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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


AWWW, I took so long just to post this post.
I was busy with many things, I don't really have the time to blog too. Pardon me since everyone seems to be having a major exam this year.

So, this year, I have to cope with 2 crazy items together.
One with CCA, another one with my studies.
By the time I wrote this post, I might have the results already :P (Yeah, we did)

Alright, I do not want to make this post short , but I do not want to make it too long either, as I have nothing much to say.
I just want to say that
 "This is my last year performing with you all, all my lovely sec 4s and 3s. In this whole entire journey, I have totally fell in love with you all, most of you all brought me joy, happiness. Some of you all just can't stop me from containing my anger, sometimes. But despite of all those happening, I still love you all, much much more than Yok Hui could tell me.
I might not be the famous one in this group despite me being the oldest, but I have made friends that gave me and taught me different things I could never learn in the classroom. You all gave me memories that are stuck in my mind for quite awhile. I miss standing beside all of you, singing together, and tolerate all the scoldings together. We have been through alot, so much just for a day to pass, on 11th April 2013. 
I have to admit that, sometimes, I am jealous that Yok Hui or the other sec 4s get most of the attention that I wanted. I always want to be known, to be the one senior or a friend that you all could talk to with any troubles. I will always try to give positive or mature comments. I always do, just that they sounds harsh.... , so I am so sorry :P 
I will be waiting to see how you all react to the seniors' farewell party and hope somebody could remember my birthday and write me a birthday card. or better throw me a party. Hahaha, I am kidding. 

All the best guys, in your studies and for the sec 3s, good luck for the committee roles. There will be more to come, and I hope amkss choir will shine brightly even after batches and batches sing and go. 
Much loves, Abbie Loke :D" 

So, That was my message.
I wanted to describe what had happened during the SYC day, but I couldn't remember much of it now .
I only know, we have to sleep early the night before and turns out we were too nervous and excited to be sleeping at that early.
And, there I go, appearing in school early with my Polaroid and films.
And the girls have to go in choir room early to tie our hair and makeup. I wore contacts on that day, and my dear Sec 1, Sophia that I looked prettier with specs. (That was not exactly what I want to hear, but awwww, thanks.) 

And we have our makeup on , and sectionals on, we kept singing and singing.
Rehearsals on, serious moment on. Sing again and again.
Break, get on the bus, think of the songs, and there we were, in SOTA.
Nevous like crazy, people hugging each other to comfort them..... etc etc.

Honestly, I can't remember much of the things now.
But, I have much of photos to show and things today to those people.

Girls who have to be in school, that early.... *yawns* 

Sure enough, I was feminine with my leg closed, what are the girls doing ?, yeah, here you go. 

I can never survive without this two in choir. One is like my cheesy pie, another was my annoying pie. 

Yeah. here comes the big groups :P 

 HAHAHA. What had happened after SYC, was just staying back and photo photo till crazy.
Yok Hui was behaving like a major crazy spammer in polaroid, this make her a crazy person.
As a normal person, they won't bear to spend 60+ films on just one day. Imagining how thick were the polaroid, but I bet we love the fun after that.

After SYC, most of us suppose to cry, but we didn't. Haha.
I was hungry right after it, I swear :P ,they dragged my evening. Pfttt.

Hahaha, Yok Hui as the President for that one last time, demanded a gift from Sam, our vice-president to do something interesting, that I dont think he will dare to do it at the very first place. :P
Well, he has a girlfriend, and she is in choir, and did perform with us in SYC. She asked her to kiss her, the whole bus went high, I tell you.
We took quite awhile to see it though, but at least we saw it. &&&&& I am envious of this kind of love.

Time for me to post this alright.
&&, look forward to the post later of May, I might post a post dedicated to all of you.
My dear Juniors. :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Junior MasterChef

How many of us are so interested in being a chef ?
I am keen of how to make food, but I have no talents in it, maybe I have no parents to teach me or guide me in whatever he or she is cooking ?
I just realised that talents come from family background somehow, when you have different kind of culture in a family, there are many things that a person could cook or made. & Somehow, I think that person must have a tons of creative cells in him in order to make a dish with the ingredients that was in your kitchen.

