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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weird Dream I have there

I am typing this early in the morning as tomorrow will be my paper and I know last minute preparation dont really works, but at least I did something right ?

Actually the whole purpose of this post was to talk about my dream.I do not know whether I should put it in nightmare section or a sweet dream section.
It was about me going to a poly, I was selected to the course that I do not know of. If I could remember, it was the last course of that section. I was scared and reluntant to go in to that lecture hall, and if I could remember, it was in Singapore Poly, and I went into "STH Paint". For that instant moment, I do not want to go in at all.
I went in anyway. When I walked in, I do not have any friends that I know, only friends that I found familiar. I found this guy and started to ask him questions about this course e.g. What is this course about? Is it fun? And suddenly, there were many boys that came into the lecture hall and sat down at the same roll as me. I was the only female there and his hand were over my shoulder. They seems to know each other very well. I was thinking it will not turns out bad either. :)
I woke up.

I was wondering, how did I get into the course that was not even under my list of choices. Therefore, I think I should work hard & smart. It is not the end of the day even if I do not make it to the course I want, but ended up to a course I do not want. I might get something out of it, I believe. Jiayou, Abbie.
My throat hurts and it is damn sore.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friends for 3 years = Friends for life.

I am 17, the years in my secondary school are sadly coming to an end.
For this situation, I indeed have tons of feelings, I am feeling sad, at the same time, happy & excited and at the time worried too.
5 years in AMKSS, it can said as torturous , it can also be said as memorable. I made both friends and enemies >< , Enemy that always motivates me to win them in studies. At the same time, friends that care about me. In this cruel and judgmental society, I think I need a true friend that I could talk to all the time, or being by my side, to tell me if I did this correctly or wrongly.

So, I got a score of 183 in PSLE , and went to the nearest school, I wanted to go Yishun Town, but I will ended up in NT in that school, so I managed to think twice, and my Dad want me to choose AMKSS due to the distance.
So, in the end, I got into my first choice.

I admit I am not a smart person, and I am not working very hard at the very first place. I went into 1A'09 then 2A'10 , till now 5A2'13. I got to admit, it was not easy when I first came in. I have issues with people liking me as I care how people think of me in the past. The whole miserable fact was that noone want to be my friend at all, when I stepped into that classroom, the fact that I do not wish to go to school just kept coming to me.
So, when I was in 2A, when I was Secondary 2. Some people just looked down on me, and I want to prove them wrong, and I know if I try I can. I can get the attention that I want from those guys. I want to prove them wrong, and I managed to do well in it, I got 5th in class, from 27th/40 , but of cause this leads to me bragging, and people do not like me because of my good results again.

So, at that point of time, I gave up on satisfying and meeting what they need anymore. If I get the benefits, I gain from it.I can't share this with anyone. even with the people I really love. So, I do not even bother about what people think about me, and I turns out to be a damn bitchy bitch ><
But still, I am a kind bitch, due to my natural behaviour :P 

So, with my good results , I went into my school's Thru Train class, where I have more time to study for my O levels, but one bad thing about it was that I do not have a N level to fall back on. I must past and excel in O level once and for all. (THIS IS WHAT MAKES MY LIFE CRAZY!)
I thought there was only one TT class, and ended up , we are the first batch to have 5A1 & 5A2, 2 through train classes, I find it not fair at first, cause even people that did not met the requirement went into Thru Train too. I did not get my A maths too, due to my poor maths results, and here I am suffering from coursework, re-editing and re-editing everyday.

Hahaha, but due to the small class capacity, I think having 2 classes of 27 seems better instead. Although the competition is stronger and harder to excel from it, if I try my best, maybe I could be the one of the top too, I do not want to be top, which I think is simply impossible T-T .

