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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1st Day of Running continuously.

Aim: To be able to run 2km anytime .

In order to have that aim come true, I have to run everyday or the original plan was to able to finish 20km in a month.
2km everyday for a month, (4 weeks) - 20km.
I dont think I can move during the weekends, so 5 days/week. Running 2km for that 5 days continuously, I add on to some workouts after running. I only did one set this time round.
The first try for everything was an epic fail, but I will improve as days goes by. I shall try new workouts exercise every month, so I can be more motivated to do & look forward to it everyday.

First session of the week :
Suppose to be 2.0km, but I ran only 1.68km. I still have 0.30+ km to go . 
The timing was ....... , there is a slight improve on my speed. SLIGHT. 

Workout exercises were alright. 
I did only one set, & today, I will add another set in it today, after the 2km run session. 
I promise I will have the determination to finish 2km full today. I done 4-7km, I wonder why cant I do this. :( 

The calories burning amount are pathetic ._. 
Only 77 . Fml. I shall not use this app anymore , it seems like it is not that clear, but it is added to my "RUNNING" Album. :) 

Hope Today I could do better than this . 

Sunday, October 21, 2012


- Scariness : 9/10 
- Content : 8/10
Comments : This movie will not make you fall asleep at all. 

This movie is creeping me out. Even by writing this post, I feel so reluctant to do it because I have to put some photos in it & that idiot Mr Boogie's face is enough to scare me alive. ._. 
Tumblr is such a good place to have all sort of photos, just by typing "Sinister" , Mr Boogie's face are all around that page. How am I going to continue writing this post. 

I was supposed to post this post after Bryan's birthday celebration , but it was already late at night & I am the only one awake . Who the hell in the right mind will post those photos . MAMAMAMA .
Worst was that Melvin chose a time slot which happened half an hour before midnight. 
But one thing that I was glad about it was that the whole theatre was full of humans. It was a full booked theatre. :P 

Sinister means "bad, evil, base, or wicked; fell: his sinister purposes. or unfortunate; disastrous; unfavorable: a sinister accident.

This movie is about about a famous true-crime author wanting to write a new book at his new home & the whole movie is about how he found footage of how and why each family in his new home, by doing so, he puts his entire family in the path of a supernatural entity. 

This movie really creeps me out. I have to hid my face in and out continuously. 
Knowing what will happen next. but refuse to keep my head still to watch the part. 
Mr Boogie is the one that make me go crazy in the movie. His face is the one that scaring me. *He might be looking at me somewhere with a video camera or sth now". LOL . Why am I scaring myself?"

ah, I will be ending this post with this photo. 
Ah, I want to get out from here. Byeeee . 
Is a worthy horror movie, Watch it ! . 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Down to the street with a lookalike bro

Down to Bugis Street with study-mate , WennHao.
I do not have a photo to show you, I only know that he is having his practical exams now. ALL THE BEST! 
I was suppose to go down the day before, and at the same time, he promise me that whereever I want to go, he will try his best to follow. :D
I am lucky to have him as my friend right . I admit that he is kind, as one of my primary school crush. He was a lame kid back then. :P
We looked like siblings now. Really. Especially when we have our specs on.

What did we do at Bugis Street ? :D
Nothing much ~, I was down there searching for accessories. Managed to find all that I want & at a very cheap price. Promotion ?
3 for $5 for earrings, 3 for $10 for rings . I love the things there really. I shall shop for clothes next time there. Using Bong Qiu Qiu's blog as a guidance. I think I will find alot of cheap and nice things :D

Some rings on me.
More self cam photos, please do not mind.

Earrings for just $5 

 The last photo will be one of the items that I am wearing to Halloween, I think. :D
It looked well together & I like it. :D.
Due to weak fashionsense, please do not mind :D

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Justna trip.

Is just another Justna trip.
"Justna" means Justin & Dyana.

I wanted to stay at home & stone that day, as I just got my braces tightened up again.
When I asked around for nails advise & Dyana wanted to go Bugis, as she will be meeting Justin.
I was alright with that as I wanted to go shop for extra accessories or things like this. (Now, I am running out of clothes for Halloween.)
Since, me & Justin were around AMK area, we planned to meet together before meeting Dyana.
I saw Justin on the same bus as me. (Recently, I have this weird fate thing, no matter who I message to that time, that person will be on the bus, & I will coincidently met them.)
Is kinda weird.
So, we were waiting for Dyana's whatsapp .