I love to cook, I want to know how to cook.
I love how food can be presented out, by adults or children.
I love how food could be made when it goes under heat. I really love it.
But, I am confident that I have no skills in it. I hope to have that cooking cells in me so I could cook all kind of dishes that I can think of when I looked at the ingredients infront of me.

With this interest I have in me, I was in F&N .
Learning about food and having coursework and execution, where I can panic till I am crazy.
I am glad to take this subject, if not. I won't have the extra skills just for a normal usual cooking day.
I believe that every woman need to have this skill at least, you never know what this skill could bring you.

I found out a series , is an amazing talented and challenging variety show.
Is called "JUNIOR MASTERCHEF" , I am watching how children in Australia cook .
The children are at the age of 8-12 .
The challenge in this show is that they need to cook within 45 mins, with the theme and ingredients they wont know until that day.
Is like a spontaneous act.

Is an amazing show.
Of cause I will be demoralised for awhile, but I understand how this goes alright.
It really takes talents and practices and some creative brain cells. (Which I dont think I have it). 
I definitely encourage to catch this, at least for young kiddos.
Motivates them to be like them, cook more. You will love it.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy 20th Monthnniversary

It has been a long journey with this guy of mine.
Hey, it is so called my longest & my most precious relationship that I will ever have or had .

Our journey started on 19th August 2011.
I did not take a long time falling in love with him or have feeling for him. It just happened like "boom" . :P
I have gained many cute memories, sad and angry moments.
Some moments that made me feel like crying or shout at him till my heart is happy.
Some moments that make me feel like killing him or just telling him to shut up and leave me alone.

But, most of the times, when I really did something wrong, I hope he forgives me and he did, but with some "punishments" or conditions. I think.

I dont really have much to say.
I only know, I have learnt alot in this relationship & I believe there are still much things to learn from him everyday.
I have to admit that, being together with him is not easy.
He is that kind of guy where everyone will just "WHAT THE HELL, I GIVE UP!" , he is a guy that is hard to please plus he is so irritating and annoying, you just feel like slapping him right left up down.
But to me, he is like a guy that will guide me ,will walk with me all the way :D
I also face difficulties tolerating his short temper and annoying-ness but as time goes by, I love this relationship.
This relationship gave me many things that I can't forget.
                         taught me many things that I won't learn tat easily if I am not with him.
                         gave me many paths to choose in the future. HAHAHA.

He is a funny guy.
He is MY funng boy :P .
Stay young forever dearest. I love you <3

happy 20th months
happy 1 year 8 months 
happy 609 days old relationship. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doctor Dream

Back with a random post.
I am suppose to be reading my geo textbook,wondering how to get all the information in my mind right now, but I do not have the mood to do so now.
Which is not a good thing. Since, the time now is already 1.19am. I have to go to school at 6.30 in the morning.
I have totally less than 4 hours to learn everything, or memorise everything in my head.

Saying about studies. I hope to see improvement always, but did it come true ?
Answer is : No, but I am still holding some hopes on my hand. 
Hey, it is not the end of the road yet, but I am nearing.
So, I still want to do well in O levels, no matter what. I need this stepping stone to be tall enough for me to reach my dream.

Yeah, I have my best tutor beside me always, despite of his busy schedule.
Whenever if I have any questions or problems, the first person who I will find will be him. Be honoured. :P 
I cant even share him with my bestie-s . :)

So, with his help. I hope I could get the points to get into Bio medical.
My dream remains the same, follow by my English. It did not improve much at all.
Although they say it will improve in a long run, but I'm angst.
I want to see some improvement like right now despite knowing it myself that it is impossible to do so.
I do not have language or memorising cells in me and here I am talking about "wanting to fulfill my dream" .

Nowadays, I have been seeing newspaper reporting about Jobs related to Biomedical .
All I see was lab work of cause, but at least if I cant be a doctor, at least GIFT me some jobs that do something with medicine.
I want to be a Marine Biologist too.
All jobs like these seems to be hard to be, as there are tons of geniuses everywhere. High competition, my future is so bleak. 


There will be that ONE person making some reality sense in me so that I am prepared with a back-up choices. I have made some backup choices too.
Maybe something related to Teaching ?
I don't know.
I am not suppose to worry what should I do or stuffs like this.
All I need to worry now is to worry how to get As. , at least for some subjects that I think I can.