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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random Again + SONG OF THE DAY

Crazy over hair dyes & Hair dips.
But I do not have the courage to do all these, due to the damage that will cause to my hair.
And whether will it suit me and how people think of me.
But honestly, I really like bright colours on my hair. I think it will become darker & I am weak in taking care of my own hair.
So, I need to double consider if I really want to dye these kind of hairs.
I dont want to stand out, but this will defintely stand out & this might change what people think of me , I do not even know whether will it change my future or mnot.
I should not think of these now right.
Let's see what happen next year :D

And of coz I will end this post with 2 videos.
I find the songs very nice.
Is a Youtube artist/Singer

That was before official music video


Best Aunt in my whole entire life

Yeah . My Mum's side is the one that I love the most .
Not saying that I do not love my father's side. Just that I love her in my way, because Gugu taught me many things & I did not regret her scoldings & her beatings on me since I am young. She is so fierce and of coz I always wonder whether she love me or not. But in the end, as I grew mature. Of coz she is always my guide to follow in the future.
But I am a stubborn kid, please give me some time to change for the best & learn how to maintain that part of me for life. I need some time, I do not know how long will I take, but I know if you can give me some time, I will prove it to you. 

Yeah . My Aunt is the best because she is not like other parents, She is like a friend to me .
Aunt < x > Best Friend. 
She can joke around, she is so funny that I could cry .
I love her so much. She shares everything with me, & I will share everything with her so much better & comfortably than my parents. I love going to her house as I always have things to eat & things to do there. 
She has a husband which is my Uncle which is so "sick" and funny. 
I can never get enough of her family. 
My cousins - Pek Yok & Chee Soon 
Better do well :D . Dont regret like I did/ 

Some photos here :D 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Want my sleep back

I have nothing to do now, so I came here to de-stress.
I was so called bragging about the new webcam . (It is my bro's) .
But he dont even know how to use it, so why dont I take this chance ? :P
I know I am cruel .

I need my sleep back badly.
Due to exams, I cant sleep for a full 8 hours. I need to open my eyes and mug all day long.
I want to be closet mugger but sadly, I cant .
Super ugly can :( .
Hope Melvin didnt see it yesterday, when he is having his first nights out .

I have to get some sleep first before I study .
Here you go than :D

I personally like this kay :D 

HAHHAHA . Yupp. Bimbo action came out.
I used the webcam for the first time & this are the evidences.
It was fun . & I like it.
This will be the last time I post so many photos of myself. Promise.

Nice Guy aka Innocent Guy

Nice Guy 

I dont know what am I doing now.
I am suppose to be preparing for my upcoming exams. Social Studies ll those.
But in the end, I am still attracted to this poster.
I have saw this before "Reply 1997" , but it was a teaser while Reply is going to end soon, it was 15 episodes ahead. That why I watched Reply first , & it only took me 3 days to finish the whole 16 episodes. Guess how much time I have waste on Kdrama indeed.

I am starting to get and go crazy over it already !
Is another drama that I will encourage again, but not at this period of time for those STUDENTS that are having their FYE , N Levels or O Levels . Please dont get started first. You will totally lost the mood of studying. Wait till everything is over , and you will have much more episodes to watch. Isnt that better ? I am trying to convince myself in that way. Somehow it works, because I hate waiting for episodes unless that drama is really worth my time waiting. :P

So. Back to the title : Nice Guy 

Nice Guy is a classic melodrama involving betrayal, revenge and romance. The plot is about a man who gets betrayed by his girlfriend, and he decides to get revenge by using an amnesiac woman, but ends up changing his outlook on love.

The few protagonists which are Song Joong Ki & Moon Chae Wonni and the bad woman . 
Song Joong Ki is my new favourite cute male lead now :D . He is so cute :D 

The male lead : Song Joong Ki . acting as Kang Ma Roo. 
There is some thing in this character that I am madly in love with, if he really exist in my generation or in my future. He will be Mel's competitor man :D . Totally my type. 
I hope to be someone's type tooo. Too hardworking is not a good thing either, that why I am taking a break out of everything :D 

And I am surprised to find this out too :D 

His Birthday is on 19 September !!! 
His age now should be 27 , I think. He is born at the year 1985. :P . 
He is so old but one of the smartest laaa , to me. :D  
It just happened that his birthday is one of my monthnniversary :D . LOL . 
Bimbo attack . 

 Time for me to sleep now :D
No, maybe study ? :D . Thanks for reading this :D

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Marathons Crazy

I do not know why . Once I started trying out running long distance .
This word "Marathon" keep appearing into my head.
I did not start trying out long distance run because of those marathons that are upcoming this few months.
But I think mostly the influence by the upcoming "Adidas King of the Road" ,

Yeah, 16.8km in Singapore - Gardens By the Bay at 28th October 2012 .
I wanted to try this 16.8km with Melvin. But, iin the end, I sort of like abandon him because due to some people's discouragement, telling me not to rush to run 16.8km first, as a beginner.
Melvin have to run this on his own.
To me, it might be a good thing too, since his pace is totally different from mine. Way too different. :P
He signed up for it yesterday :D .
I wish him good luck. Is his first time tooo. He can do it anyway . He is so up there . :P
I want this Adidas Shirt though, it is so nice :D .
I hope he could wear it back for me to see :D .

