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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pre SLO's Audition Fears

I am obviously having pre-SLO's fears.
I do not know what to do , and what song to choose , and whether will I be able to reach the suitable range.

So, before choir practice today,
Went Melvin's house for one hour plus. Drank Lime Ice blended when I was on the way to his house.
He say he want to go down to 四马路, to bai bai.
He did that with his secondary school friends , hours before their O levels' results.
So, his A level's results is going to come out soon.
I really hope he can get the results he want :D , I believe that will happen :D 
Is this coming FRIDAY. Can't wait.

He went on the same bus with me.
I have to rush to school for choir.
I was having alot of fun today. Zhenyang (My new sec one junior ) . Finally talk to me. :D
And whenever he see me, he will give me the epic face :D
He remind me of Kedi only :P
He is a very talented chorister . :D

After everything, I was so afraid and nervous for this coming SLO 's audition .
I even went to ask for extra ALTO lesson , to get my part familised.
Mrs Lau was so surprise with me . And she encourage me to be myself and sing my original part, as long as I can reach the correct range. I will be a treasure everyone is looking for.
I hope they will not kick me out, when they hear me singing the tenor part.. I need to stay positive for this :D
I know I can reach alto's range :D
JIAYOU FOR ME  :D , This coming Sat tooo :D
1.35pm. I hope there will be something good :D

Died & Revived.

Not a good day for me yesterday .
Got back most of my papers . Today, I'll be getting back my F&N mock test paper. Is a 50 marks paper. I do not know how much I fare ._.

But yesterday.
I did not fare well for any of the subjects at all.
Worst is that I get F9 for a subject that I need to score good for it :(
I get 26% for English. ._. , Lucky is a test. But still, I should not be scoring that low.
For that idiotic Geography paper, Stupid Ismal.
If I can score this marks even after studying . I felt so useless . It totally increase my blues in Monday Blues.
I cried after school . Trying to de-stress myself.
Lucky, I am damn lucky to have MXQ , RT & MT as my best friends.
They are the ones that sent me messages to comfort me and gave me tips of how to study all those. And even motivate me :)
Thanks guys  . :D
Mel was the one that totally calm me down, as he says that there was not much problem in my studying method, Just exam format and careless. I love to give marks to teacher. 
Yeah . And this was how they motivate me.
So, I revived myself by drinking revive potion :P

So, I decided not to dwell too long at my results.
Keep crying. No actions = No results. :D
And I finally gave my best shot. GO FIND TEACHER FOR GEOGRAPHY.
I dont know whether is it fate. It made me meet my dear geo teacher :D , Not Ismal of coz :D

So, I decided to find some way to save myself :D
I am Abbie Loke Yeng Yin ehh :D

Yeah, Early morning motivation quotes from me .
Going to start my day by having every positive thinkings in me :D

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Haiis, Another random post again.
Ironic & Epic yesterday .

I have a primary school mate that used my feelings last time , in primary school.
Texted me to help him out . 0.0
Epic right. He said he was being lame and childish last time. I don't blame him as we all have our young "moments" before.

Epic is, He like Charmaine .
So, Charmaine is like angry at him for scolding her "you suck" . Than, after awhile, you rocks.
AH , So, he want me to help him out .

He still not grown up yet.
Although he looked mature-er than me.
His relationship planned out for her is to wait for her to graduate , and he come out from NS , and woo her.
Lalala, just that he dont know whether this is love for her, or just an common crush.

I didnt help much, I just chat with Charmaine like normally.
And whether will she forgive him . I have totally no idea :P .

Jiayou , Lim Wenn Hao.
Wen with the double "n"

That marks the story of the day.
My title say "Chio" , is because I realised this world ain't fair all the time.
Pretty girls get all the staring and get some crazy guys falling in deep love with her.
And , she will control the whole show.
Is so unfair uhh , But nevermind.
I do not want to be one, I feel that I will be damn bad if I have guys surrounding me, asking me questions.

Charmaine is cute.
Ultra cute. Sometimes, I am kinda jealous ._.
But , I am totally okay with it now :D

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Loke Jun Meng

Hahaha , Yesterday was quite a fun day ,
I turned out to be a good motivator. :P

Daddy allows me to go out with JunMeng and his friend, WenHao , so that they will not do wrong thing.
So, I brought them out to AMK HUB m wanted them ti learn how to play pump since I say I will be treating them, but ended up that they will damn noob, I told them that the red colour was above and blue colour is below, Yet , they make me waste one credit. :(
So, we change the whole entire game to jubeat.

Then, brought them to go eat KFC ,
WenHao keep saying, he want to eat Cheese Fries.
After everything, brought both of them back home, as I said, If I treat them, they will have to study with me at home at least 1 hour a day.
And they really make it :)

Actually, my brother is the type of a person that can study.
He can become smarter than WenHao , and go to express class.
Computer and bad friend influence screwed his whole life up, I am going to help him and myself too. :)
Loke Jun Meng, as a brother, co-operate with me till you succeed going to thru train :)
He was so obedient for once. I hope it continues :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bungee Jumping !