Having 2 classes also gains me more friends. I need friends in my life, this is a brutal truth :P
I have gained many unforgettable memories, from photos to videos to Polaroid.
Friends, have their ups & downs, I have the most of it, I guess. Friends do not automatically like me, when they see me and when they first became friends with me, I think they hate me to the core, they love to talk behind my back. Until, when time gradually changes what people think of me. I changed alot from there too, knowing that I have a natural habit of caring about what others think of me, I changed to what they want me to be, but yet what I want to be too. So, there are so many complicated things that could solve in just a few simple steps :P


I do not want to post any other photos between we two cause is either too glam or she edited so much, that Abbie in that photo is no longer Abbie.

Okay, this girl : Crystal Lim Yee Siew
This girl boiled my blood most of the time. I swear, it will evaporate so much and won't come down as rainfall or anything.
She is a person that I scolded the most and yet nothing went into her brain. She & I have a love-hate relationship that normal human won't understand ? She hate me when I talked some sense into her and she don't like it and she will go to her room and find one voodoo doll that looked like me and stab me. But, on the other hand, she love me so much, she just can't scold me . AWWWWWWW.
And, I'm just sick of her makeup. She totally put on her makeup all the time, I wondered if she goes to bed with it . Pftt ~ , she will know the consequence of it when she aged 40 years later.
I just hope she knows what she is doing, and do whatever she preached. :P \\

 Khalidah & Anastasia 

Me and Khalidah have been classmates and friends since Sec 1 while Ana only in Sec 3-5.
So, me and Khalidah have 5 years worth of friendship. This kind of relationship don't comes easy, I can say. Cause she was one of "haters" when she and I were in Secondary 1 -2.
She do not like me. T-T , but in the end. Most of the haters became my best friends, that's funny right. Life :P
While, Ana. She is a major bully, she is even fiercer than me, but noone disturb her, and I'm only the one being bullied T-T . I can ensure that she is a best braid queen, she could tie my layered hair into braids and without my hair above popping up, destroying the image. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YO. :D

(Consist of Amira, Ailin, Sherrie, Firman, Marco)

 A group that anyone want to join, I guess.
This group always make me jealous, cause it gave out feelings like fun, honest, true friendship.
They are a group of funny people, and the loud and randon-est people in there. Most of my nicknames are given by people of this group too, for eg , BULLETGUN, LOLKE, YANYANYAN .
Especially Firman. :P
Amira & Ailin were my classmates for 5 years too. Amira is the scariest and Ailia changes the most (Figure wise), and now even in normal clothes, she could pull it off and turns pretty. Jealous much right. Amira is a damn frank person, if she dont like, she will shout it in your face. Admire those courage too. They always sing randomly, any songs. They have the same songs genre I guess.
But, I am glad that they treat me as their friends. :D , afterall, we are classmates for the past 5years :D

Ohya,Sherrie, she is a cute person. She is so cute and she have many "boys-friend" I guess.
She have many boys talking to her. :P She got the looks and she have strong English ~~~~ :P Jealous much.hahahaha.I want to take many photos with her, really :P

Some other friends like Amanda, Ximin, Sultan, Jerry , they all brought me joy in the class. Hates for sometimes. 
I dont know if I am sensitive to people's comments or I take things too seriously, I do not know how to take jokes. This I have to agree, but in this class for 3 years, I have learnt to take things and comments lightly. What I mean was I have learn that sometimes, I should not take things seriously and make some jokes. Thanks to my class, I have learn not to rely on people's comment and fuck care their useless comments. :) and to make things better, learn to accept them and prove others wrong. I will and I can :D .

They say that secondary school are where innocents and impure memories are made~. Where ever lasting friends are made there, Secondary school is a place where people do not take marks or studies seriously. I love making memories and I will continue to do so. I dont want to regret what I have not done in school, in my last years. 
Thanks friends, as I know. They will be my friends forever. People I will definitely call to my wedding (If I have one xD) 

Friday, August 16, 2013

A Short moment

Just a mini post to update my blog. I want to write a long post too, but other then schooling and studying, nothing much happened in my life. Exams are coming, my stress level are getting higher as days passed.