But in the end, we alight at Somerset. Indeed, there is nothing to shop, as all shops are damn high class. ._.
I am not the age to chase for brands yet, I do not have the money to do so too. I shall wait till my future husband to provide me for that :P .
Actually, Dyana was not happy with it at all, as the main purpose of this whole trip is to go for a shopping spree at Bugis Street. In the end, Dyana do not want to disappoint Justin or maybe do not want him to be angry, so we went to Somerset instead.
Justin had that weird shoes, which looked like a barefoot shoes. I have heard of this shoes before, on the newspaper. It is damn expensive in Singapore, is around SGD$200++ , but he brought it at US, so he got it in less than half price off . O.O

Went hunting for a salon in 313 , but everything has a price of $30-$60.
I always go under block salon for a cut at student price, so that kind of price is tooooo crazy for me when I can have a simple haircut at $8-$10 .
She was damn sad & heartbroken that her hair had been cut short.

It is not that short right ? I think this hairstyle suits her though :D 
In the end, Justin paid for everything, including dinner. I felt damn bad, it was an expensive dinner to me. Okay, is an average price. $14.90+ ? I think . :D
We have the same hairlength . 

Went walking around Somerset since he was disappointed that he could not find a parapara machine in Cine.
I was quite disappointed with it, as I did not spend a single cents on anything at all. I am suppose to spend on something. Dad was madly angry about it , taking his money out for nothing. Arghh.
But I do understand why Dyana made that choice.

Got lime as my colour for the month. It dont look tha bad right ? & I cant clench my teeth together :( 

Now that I went out with many couples, of coz without Melvin.
The more I feel that I am lucky to have Melvin :P 
Why do I kept complaining how bad Melvin was in the past ? :P
Of coz, I love my relationship more when we passed 1st year boundary. To me, I feel that our honeymoon period might happen again after our first year :D
I'm getting to love that genius more and more instead of having my feelings faded for it in this 365 days :D
If he see this, I will get scolded again . HAHAHAH :P .

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Birthday's Boy

Brought Bryan to eXplorer kid as his 6 years old nights out.
His mini birthday event for him too. 

Our present for him was : 
As long as he is happy with it :D 
The main purpose behind this present is for his future interest.
Melvin say is to make Bryan the opposite of him, interested in travelling or things about the world. 
So, we did not know that the map , which is the cover page is a puzzle. 100 pieces puzzle. 
Therefore. we need to puzzle it together to have the map, it include a book (like an assessment book) & some short questions in it. With a pile of games card :D 
It is worth the money spent :P 

So, play with Bryan. 
We were seeing how Bryan will do the puzzle on his own. Taught him a few tricks, like how to know which piece is for which side. He knew that he need to take those corners or endings out first. 
So, a few photos will say the story . 
Trying to find all those pieces on he bed. 
Done with all the sides & corners :D 

Mission Accomplished :D 
Hahaha, So, Mel went in and have a "short" rest :P
Me & Bryan disturbed him in order not to let him fall asleep, in the end he does . :P 
Bryan Tan, Melvin's new pillow :P 

While I am looking at how Bryan handle his new present. 

 He seems like he really like his present. He was asking me to ask him the questions that Melvin asked too.
Some questions in both the book & the cards, even me & melvin had some difficulties answering it. I think next time, if there is a world quiz. Bryan can win it :P

His cake came , Happy Birthday song :D
Family portrait too :D


After the mini celebrastion, brought him to eXplorerkid for the first time.
He like it tooo :D

He has been behaving well throughout. :D /.
When is time to go, he really go off. :D

Me & Melvin were damn slack while Bryan run around the whole play area.
That Melvin just sat in a quarter circle seat & we chat while time passes LOL .
After everything , went and bring him for his dinner.

