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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy 17th to myself (:

Happy 17th To Alyy ! (: 

Thanks for the 2 groups above for celebrating my sweet 17th. Although it was an age that is not that important, but I am still thankful that you all still remember my birthday. 

Firstly, I will want to thanked my dearest bf & my dearest soul-mate. 
They are the best! At first, I was expecting an Underwater World only, as that was what I told them, I thought that was a very rediculous request, so I added "Just Kidding" behind, until a night before, Melvin called and asked me to be at MRT station at 8.30am the next morning. 
I was curious on what were we going to do on my bday, since the last time I remember , me and Junwen going to one venue early was to catch the rides in USS. As, there will be many people gather as time goes by. :P 

In the end, I was surprised that we are going to Adventure Cove :D 
I am sorry that I could not remember much already and i have to admit that I am super lazy to type despite I wrote down on my diary. 
We have played all the rides, and Melvin wanted to play a few more hours as the tickets does not comes easy and it is not cheap :D , 
Our first ride that required us to queue up for half an hour was the most distinguished and fun one. 
Is like a water roller coaster and without seat belt ! :D .
I was so shy in there, cause that was the first time that I wore my sports bra ONLY and walk around an open space. It was no choice cause I did not bring extra shirt. I refused to do so, as I do not have a nice figure, looking at my tummy, it could get people turn off :( 
I am glad that Melvin & Junwen did not mind :D. 
This have gave me another aim to work to, Is to go Adventure Cove with a flat tummy and nicer figure!" . 
Melvin even treat me to a meal after everything, I swear we are all dying after water sports :D 
The trip was wonderful, thanks guy :D