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Monday, November 4, 2013

Wants ~

I am amazed by what I want to do after this few days of break. Other then focusing on my studies on my science paper, I have some fascinating dreams came to me.

First, it started with an awkward dream of me opening my own cafe. Where most of the students, be it, Lasalle Art Students or anyone,came into my cafe and started working on their work.
I am really close with them, and most of them treated this like their second home. This dream came to me as a surprise. Suddenly, I have the aim to want to open a cafe of my own, especially for teenagers or things like this.
It was a good news to me, this mean that I have some backup choices in my mind.
That means, I do not only have my doctor dream which many say is a wishful dream. I finally have some idea of what can I do other than being a doctor and saving other people life. Which was a good thing & Melvin think that this idea was not that bad either. This was the first thing that came into my life that I could consider. :)

Secondly, I want to have a job so much.
I met up with my ex-slo choir mates just now (Post on what happened will come shortly) . One is in Lasalle, as an Art Student,which mean that her arts pieces are really up there. And another, who is Zoe , who is going to end O level , like me. She is talented as in , she can be a really good salesperson . And she is very open and cool and she have such a good fashion sense too.
And she had the same dream as me once, and now she have the similar hobby that could be a job too. Which is to learn to be a barrister or a bartender.
Of cause, In Singapore, there are not much stores, to make things worst, we are only 17 years old. But I really want to work in the cafe. Should I ? I am running short of money also.

Third, I want to save up my money for many stuffs.
I want to have a bag, a prom dress, casual attires, makeup set, shoes, etc etc .
Of cause, I have my needs and my wants and I need to catereroise them properly, and think twice before buying. What are my needs and what are my wants ? So, I decided to settle on what I need first :)

Friday, November 1, 2013


Time passes so fast, soon enough, I will be infront of my TV or out of the house on 31st, watching fireworks and counting down to 5 4 3 2 1 , Happy New Year. Blablabla.
But it comes too fast , I guess. One more month to go .
Few more days to go to officially end my Os, 2 more months to end this year 2013.
And a few more weeks to go to watch my beloved "CATCHING FIRE" .

Honestly, this time, the trailer is fantastic . At least it stop my breath for a second. 
Although there was many differences comparing to the book, but overall, it is not easy to make the movie out exactly from the book, (Do not count Twilight) . 
The trailer make me want to watch this series even more. Crazy indeed. I will love to see Peeta's face once again. 
Alright, have fun watching, wow. I have some time life, I shall read my catching fire before the movie come out. Premier at 21st November 2013. :D