And Movie time :D 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

An October Young Kid


Wow, 6 year old, I dont even know what am I doing when I am 6.
I think I am still drinking milk from a bottle that time. :P
This young kid is smart, don't underestimate his memorising power. Hahaha, What can I expect from a genius's brother :P

He is too young to understand what am I writing here & he will not be possibly reading this until he is in primary 5/6 , I think. If that period of time, I am still able to meet up with him :D
He do not look like his brother, surprisingly . But others say that he looked like him.
He have super duper big eyes, but his brother have totally 2 times smaller eyes than his. :P
I think their smartness or IQ should be damn high.

This little kid might be attention seeking sometimes, but this is normal.
Every little children always want an extra attention given to them, so they know they exist.
Gonna bring him to Explorerkid @ Hub today.
I have not went in there before because I am way too old for it, but I have never play in the pool of balls before, how I wish I could jump in with them.
Gonna bring my camera out, tons of photos & videos.  I hope :D

Wishes for you : Walked the same path as your brother did :) 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Travelling Once again

Is just a normal post , random post. :D
I think I am just posting because I do not want to pollute my diary because of this small thing. I think I polluted it more than once. Since, I kept promising myself to go overseas in the future or soon. :D
But reality is still working, I have no money. therefore, going overseas on my own is totally a IMPOSSIBLE case.

Hahha. Some countries that I have found in google :

1. Iceland , sounds Ice-ish right, there is hot & cold, not necessary to be cold. For those geography students, they should know. :P

(a)  The Blue Lagoon

(a) - The Blue Lagoon – Iceland’s biggest tourist draw and regardless of the outside temperature the geothermal pool maintains an amazing 40 degree average. The waters are rich in minerals so make the most of this sky blue oasis and jump in.

(b) Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights - From October to March the skies dance in various colours thanks to charge particles emitted from the sun, just head north anywhere away from city lights and if you preserver for a couple of days, you’re very likely to be rewarded with a sight like no other

Something that I really want to seee before I die. 
Of coz, is not something that can be seen by naked eyes, they say. I dont know.
I just know, from all those photos , they loooked wonderful , pretty & amazing. Wondering how will it be like, if I really get to see it. I think I will die. :P 

2.  Milford Sound
Picture of visitors near a waterfall in Milford Sound, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
Photograph by Frans Lemmens, Hollandse Hoogte

Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

The most accessible fjord is Milford Sound, described by Rudyard Kipling as the "eighth wonder of the world." Waterfalls, rain forests, and stunning cliffs line the glacier-carved sound, home to dolphins, seals, sea lions, and penguins. Winter snow hangs on here, so October and November are safer for making the dramatic 74-mile drive (or bus ride) along winding Milford Road from Te Anau ("Gateway to the Fiords") through the park to the sound.

Waterfall :D 
It just simply formed in that way. Where resistance rocks all those. ~ 
It just loooked damn beautiful. I think I saw one before, when I am so young. 

3.At Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River plunges into basalt gorges. Photo: Rainbow over waterfall
Photograph by Christian Heeb, laif/Redux

Site: Mosi-oa-Tunya (Victoria Falls)
Location: Zambia and Zimbabwe
Category: Natural
Reason: This waterfall is among the most impressive to be found anywhere in the world.

* * *
This legendary waterfall is among the biggest, and most awe-inspiring, on the planet.

The Zambezi River is more than 1.25 miles (2 kilometers) wide when it cascades over the lip of a large basalt plateau and plunges as much as 354 feet (108 meters). The flow has been slicing slowly through this plateau for some two million years. During this time the river has slowly retreated and the remnants of earlier, ancient falls can be seen in the gorges downstream from the current cataract.
The beauty of the falls lies in their natural state, but the area is at some risk of runaway tourism-based development—more resorts, hotels, and even a possible dam below the falls that could flood several park gorges. Operators in the area offer everything from helicopter overflights to bungee jumping, and the management of these activities while preserving a quality visitor experience for all is an ongoing challenge.
(Taken from )

Hope to have more, but there is alot though.
I think the first country that I will go if I have the chance to go alone or with loves one, will be Korea/Thailand. Hahhaa :P
I like Thailand because I heard that one places have the best massaging service there, heard so.
But, I cant eat Thailand food. :P Haahha