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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Back to Normal

Hello, I'm back again .
I think I have lost readers, (Do I have readers at the very first place ?) :P

Yeah, I'm back to the society.
Following what other seniors do in my school. :P , I tend to follow their advices. & turn out to be have a good starting :D

Busy week, recently.
I have to force myself to wake up to exercise :P , Really. No joke.
I have been running since the last 2 days, Hey, it is a miracle, I bother to even run :O
But hardwork paid off, weight is getting lighter ! YEAH!!! 
Of coz, not only exercising, I've been working on my diet. I have not been eating so much recently. :D
Sometimes, I will lose control & overate for 40-100 over calories. CRAZY MAN .
More calories, more work done. I am a very lazy person, so I will used the easy way out :D , So, I will save myself from this by controlling my calories, it had been 2 days , It goes well.
Let's see whether it can maintain for at least one week ? :D I think I am able to.

My studies are one of the problem now. It is always is :D
Priority falls on DIET & STUDIES now. So, you will see my blog posts will be mostly on study study study, diet diet diet. :D
Seeing some motivations stories & I will improve myself, I promise myself.
Going to a new place with the new me & the improved me.
If my looks change, my studies will need to improve too. This is my current value in me :D
Both studies & looks need to be improved before I graduate from my school .
Parents are supporting me, They will support me with all my clothes & shoes.
Cant wait to slim down :P , so I can have all my shopping stuffs :D <333

One of the successful stories & changes. 
This is the best I see for this week. 
Such a big change ! Before & After. :D , 17 years old & 19 years old. 
I am jealous of this change therefore to prove to myself that I could do it . There will be something working in me . I cant let go of this photo :D 
I think I have many more photos of successful stories every blog post :P .

I cant work during weekend, Super weak in my time management. 
Wait till I am strong in it, then I will go out and consider working. I need money :D $$$

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sudden Breakdown for days

Sudden break down recently. 
But I need to be stronger and carry on my life for this moment. 
I need to be mature and understand, I will not blame anyone for this, except myself . 
I still love him. I just cant bring myself to hate him . 

I believe things will get around someday . 
I really believe. Things will be better. 
I must learn to be not afraid of you and talk to you always :D . 
After things went smooth. I hope that I can multitask. I happened to be very busy recently. 
I hope I can be strong enough to stand up . 

I am in love with her voice. Hahah . Her high notes.
Can kill people.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A trip down to TOWN

Went down to Town area yesterday evening. 
Went to Library to study with Haida yesterday, studied less than 2 hours, Brandon came and asked me whether do I want to go down to town area for a short window shopping. 
I was interested in it, so I went with him. I want to know what clothes to buy as I am running out of "nice" clothes to wear. No matter what, I still have to admit that I am still a girl that want to become pretty. 

Went town and have a good decision to call Charmaine Lim out. 
Her fashion sense and fashion icons knowledge that she could memorise were totally marvellous. 
Just by going shopping with her, you will know that she spend every money of hers in clothes, shoes, everything that is on her body right now. 
She could just buy a pair of shoes that cost $100 over. (Branded of course) . 
I could never be like her, I love her fashion knowledge, but I will never want to spend every single money on my body. I could just go down to cheap store and buy while she will go to "TopShop" to buy. 
I rather go "Forever 21" . "New-look"'s stuffs are nice. But in order to wear them and look nice, I need to cut down my fats. 
I think I am going to do it one day. Starting from today ? 
I really want my thighs to become smaller. SICKENING . No clothes look good on me with the gigantic thighs on me. 
I can't wear anything transparent too, although it suit me, I JUST HAVE THAT TUMMY. 
Ohhhmmyyygooood. Just slim down already !!! 

Yupp, today, I will be going to library to study for another 3 hours. 
TOMORROW IS OUR 7TH MONTH , & I NEED TO BE IN CHOIR, But I know that Melvin dear will understand :) , 
Advanced notice. :) 

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Is damn scary.
It is a horror movie. The lead actor is Daniel Redcliff . HE IS HARRY POTTER :D

I encourage those people that love horror movies so much to watch this.
It met those crazy scary scene that I do not want to expect it .
Totally suit those crazy scary moments that a horror movie should have.

