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Saturday, January 25, 2014

A new 2014's aim

As everyone knows, I will love to join a marathon, but not a full marathon. I want to start by going for a 10km run, maybe I might be too old for this, I am 18 this year.

So, I want myself to settle down with a goal, and I chose a few this year.
Maybe the reason of going to poly and wanted to slim down so much made me chose all these ? I dont know. Teeheee

So, my aim for this year is to at least run a few 10km marathon events and maybe ONE half marathon, 21km run event. Let's not be greedy with this and step by step wins the race alright. :D ,
At least, let's hope I could make this not words only, but actions instead. I am working towards it.
I am so not going to run with Melvin, he is way too experienced in it, and he is way too fast for me already :P , not like I want to run at the same pace as him or what.

I just want to experience more exposure to this kind of events, at least Melvin encouraged me to do so, and I am taking into consideration alright. It can be fun and at the same time, challenging,
So, I will talk about when I started run, and how I felt after running then. :D

See you next time then, guys.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thank you for such a year

Year 2013 was such a wonderful year.
It was sad for me at first, cause it will be a farewell year for me in school. It was the year to say goodbye to my classmates for 3-5 years. When we see each other every morning till maybe night for the past 3-5 years, now, there will be no chances for us to do that. We will be so busy with our own stuffs, we dont even know if we have time to meet or not.

And at year 2013, there were so much sadness with it.
The journey in our school is coming to an end , teachers were there to support us, teach us and give us moral support. But at the same time, many lessons yet to be learn.
Year 2013 had became a year where I learnt many lessons. Many experiences, sadness, happiness, I learnt to treasure every second that ticked by well despite the moments being good or bad.
Year 2013 was the year that most of my classmates treat each other well, maybe it was because all of us know that we will be leaving each other, leaving this class and will be missing the moments we have had in class. 5 days a week, sometimes, we find it so draggy and everything, 80-90% of our day were spent with those people. Slowly, we all realised that all these time wont come back, and we turned out to be treating each other like friends suddenly.

This year also marks the second year with Melvin.
It was a year full of lessons with him. We did not come here without efforts. He was in army and I was doing Os, he supported me all the best he could by giving me tips and being the best free tuition teacher I could ever get for Maths and many subjects.
Thank you for being here with me despite of my moodswings through out the year and all. It was a diffcult year for me , but you were here with me anyway. :D

Year 2013 ends well with everything. All experiences and feelings were experienced.
I have had my losts and gains. I have had my good and bad moments.
I lost some friends, I thanked them as they left me with good memories and memories to flashed back and learn from it.
All the bad moments, I thanked them because they were the moments to strengthened me all the way. Teaching me how to face it for the future.
Farewell assembly was the best, I could dropped so much tears at a day.