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Friday, April 4, 2014


Throwback to the days when I was on the cruise.
I missed the cruise so much now. As when I was on the cruise, the days there were so carefree and troubleless. As you could not find any connection or wifi connection in the middle of the sea, hence deducting most of human's life troubles.
What I did on the cruise was practically what I want to do in my rest of my life,  I guess.
It was just to wake up and make a vlog (video blogging of me that I will never post anywhere.) , go out of my room, take a run at the top floor of the cruise, went for formal dinner, ate different kind of formal food, choosing atas food from the menu and go back to sleep, and repeat the same pattern over and over again.

Yeah, I could do the things now or more now, since I have nothing to worry about ever since after O levels. It was a long break since 11.11 till now, it is going to be 6 months of break soon. 6 months ! It is so scary to hear that 6 months just passed me just like that. This is how time flies, so quickly. There are some moments I wish I could turn back the time , back to where I want myself to be. As my favourite quote of my whole entire life "IS TIME FOR MOVE ON." 

Yup, there is all for today's random blogpost.
As I need to prepare myself for the first shift of my second day of work.
I can't afford to be late. I left a pretty bad impression at the first day of work. T-T
I wish it will be better than yesterday. :D

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Back to you.

Went back to school for our choir.
I went back to give them my moral support and of cause at the same time, taking this excuse to look at my juniors (sec 4 batch) . In the end, I did not really get what I want. Instead, I get what I hate the most. Haha

It was nice.
It was a lucky day to me, as we did not went in with a permission tag or something. Darren, being the one who suggested going from the back gate as it was unlocked and we reached the school pretty early. We went in illegally and pretty early. I was disappointed to know that most or all the sec 4 will be having oral and most of the choir members have to leave early for Awards' Day rehearsal. (And from my understanding, it was just sitting there and wasting time, waiting for your name to be called.)

I was lucky when we stepped in and when we decided to wait at the choir room area, I saw my beloved Jiayi. Without even letting her know what time I will be there and stuffs like this.
So, we just walk around the groundfloor area with the rest. I saw Matt, and do not wish to elaborate on that. He is just unhappy to see me around there lol.

So, So So, rest of our hours were spent in the choir room.
We were kinda disappointed at the current choir's discipline. I agreed with Darren that they need a slight scolding or stuffs like this, but in the end, he could not have the time or the chance to talk to them.
So, we told the rest in the group, making Weiting feel like bashing sth. (To be honest, I did not help much, therefore my words might meant nothing to them at all, and that make me feel worst.) 
But in the end, I managed to stay there till the end of the rehearsal and blablabla.
Nothing much to say.

Just to say that my twelve dollars was not that well spent. It was suppose to be for the choir members. It ended up shared among 4 of the close juniors of mine. There was not many to be shared from the beginning to start with. One packet of sweets was useless too. Bad memories haha.
But, I was happy to see that my dear juniors who managed to try it, enjoy the cakes. :)

I like the photo that I took of weiting. It just makes me feel like I did not waste money on my camera for nothing. haha. 

Cake, Vanilla flavour.

Good to see that they loved it :) 
and of cause, for my last visit in choir, there are not completely bad. I love and will treasure those good memories with the kiddos there. For example my dear Boyang who called himself John Green, when he is just Green John

I could not stop laughing at Boyang's face. HAHA. 
Anson, just could not bother about me. :P

Just some moments, I love about them. Those moments why I miss choir so much and the school.

Yupp. I love my happiness when it comes to them. :) , 
My lovely family, and always, my family. 

Loves, from you all. Cheese. ----- From Abbie.