It have the similar story plotting as Haunting in the Connecticut.
Is about the curse about children that saw a woman in black. They will die voluntarily.
And Daniel that act as ______ , and went to the mansion on his own and found out all those sad things that happened to this mansion .
After he found out, he want to help the parent there to find their child.
Is damn scary ! I kept jumping up in my own sit. I nearly want to shout at some scene.

(I do not dare to show you all the gifs, all got the part that I am scared of .) . Hahha.


Today was a damn random day .
It started with errands from my parents once I woke up. I slept quite late last night, I woke up at 11+ .
I need to rush to YokHui's house to do the recording for Miss Chung before Monday. In the end, I can't do anything at all. I can't sing infront of so many people.
I just skip the whole of today's recording and went and do my errands.
After that, I want to meet Mel .

Went off from Yokhui's house with Weiting .
I need to rush off to meet Melvin, so travel straight from there :) .
Went to arcade with Weiting , Saw Melvin playing textris double performance with Sebastian. Kenneth W was watching. :D
Played basketball. With Brandon's help . I managed to get into 4th round with my pooor results :D
Then, play with Melvin & Kenneth. Lose to those 2. One is a game freak. he can play every games that he want to play in the arcade.

After that , went to VL .
Played the BeatMania , Drums , Pop&music & JUBEAT .
Weiting tried out the guitar freaks. I just cant do it :D But she is getting used to the keys already .
Melvin improved in his jubeats skills. Managed to get B for level 8 songs :)

After that, Sit Kenneth's car :D.
This was my first time sitting his car :D
I want to have my own car when I am in poly ! 
I want to drive my car to anywhere. :D , I want to be my own driver. 

Drove to his house and realised his house is so near to my house. 0.0
Then, we walk around Bishan Park.
Seeing Melvin & Kenneth play is like they searching for their childhood.
My Bishan Park had changed to a place that it is so different. MY CHILDHOOD PLAYGROUND HAD CHANGED TOTALLY. :( . No Swings toooo :( .
But it had change to many climbing playgrounds area.
I looked like a tomboy today. Hahah .
They were trying out pull up everytime. Funny :D
Kenneth is stronger than Melvin. It is naturally :D , MELVIN IS GOOD AT SITUPS. I AM SUPER PEIFU FOR THAT ALRIGHT.

After that, Kenneth drive us to Thomson Plaza to eat :D
I ate Japanese set , with WEITING .

After that, decided to watch "WOMAN IN BLACK" .
It is a Horror show.
More about the movie later :D
I watched with Kenneth & Melvin. I keep jumping and jumping. Moving around tooo :D



Thursday, March 15, 2012

Choir March Day Camp

Monday & Tuesday was taken out for Choir in this 1 week March Holidays.
For the Trip Choirs only. :(
Is just the Europe trip and they make it like we are going to SYF . We train from day to night . Is killing me slowly. My studies are affected now :(

Tuesday , We need to go YTSS for the first time for our first day camp.
We start during the afternoon , early afternoon . Around 1pm . We need to reach there at 12.45pm.
I do not know how to go there and I am going there alone. So, I thought that I will be late, Indeed , I was late for 10 minutes. I think :P
I took a taxi there, and it cost me $3+ , when there was an shortcut from NorthPoint to Yishun Town . :( .
*flip table* !

When I went in, I was blur. Really blur.
The security guard asked me whether I am from AMKSS , and she told me to take a whole big round to just the general office. I walked through the car-park and it leads me to the place that I have seen it right from the start.

