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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Random Beach Date

I love random dates like this.
I was so tired after yesterday's event volunteering. And he booked me as he want to go beach for the sea-breeze.

He brought me to ECP as it was very near to his house. Walkable distance. He also want to bring me to see where he have spent his secondary school days. He have spent his secondary school days BMX-ing and scootering. At ECP, there is a skate park there where I witnessed many different kind of stuns.

I always admire people who is playing different stuns. It is dangerous, but it is just so cool.
It is like they always have the courage to do things I want to do.
I actually want to become a photographer, taking photos of this kind of activities. I like to take photos of street models and dangerous sports movement. I like to take scenery too.
Can you actually believe that Jeff played this before. Haha

So, I witnessed him talking to his old group of friends. I just like to see him being so free. I guess. Something new that I have found out about him. It is like I know him more and more.

I am so shy at first, because I was wearing sundress . I dont like to show alot of skins ahh :P

So, we took a scroll around the beach. Looking at people fishing, cycling and everything. I dont dare to do many things infront of him, but I will slowly expose my weak side and the things I dont dare infront of him more. <3

More photos were taken when we sit along the sides . (Actually, the place where we were sitting has a name. I learnt in geography,but I just cant remember the name.)

 I love it when he cooperate & take photo with me. I love to have more memories with him. Photos like all these. It just look so sweet. It might not be the sweetest couples photo, but from the photos. I can see love. Can le :D

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Energizer Event Volunteer

It was my first time in an event.
In a marathon event. I'm always interested in joining a marathon ever since after I join my first event 10km run. But I have never tried volunteering in one before. 

I actually came into this through my school's email. 
There were some people who were interested in joining this and want to join as a group. The event was quite a well-known one. It was not that well known as Sundown, those kind, but it was an event that people will spent money on. 

One thing good about this event was that in the early session. It was mostly about family bonding and challenging obstacles stuffs. 
There were Open 3km Obstacles and 3km & 1.5km Parent and Child session obstacles event.  
If you are interested, there is another similar event next year. : ENERGIZER NIGHT TRAIL RUN

It is a full day event. At night, there is more challenging run. Which is like a marathon run, but it held at night and there are more slops and stuffs like this. It happened in the jungle or forest. There is no 10km. 
There are 6km , 12km & 18km night trail runs. (Slight note: I want to join next year's 12km or 18km run though.) 

First timer there.
It was not that busy as we have thought. At first, we think that we will be really busy, as we are under Carnival. We were actually lost as they did not really give us the actual instructions to where we are suppose to go. The major problem was that the carnival do not have Jabir's name on it. So, Jabir was being discharged to other places. 

We have to go there earlier than the event's starting timing. 
The group meet at amk to take the bus to Singapore Zoo , early in the morning. Once we reached Singapore Zoo, we thought that it will be just opposite. But, in the end, we were lost. We wanted to take taxi there, but the drivers there are so inconsiderate and rude. Especially the female driver. 
In the end, nobody know the place we need to go. We ended up using our GPS and walk to our destination. It was actually quite nearby though. We were so elated when we reached. Goodness. We turn out to be the first to come despite thinking that we will be late as we were lost. 

We turn out chatting about many different stuffs while waiting for instructions. 
And we saw some familiar friends around there. Some who I called "hi-bye friends'" . 

It was a long day. Very long day. We were given quite a boring role in the carnival called Programming.
Programming is where we plants the prizes on the table and present during the prize presentation. So, to put it in bad terms, we are only required during prize presentation. There were 2 sessions, each in 5hrs interval. 4.45pm and 10.45pm. Rest of the time, we hve no idea what to do. I have to be honest, I nearly fell asleep while waiting. 

While sight-seeing, I saw Jonathan Tay. Not saying that I am a stalker.
I did add him on facebook and I saw him joining numerous marathon events, and I think he have received many prizes for it, I guess. But, I know he is very active in sports stuffs. He is cute too LOL 

Made some friends there too. 
Like the Mascot was a newly known friend. I am a pest to him, as I kept annoying him. Hahaha. 
We kept running away from the station at night and go to the stage area at the starting line. :D I go there to dance to the music. Which was cool :D 

Such a good ending. Jabir have a good view below, but I think he was badly sunburnt as he was on the top of the mountain and there is no shelter there. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Advance Birthday Celebration

I did not know anything in advance except for knowing that I will be meeting Jeff today.
He woke up this early just for me too. He dont usually wake up at 8+am. Hahaha. 

So, cut the whole story short. 
12.July.2014 -- He booked me for an early celebration. 
Told me to reach Chinatown by 12pm, and he reach at 1230pm . Be glad that I have a book with me, at that point of time, and it was the interesting part of the book. 

When he reached, he told me to go to "The Central" in Chinatown. I find that name so familiar, but I remember seeing it in Clark Quey instead. So I was laughing my ass out for that. It was so hilarious, I just could not take it. It was such an atas place. Goodness. 
Sweet him, bought a card instead of topping his ezlink. 

So, he told me that we will be having buffet. 
And it was a japanese buffet & hotpot. I did not know that, that place exist despite going there dozen of time due to Krav Maga. 
(If want to find out more, do click on the link above.)
Rating for the food there is : 4/5
( It was really "up there" means it was really nice. It was up to the standard.) -- The hotpot allow 2 different kind of soups. There was different kind of food available. Sushi to raw food, sashimi, to those fried stuffs. 
You can even have your own rice there. This is something unique at least. 
Rating for Services: 4/5
The people was very kind and very helpful too. They smile throughout. So I like :P 
They also help clearing the plates fast, and even help us with the fire. Me and Jeff are idiots in this kind of stuffs, I guess. 
But, for sure. We supported the drinks and the ice cream there. Especially the Ice-cream. :D .
Go with the mashmallows. <3

After such a heavy brunch. 
We went out since we were cold. And this came my favourite hobby. 
With my DSLR camera & #mydonotknowhowtoposebuthavethemodelfigurebf . 
He have became my experiment. And the end results was not that bad at all. :D 
At least my photos have the similiar vibe as the John Kang ( someone who I like his photos alot). I like to take those model photography. It is nice, especially when it is outdoor. With a good weather. 
Photos :

 More photos on Facebook.
(I should consider being one, but it is an expensive hobby still. If he is going to be my model, I can support him.)
(Maybe I should have him to be my model for my clothes.)

I wanted him to change his profile pic, but he find the photo of him too professional ><
So, okay. I wanted to see how many likes will he have.

So, yeah. What happened after the buffet was a honoured personal photoshoot for him.
I ownself, do not have much photos here. No figure is like that de la. Is alright.
And he went shopping with me. It was a long walk and I wanted to change my style to the cute style. I do not know whether will it suit me, but let's just gave it a try.

Thanks for the non-stop walking with me. 
Thanks for the meal. 
Thanks for being the model of the day worhh. 
Thanks for the sweet words. 
Hence, this is for you :

Lastly :