Teehee, I am back again.
For a random matter :P .

I was stalking Jayesslee 's website, and their Vlog.
And Of coz I tried to make one, but I failed. :P
And they went to New Zealand for a holiday, they went and try on the bungee jumping.
From the video, the height is SCARY . omg.

So, this is the video, that I am talking about,

Melvin , you should watch this video.
Is nothing about songs. Just the bungee Jumping :P

I want to go NEW ZEALAND and try. ONE DAY.
When I become a successful woman. I promise , I will go. :D .

I won't give up ~~

Hello !
I am back , for the song of the day again :D
Guess which song am I spamming on repeat again :P . haha.
It is a cover this time round. I always love the cover more than the original songs. I find them so fabulous. Or maybe I can't sing at all. That why I envy them :P

Yeah , This time . Is my idol.

I love this song. It sounds so motivating :D
And their voice damn nice,
I was into their cover of Tamia. Officially Missing You :D .
Is my favourite song from their youtube :P

And the special announcement they are talking about is that :
Sonia is the twin sister. who is 10 minutes younger :P 

Congratulations ! :D ,

(At the same time, I wonder who am I going to married in the future,
What career will I become . All sort of questions popped out. )

At least , when they are in SINGAPORE , I was there listening to how they sing alright :P


The photo mean alot to me .
I have the most dearest boyfriend ever. I have to admit that he have the sweet side. :D
This "UNIVERSAL" globe represent that I HAVE BEEN TO USS !
Been to different Universal Studios in other country , but I have never went to USS once.
Finally, on 19/02/2012 , My dream came true, thanks to my dear-ie , mtjk ? :D
He have actually spent $222 just on the entry tickets. Melvin brought the tickets online. He really not the online banking type, He nearly went crazy , and thanks to Junwen, he finally brought it :D

Went with him & Junwen :D , EARLY IN THE MORNING.

So on that day .
Planned to meet Mel at 8.30am , and we will reach Harboufront , Vivo there at around 9.15am .
We thought that there will be many people there, as it is a weekend, Sunday even.
We went there early so that we can sit all the rides without much waiting.
But the line is not long at all. :D

Went there by bus, IT COST $2 !!!! , Cheaper than going to the top and spent $3 on mrt ride, Back and fore. :D
Yeah, we went there using the costly shuttle bus , to Resort World.
The main attractions that the people on the bus are going, was CASINO . And of coz, Me and Mel is not even up to the age, not saying me :( . Teehee, but I have no money to go in too . The entrance fee is 100 dollars for you to give money to them. :( . (Sometimes, I dont know why people go there so many times.)
Yeah, And we are on the way there.

Yeah, I know, I am behaving like a stalker, Taking photos from the back. 
They were chatting about NS stuffs, Junwen officially went botak , and he totally become tended .
He looked nicer somehow. He looked different :D . 
Just that men that come out from the NS , will turn out to be abit fierce seahhhh . :P 

Once we reached, the first thing I saw is Hard Rock Cafe on the second floor. 
The whole area , no matter where we walked to, we will see Casino. Back and front. :P . Really is the main attractions for Singaporeans :D 
The food here will be naturally expensive-er than outside world. 

Went up and walked to USS. :D 
The first venue , we went in , is HOLLYWOOD, there is no special adventure rides around Hollywood and New York ,  but most of the cartoon characters will be here for a camera shot :D 
The bad thing about taking photos with them, is that we need to queue up for it :( . 
At first, I wanted to do so, but than, we thought that time was tight back than, so, we went for the trips, I also think it is appropriate, as the fan meeting will be held many times later :D  
Went to my left, where we ended up at Madagascar , Our first ride is the family crate adventure. 

Then, we went and watch the dance. 
Then, second area will be far far away, I think. Yeah. I think it is. 
Where I saw Fiona & Shrek. They are like my childhood love story, how they meet and how slim is the Princess when she was a human . 
I wanted to take photos with them , but do not have the chance, the queue was way too long :( 
So, we went and take the first roller coaster ride :D 
Which is the dragon. Is fun :D We sit at the first and second row :D 
At the same place, we went and watch 4D's SHREK. 
We have to wait for quite a long time, is like we saw the queue went from short to long, and longer. :P 
So, we wore the specs and go crazy :D , or it was only me ? 

Yeah. Overall, the movie is nice :D . 
I hate spiders , I still have the feeling of spiders underneath me after the movie :D 
We even get to ride on the dragon :P 

Thirdly, we went to THE LOST WORLD. 
Which was on JURASSIC PARK. Where the dinosaurs were in the past. 
We only sit 2 rides there. One was the more exciting and I am the one that was damn _ _ _ . :D 
And the ride where we get to float on air :D (I do not have photos of that here :( ) . Junwen's friend work there. :D Special reunion ? Teehee 

I know the dino is not real. But it feel so weird :D
My friend told me it is battery controlled :D , I believed it than :D

I get damn wet !!!
I wanted to get dry, so they have the machine outside. We thought that it was free.
Then, I went nearer and saw the $5 sign. I rather air dry :D Is FREE :D

Fourth area : It is the area where MELVIN'S FAVOURITE RIDE IS :D 
ANCIENT VENUE. I do not know how to spell :P 

So, the most exciting ride there is the :  REVENGE OF THE MUMMY ! 
It is also one of our favourite rides tooo . Coool right :D 
It is fun, It is entire-ly dark in there. And you get to feel all sort of feelings. And the best thing is that you do not know what is coming next :D 
Melvin love this ride alot :D 

 Dont you think that Mel & Junwen looked like just came back from hiking :P 

Yeah. From this place onwards, the rides are getting interesting :D 
Cool right :D 
But I think I am going to have less talking. :P 
Lazy to type alot :P . 
But we love the 3 rides. 
  3. TRANSFORMER ! ( This ride is damn new !) 