While at the mean time, I still have the desire to try out marathon.
Giving me a impossible challenge , I want to unlock many achievements , that why .
I am quite bimbotic in this case, I know .
I might consider joining this :

5km or 10km . I want to try running for the 10km one.
Since, is with Women, I want to try out as my first marathon. They have free insurance covered for this marathon too, including death. Noone will be that unlucky anyway.
So, it is happening at 11/11/2012 at Marina @ Float, early in the morning too, like 7+am . AHH
How come, it reminds me about Army Half Marathon :P
Might be running with Dyana , running with a friend will be better than running alone right.
I have to start to train for this. I want to looked average looking, just sweating much that kind of girl.
It looked cool to me though .
But slowly, I will make it to "King of the Road 20__" . Let's hope. :D

I just realised that there are really many many many many marathons happening at the same month,
There is even marathons for the age of 9 & above.
For elderlys too, I shall bring my father to join any one of these one day. Sort of like bonding ? :D

Friday, September 21, 2012

Reply 1997

Found another drama to add into my favourites .
It is really really nice.
What is this about ? :
It is about the childhood of this 5 leads. 
Of coz, the main stars are the couple between. It started on their high school reunion dinner at the year 2012 . 
They were 18 at the year 1997 . (I was only one year old) .  How these 5 leads get together for more than 15 years since child to high school to the future. 
How they have their no rules life. 

Hahahha . This is how it goes .
Of coz , I support the drama alot, so if you want. do take a look at the drama. 
I like the leads . 5 of them & the 2 of them in the middle of coz, their love is so cute & romantic to me. 
They are like children, in the end they get together, get married as husband and wife & become a father of their children & getting old together. 
Of coz the female lead is an obsessed fan vice president :D Like all of us :D 
Their ost are my favourite toooo :D

For Ratings : 9/10 ! . 
I laterally waited for the last episode to be subbed like a normal kdrama fan :D  
I waited for 3 days kay . This is tooooo long for me :P 


It is making me hungry . Just want to share with everyone.
I am sick, therefore eating this will make it worst, but it is tempting though. :D
Let my dear Melvin try it , Maybe :P .

Have to buy a gift for my dear Melvin.
What shall I buy for it. Of coz, it must have nothing to do with food :D .
Although I am amazed of his "cant get fat" talent.

I have not try it.
Important point :D - IT IS ENDING TODAY . GET IT BEFORE 0000 :D 
I love this song :D
Been into the song & the drama , I only took 3 days to finish the whole series that consist of 16 episodes :D .
I am so proud of myself for slacking :D

And I want you all to watch & listen to this music video.
I really really like the drama. Is nice & addicting :D .

At first , the starting will be a bit confusing due to the change of the years from 2012 to 1997 . :D .
Is about childhood. When they are in high school :D

Yeah .
Can't wait for my last episode to be subbed :D .
Maybe this Saturday. :D

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy 13th Month-nniversary

Happy Happy Happy .
Finally cross the first year line. :D

Proud uhh , Is my first time to get this long.
Of coz with the unromantic but know what is he doing Melvin Tan JK .
Did not get to see him for 5 days per week when we can see each other almost everyday last time.
Army days uhh , Is the hardest thing to passed it. they say.
Do you miss me ? My Dear :D 

But to me, when it comes to army, it is not the hardest challenge .
But to me, Uni days & Poly days will be a problem for us, a good challenge for us.
Of coz , I do not dare to think that far yet , but I need to think of it anyway :P .
Uni days & Poly days have the similar life, I think. School life.
But, it mean a two world to me .
He might find a better girl in there, while I might be more mature inside & tend to think alot inside. Like my dear brother - Jiaqing.

Teeeehee ,
But I love that idiot.
That scolded me at the right time.
He is like so smart , he is so much better than me. And so telanted tooo .
He is that kind of guy when you say his education & many good things he have.
His educations details really can make people Amazed !  ,
Feeling so proud of your own boyfriend :D  

Those Moments 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another Achievement unlocked

Is like beating my own personal record.
My last time limit :D

Finally, I can admit that I can run long distance, not the 42km that kind of distance.
I'm still under beginner standard, just started jogging long distance. :)
Is not easy, this is a MUST admit. At the very start , I do not have the right mindset for it. They said that this kind of thing, I need to have a strong mindset, I was thinking, how hard can this goes .
But Stamina wise, is damn hard :( . I get real tired easily, I think I ran for 1km, I can just lied down there and die. :P

Finally, Finally.
With that fierce looking & "young" Melvin.
I finally get to experiment the really very long running, 7+km .
I feel like dying straight right after 7 plus km.
Wanted to go for  8km, but me really feeel like dying that time :(

Teehee , But after the running. I love the feeeling .
The feeling of after running. 
Is damn shiok :D