki Zhao. I love her shows ever since I was born (Maybe) , because her first drama that I watched was "环珠格格", she was acting one of the main cast too, & it was my favourite character because of her character & cheerfulness, 小燕子.

I watched most of her shows, but I love her main cast's movie. When she was one of the main cast. She is a very good actress. Heard that she is famous in China. :D , 
She is very pretty :D 

Somehow, to me.
Painted Skin 2 was not very linked to Painted Skin 1 .
Only a slight linked, like from the start, they will intro to you who is the demon & why does she escape from her punishment & how she got the punishment.
But in the movie, there are some very "erotic" scenes . I like her alot. Even in this character.
Her love & mindset is strong. My only China idol hahahahah .

I will rate this movie as 4/5 .
It worth the money to watch, Maybe that is because I am quite interested in watching those 古代 shows,
Vicki Zhao suit the character, those 古代 character. :D
Slight spoiler to those people that want to watch . :D . I like it alot. Really. :D
Although there are some scene , I really think is quite fake, but other than that , others are nice to watch :D .

Pre-Painted Skin

I really feel like watching "Painted Skin 1" , before meeting Mel , 7 before watching Painted Skin 2, I am worried that I do not understand the whole story/movie if I do not have any information of the entire show.

Melvin was book out yesterday and I do not know when is he going back to the camp again, I want to see him today before his Pass out parade. (POP) on this coming sunday.
I dont know why , I miss him alot recently

I was busy with oral .
I think is better for me not to share everything here about it , because it is a national exam's oral .
I have to be better than sorry hahahaha .
It ended off early somehow, much more earlier than I think.
Went back home with Jiahui, chatting.
She is a really nice girl to talk to , even though she was in the same class as me during Primary 6 days. She was so quiet :P


Before he book in last weekend.
Our threesome outing happened, Melvin planned everything, so , we wanted to watch Sadako 3D, the main thing is that it is in 3D , because there is not much horror movies that is in 3D..
We thought that the Thailand Horror Airplane show was a 3D , but in the end it was not,

In the end, we changed it to "The Amazing Spider-man" , 3D.

It was not that bad to me.
The main cast are "Andrew Garfield" & "Emma Stone" , both to me has the most unique surnames or last names. Garfield & Stone.
Is their real name or what . I was wondering. Hahaha .
The plot of the story will be somehow almost the same as the others spiderman series.
Me & Junwen think that it wasn't that bad, maybe both of us are easily entertained that why :P
Melvin didnt watch most of the parts , as he was bored during the long introduction.
I will rate it as 3.5/5 . 
If you have not watch it, You can try this.
For the 3D effects, I thought it will appear more, but it didnt somehow .
The effects where you can feel almost the character jumping up was not that much, is like 5% of the whole 2+ hours movie.
So, Try not to waste money in 3D . Is $15 , fixed price, Super ex.
Please save the money hahaha .

After that , Mel have to rush to book in , So Junwen drove him home and drove me home too.
We have fun on the car though, busy loooking for a "U" turn sign but it was damn far from AMK Ave 10.
I hope he love the dark chocolates :D .

Monday, July 2, 2012


It has been days since I update this blog.
Yeah , Above all these words, is my Choir Family.
There are 42 of us, including me . Why is it called "AMKYTC" , as there are 2 schools to form this choir.
Yishun Town & Ang Mo Kio .
It has been weeks since I saw them . The days were short there, We bond together, sing together. It was a sad separation :P , but we were still in contact :P .
I miss those people at the same badge as me and 3 of those who are older than me, since they have stepped down, I dont really get to see them much.

Competition purpose was for the competition .
Yeah, we got a gold & the highest point throughout the whole international competition.

My Group , Vishnu (Given by Marcus) .
My Group, as Terina as the leader with 3 jokers . :D
I love them, really.

Yeah , made many new friends.
In order to make everything came true, we put in alot of effort & tolerate many scoldings & rehearsals. For me, it was. :P
Hope the non-trip choir will understand, :)