Called Glenda, and saw Yokhui.
They were early. We are doing nothing practically, I'm totally lazy to take out my choir file too.
I saw ZhenLiang standing there holding a phone, I thought that he was talking to his parents or something, but when I walked past him, he gave me that stare and started to talk to me in that hongkong assent .
Idiot AH GONG. Junior of mine, and yet so disrespectful to me.  *piang*
I did not know any of the YTzen there. Only Huixin . So, I remain anti-social. Until the last day camp :D

I finally know a boy from YT , He played his guitar in the room . I was 'attracted' , as I thought that YT-zen were outdated. But most of the guys in choir know how to play guitar :O
I get his number and asked him whether he can teach me how to play guitar one day . And he did. :D

It was an utterly early choir practice.
I went there early with Yokhui , Both Bringing out guitar along.
I have to sit the early bus with my guitar, and I thought it was not the rush hour yet, and I sat down, did not know that the other stop , there were many people boarding the bus. Therefore, I need to make my guitar stand on my lap.
It was not an easy task . :(
Met YokHui at Mrt Station.
We board an empty train :D , and we went there.
At first, I thought that Shahzlee was asleep, I spammed call him and he did not reply. :( .
And i found out that he put his phone in his bag , with silent mode on :P
So, me and YokHui met him and we start to learn our guitar . :D
Different chords. , from that time to night. Full 12 hours, I cant play a D chord :( .
But overall is fun .

Not going to drag the whole story.

In the end, Me and Yokhui have to run 10 rounds in YTSS , for no valid reason. -.-
Or maybe we could argue back but we have no chance of winning the teachers at all.
1 round in YTSS including the stairs had make me go crazy , moreover 10 rounds. -.-
We did ran 10 rounds. Lying flat right after we are done.
Play guitar right after our running , with Edeline (Weiting) , Shahzlee & YokHui.
Along with two very good supporters, Kendra & Sameul :D
Ate Mac with them as our dinner and went home with Weiting. :D

Reached home around 10+pm , to mark my attendance done on MARCH CHOIR DAY CAMP.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Friendship did not end so easily

Hahaha. It was a random title. :P
Yesterday, I went out for a short dinner with Waihong. It has been a long time since I last saw him.
After December, I have already stop meeting him due to the clashes of everything.

Yesterday, I planned to meet him out, since his house is so near and we are both free . :)
Have a nice time talking to each other.
Planning out step by step what is going on after this year . We think until so far :P .
We planned to married at the same age even . He is 2 years older than me though . Hahah :S .
He will get married earlier than me . I will take my time :P

I think I am going to study with him later on :P
In nebo maybe. Idk .

Time for me to go for my choir 2 Days Camp.
Is a Day Camp. Not going to complain , because I will have to face it anyway .
What the point of complaining. I will make my day worst .
I will think of the good side why am I doing all these :D
Then maybe I have a better day later :D

Amkss Family Day'12 & 4A2'12 Outing

Is a belated post.
Quite belated. This happened on the 10th March, Saturday. Where my school planned out a Schoool family day at Sentosa. (First time in my entire history in amkss) .
And our class make our class outing today too. So, is like right after family day will be my class outing :D.
I do not want to go at first because I woke up late and I slept late last night. Plus, my relationship with my classmates did not start out very well.
It had been a long journey for me. To face Apple & her gang's treatment on me.
In order to gain their trust, I try to participate and get close to them, so my life in amkss will not be such a bland one. It works in the end, I managed to at least talked and teach them whatever they are weak in . Yeah .
I can chose to ignore, but I did not . :P

So, I woke up late. + I do not know how to go Tanjong Beach , Siloso Beach , I know how to go . Just that, that was my first time going there. So, I have to take the bus, I have to alight at Palawan Beach, and I was kind of lost, actually at first , I was following that schoolmate of mine. Where-ever he go, I follow. But in the end, it depend on myself, so I have to ask people for directions. It worked. This man that I talked to , he said that he know Mr Manan & Mrs Carol Lim (VP) . I was like cooool :P
So, I have to walk straight.
Finally found my class.

