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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Good thing ends well

Finally back to Judo.
Finally, everything seems to be so perfect today. I do not ask for much. I'm happy as long as my day was fur filing and fun.

I have not much worries today. Or maybe more to "nothing much" . Or is it because I am just too happy that there is nothing about me, I am not the main limelight for the gossiping in class. That might be the reason why I am so happy.

School has been wonderful for now.
It has been 8 to 9 weeks since I first started experiencing poly life. I'm blessed and happy to be in a hyper class, and we are so bonded. Maybe, we are experiencing some dramas right now in our class.
I am even part of it (With Ashley) .
I am hoping that all of us could get pass it. Since it will be just for one semester. There wont be a chance that all of us will land at the same class. We have to split some time.

I love my bonded class. I do. Okay. :P
I love how straight-forward they can go. Despite they might speak behind people's back, but they still bother understanding people first. They might go to that person and say out her weakness. If they know they are close to her or him.
At least, I still feel like I am a part of the team. I heard in Year 2, there might not have the chance that we can be so bonded as a team or a class. We will be like "Hi, bye" friends .
There might be people subotarging you. Stuffs all these could happen.
Just a few words to say about this. THIS IS LIFE. 

I think there might not be many people who know this.
I have met a guy there. Fell in love. Now, in a relationship. Experiencing some overthinking,but I love the feeling when he re-ensure me that and told me not to think too much. Gosh, I like it. :D
I do hope that quarrel won't happen between us. Just touch wood.

I want to start a new life there. Therefore, I joined a sport IG , Martial Arts IG : Judo.
It is something new. It is something I thought I wont dare to join.
But, I did not regret choosing this IG. I definitely wont regret it, espically after today.
I made some friends. It might be friends for over the decades :P  ,who knows.
I made some friends who could give me motivation to go on. Who stayed at almost the same place as me.
Although, I do not know his name though.

I do hope that I could end up become one of the strong girls in Judo.
At least, let my name passed down to another year. I hope. :D