Lucky I have some friends that do not mind me. Or maybe they do not understand me well, but still do not mind being my friend :D ,
I am happy whoever you are, they are always with me, always by my side. I could not abandon them or reject them if they asked me for help cause they treat me like a human. I am a kind soul, it is a fact, I can never do not admit to it.

So, during a chinese lesson, I was so bored with my blended cucumber juice. :D

Trying to make my nose small. :P 
& That EELAINE just cant stop laughing. 


Lastly, this. :).

I am in love with collage recently, due to her recommendation. She told me to try putting all the photos into a collage. I went to download an app in my iPhone, and this happened. :D

Thanks for being my cucumber juice, you rich & fantastic english speaker. I hope to be closer with you. & I am in love with your rectangle Polaroid, me want !!! :D

Just going to end off,


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ms Chung is back !!!

Belated Post.

To my surprised, Ms Chung, my previous instructor and my favorite instructor is back.
Of cause, the one that got the first information will be Yok Hui. & she have that whatsapp group so that we could chat easily. Ms Chung was in States all along, that why. :D

I do not have much to talk to. Only photos to show. :D
Even Miss Ho & Miss Tan were back to school to see us. I was unable to leave at first due to coursework A, but I was glad that I make time for them since it will like once in a lifetime moment :D

It might be the last limelight.

Haha. I still remember there was a time, when we have to prepare for a concert. My class, for the first time, we need to wear according to their theme and go to Esplanade to watch our beloved band concert. They are the only one that have limelight concert, I think mainly because they always maintain their "Gold with Honours" standard. That time, our choir was still a sliver group choir.

Now, this year, 2013. It will my last time attending Limelight as an amksian student.
We have the chance to sit right infront of the stag this time round, as what our class deduced because we are the graduating classes. Most of the graduating classes were in-front. :D
I was wearing a bit too glam, too formal. Many people said it looked like a prom night dress instead of a formal dress. Haha.
I have to admit, I did not really enjoy my night in the concert.

I think this dress looked pretty normal to most of my close friend. I did not wear this dress out often, but I mention it many times, I guess. Noone gives a damn about what I was wearing,only my height.
I think it is too formal to even catch people's attention.
At first, I thought and want to take many photos with my classmates, especially those class's spot lights. But this year, I did not even take as much photos as last year, when I was wearing just a pure-white laced dress and I was so fat that time.
So, when I was among a group of people, the feeling of loneliness just crushed me, badly. The feeling of being alone among a crowd is the worst feeling a person could ever feel. I feel so bad, I just feel like crying, I feel like just walk out of the concert home during the 20 mins intermission break and just take the train home. That was my thinking for the whole day. I did not stay for long indeed, as I wanted to give Matthew, his birthday cake and he was rushing me like mad when I was wearing heels. I could not walk fast like my usual pace and I left my friends first.
I was glad that Amira they waited for me as I asked her to take a photo with me, I am so touched. I did not have the chance to take with the others, this was what I regreted for this year's limelight. I will pay back, I will work doubly hard for 21st Nov, although it turns out that , there is only 10 people going in my class. ><

In the end, I did regreted and I have to admit that I think too much. :D , I need to be more open towards stuffs. So, I promise not to regret anymore. & I want to make memories, I want to make every moment meaningful therefore I will not think too much and i just have to be thick-skin enough to ask for it. I will get what I want if I work for it. :D , that is my moral value, not going to disappoint my own value :D


Ana, our late queen & Me <3

Late Queen & Khalidah, Jonas Fan 

 Khalidah and me, wow. 5 years of friendships, there were our own ups and downs. :D 

My Dear Junior (2013 President) 

Joker in class. 
I always want to take photo with Amira and the group. I hope I have the chance next time, I promise, I will hunt you all down just for the photos, WATCH OUT GUYS :D