So, I was quite sad and black face when I reached there.
It was because I am so tired . I reached there one hour late. Everything just started.
The sea was clean at first, but the peacefulness was destroyed by people that went down, including me. But I did not dirty the sea, I did not litter at all :P
So, I was standing there, Seeing my leg slowly go into the sand that the backwash and swash had done. Good use of geography :P
Then, I saw Darren they all, My choir-mates. So, slowly, my mood is back .
Went up to my class map area, I am hungry, went and hunt for something to eat, found chips, grapes and even nuggets. Maybe there were more. AH, BEEHOON AND SPICY MACARONI PASTA !!! (all cooked by Haida's Mum) . It was so nice :D

So, I will leave my description after most of the photos that I put here :D .
Before I put the photos here, Credit to : Firman & Amira (Cameras that took all these and upload all of the photos) . To facebook , because that is where I get it from :D
(By the way . I do not want to get wet at first because I did not bring any extra things , Only a shirt and shorts. But in the end, I was being thrown down. :( T.T (It was fun !)

The Two Main People that I am talking about. CREDITS TO THEM :D 
My Class Chiobu & LEAD OF THE CLASS :D 
The Strong swash and backwash that I am talking about. (This is not my leg) 
This Two have a damn long friendship. I think around 13 years already . 
Continue this man :D 

Amanda & Ximin. The friends that will never leave me alone :P 
Amanda and I are friends since Primary Schoool :P . I still love this friend of mine.

 One of the Activity for Family day - TUG OF WAR. 
5A versus 4B  (I was not there yet) . 
Mr Ong helped 5A (People in white excluding Mr Ong) , and in 4B , there was Jianhui and others. Not an easy battle ehh :D . I did not who won in the end :D But is nice. 
Mr Ong fall for the last pic :P 

 Hahahahahah ! 2nd Victim of the day . 
Jerry was only beside me before he was being pulled down into the sea :D He was thrown down :P 
Yupp, How does it happened ? 
JianHui came and shake hand with Jerry saying "Good Game with us" , I was like no, He didnt play with you, then he was like "Did I played with you all" . And shortly after, his legs and arms was being brought up by the 4B guys and Firman, and brought him to the sea, and throw him down :D .
He got damn wet. :D 
(It seems fun. & It happened to me ) T.T 

Everyone is wet . Most of us is wet and all the girls are wet ! Including Eileen & Munling :p 
And we take class photo, back and front. Without Amira, she was in the toilet at that time. :( 






I looked super ugly here. But is the only photo with Firman :P 

Amira's Camera one , is short :D 

I like the Sunglass :D 
Class Chioby - Sherrie Soh :D 
Primary-Secondary School-mates <3333
Dearie Choirmate, Xiaowen :D 
 For people that know me, this photo might be a surprise to you all :P 

This photo was saying that NICHOLAS WAS BACK :D /. 
He was my Sec one classmate . and then he transfer school :(

Mr Lee & Marco 
Last Pic : My partner HAIDA :D 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012



This song motivates before I go to school . 
I like this song alot. I just want to introduced you this song. 

The lyrics meant about love. But overall, it taught you about how to be strong when you have only yourself. Independent. Yeah :D 

We need to be strong all the time. 
Do not depend on any other people at all. Each of us will have different side. Is a good thing to have a side on your own and be strong about it :D 

I like this song . Really. 
Take a look at this song 

1st Part of the Europe Trip

Europe trip seems to be fixed on me le.
I can't change it already. But came here to tell you what happened during today's Monday choir :D
Today was the first combine rehearsal for the trip choir. The first week. Combining with YTSS (Yishun Town Secondary School) . So, this was our first meeting together.
Our Kedi won everything laa :D . DAEBAK him , he is like my idol in choir . Side-read stronger than anyone.

So, today afternoon. I release early, like 1pm .
So, I have alot of time to waste, I been wasting on whether I want to go or not. In the end, I didn't know that I can't change it .
Going crazy over it ._.

Our AMKSIAN Chorister have fun during sectional.
Been playing this song with the teachers. They taught us the song , and we know the song in less than our hour. We have sectionals for 2 hours straight. Pro . It was the best sectionals ever . :D
So, our beat change almost everytime :D From 2/2 to 4/4 .

YTSS came,
and I am not surprised with the tenors girls . There were suppose to have 2 of them. But today, only one came.
She was tall. They didnt know that me ans Yokhui are tenors until we sing Janger. :D
I felt that me and yokhui sung better :P . Self-praise.
Not that fun ehh , Because this was the first day we know each other. We still have a long time to go too. So, I take my time. :P

I think I am going to change the day , Can I ?
I dont want to come on Friday . I am dead beat tired -.- . I hope I can , after I show Miss Chung , my study timetable.

But overall , I hope I can have fun :D
And , same thing applies. I hope I can have a camera (DSLR) before going there. :P
Daddy want to go at the same day too. We can't meet tooo :(
I hope he will not waste his money :D

After everything.
Went and eat fries and drunk bubbletea . With cute junior , Edeline & YokHui .
Me ans Yokhui today abit hyper ahh. :P
Was tired after all those. Went home and sleep until now :D

I miss Melvin Tan Jun Keong so much . I dont know how long have I not seen him :( 
Hope to see him ONE DAY . :D

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meryl Advance Birthday Party :D

Today was Meryl's Advance Birthday Party :D
AT the Khatib nearby park , I forgotten what is it called :O
She have her party at the open space near to the prawning area and the catch small fishes area :D

At first , When me and Mx went there, I thought we were lost because the arrangement of the tables looked like a malay wedding. Just that the balloons gave us some clues. :P
Went in and saw her mum .
Meryl looked damn pretty with the dress . Just that she ahh . :P

When we reached there, the food was not even ready for us yet . Only the drinks.
We wait for awhile and I ate alot. There were the usual buffet food :) Beehoon and some others. I like the otahs.

Yeah , Follow by Jiaen , RuiHui & Adam .
I dont expect to be as chio as RuiHui :P
Yeah , that all I will say , I machiam their sister. :D

Meryl's Birthday Present

She looked like the total "photocopy" from her mum 
Her gigantic big cake :D 

Wonderful lunch with them :D 

You are here with me for that moment only.

To someone , that is my totally close friend.
He sung to me a preview of a very special song.
He is just a normal friend.  Than, I found out that his voice is no that bad.
But he keep saying he is stupid for dont know what reason .
But this will be my song of the day . {I am trying not to let the blog die} :P

I want him to sing this song :P
This song really have his own nice meanings behind it.
And is by Greyson Chance, he is a great singer. :D , Is my type of tea , I am saying the song.
I think he is around my age, or older. :D

I like how my best friend sing this song.
I want to listen to how he sing it one last time. Before I went MIA infront of him. :P

SLO Audition

Yeah , first thing first , My stress time about choir is over.
I will only received the results next week. 
Okay, today goes like that . 

Met Sam & Kedi (The two SLs) at Bugis . 
And they want to drink Starbucks. So, accompanied them . I spend $6+ on starbucks too. 
Than, we started walking there. 
Walk quite a long way , and we finally reached . 
Is quite an ulu place. And it looked so run down. And we are sharing it with the Indians people. 
I dont want to be racist . 

So reached there, we are nervous. 
I am worst . I know that high chance I cannot go in one. 
I am stuck between those two correct pitch guys. One got music background and is our Student conductor even. One is Bass SL . :( 

In there, is super different from the outside. 
It seems like America Idol's audition . 4 judges infront, and I will be infront with the stand. Piano behind me. 
Sam sung in tune , I sung without the piano playing, Kedi , Expected good things from him, he say he is going to youth choir. COOL RIGHT . 

So, The room damn cool , you can hear your own voice vibrating. 
I am nervous, my second note, already very staggered . 

I cant side read , :( 
Nevermind, I will not go in one :( 

But it was a good and cool experience .   

Saturday, March 3, 2012



Have a wonderful day with my dearest first lover, which is the man that didnt give up on me and love me so dearly. 
He is my first love :D 
My father is so kind , I will always take for granted. 
When he is fierce, he is no kidding. I have a dad that will buy for me almost anything. I am touched always. But I do not know how to say thanks and sorry to him. 

Yeah , Celebrate his birthday with Gugu they all . At a Singapore Restaurant called "Kopitiam" 
Hahha . Is a very memorable one .