I love this trip . 
He brought me the most expensive gift of all. And I did not give him anything.
I hope he is not angry :P 
I love you dear :D 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

6th Month of Walking with me


Finally, It have been half a year . 
With Melvin Tan Jun Keong. 
I want to make his first love experience a long one okay :P 

He is able to tolerate my nonsense & I am able to tolerate his scoldings sometimes.
We have been smiling, laughing , kissing and hugging for 6 months. 
I can't wait for another half a year to come, and that time, it will be our first year together.

To Melvin, I've given a good impression , I think :P .
I am not a study freak, once I am, I am damn stupid in whatever I do .
In Maths, I am always careless, worst , is I keep forgetting everything you teach. I just can't remember. :( 

I always want to be a good girlfriend for him. 
And he is always at the top, I want to try my best to be at least below him :P 
Just that there are obstacles everytime. 

I have not take photo with Mel and Junwen for quite a long time le.  
Mel, just let me used up the photos limit that you give me today okay :D 
I love taking photos with you. I am honest okay :P



Friday, February 17, 2012

Walking down the streets

On Thursday . 
It was a wonderful night .
Mel accompanied me to Bishan even though there was nothing they could help in the end. 
I've a sweet boyfriend uhh :P 

We just walked around Junction8 after knowing that I need to make a trip down to Somerset , where the Singtel main building is. 
Walk into popular and find some books to improve my english, but we found the career book. 
I was surprised that Poly's diploma cannot bring me to more jobs , most of the jobs are searching for Degree holders. :( . 
This is harder than I thought :( 

After everything. 
Mel decided to walk back to AMK from Bishan. 
Is not a very far distance. Not with Music in our ears.
We shared earpieces together, Mel's songs are unique, you will just be surprised of what songs he will play through his phone :P 
Shared Sweettalk together too. I did not know that he like my lime ice-blended :D 
We listened till we sit down at the bus stop where his first kiss at :P 
Listened to all kind of songs , From C-pop to Kpop to Jpop :P 
After that , he sent me to the bus stop :P 

SWEET UHH , It will be sweeter if my goodbye kisses are still around for me :P 
Tiptiptip :D 


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stress is Everywhere

Hello !
I'm back to the reality world. Finally.
I just refuse to let my blog died before me do. :P , So, I'll update at least a short post to make it alive or you know I'm the one that can just randomly popped out a topic and bla bla bla about it :P

I wanted to post my Valentine Day's post.
But I guess you all have to wait for awhile . :P , I do not have the time to use my computer so often :P
Yeap, Double Date, didnt end well at Vivo, as some conflict went in.

So, yesterday .
Simple plan , Choir start late every Wednesday . So, I have a full 2hours of break time for me.
I went out and have lunch with Melvin . Curry Chicken Rice from Toastbox :) .
I was quite surprised with the English speaking Aunties . They have a good english speaking habit.
I did not know that most of the women outside is starting to pick up good English, My mum tried and kinda ...... fail .

So, after the curry chicken rice, Mel want to change his POSB atm card to the POSB "GO" card . , but he went up to DBS instead, since is just right on top of us, and he changed his card to the "Platinum" , Visa Card.
I see already damn jealous can :(
It comes with a free ibanking account too.
But the card can only applies to the age 16 & above. And is not by the year , is by month of birth .
I am born at the month July, Is like so long , just for me to have this for myself.
So, Mel keep using it. Is like cooool only.

After that , went back to schoool for choir.
MISS CHUNG is back, finally. So, the whole rehearsal have the feeeling of REHEARSAL .
It seems that is better if we have the instructor here to teach :) .
After rehearsal , Mrs Lau said about the SLO (Singapore Lyrical Opera) choir audition is for youth , !!!
I want to go for the audition , I missed out my MTDC audition , but this is better. Since, I have the interest and they have a small scholarship behind.
I want to join with Samuel , YokHui & Kedi . It seems nice. :D and cool too.
The Logo is cool right . 
I can't wait to go for the audition on 25th Feb and 3rd March. 
I just hope that the audition is not hard, and on that day , my throat is okay to even sing. 
I do not want to have any mistakes. 

Yupp, After choir, went and see Mel cut hair. 
Teehee, he say he want to cut $3.50 hairstyle , and ended up , we found it :P , 
And the hairstylists inside are kind and cool ahbeng can :D . 
They say I very noisy :( . 
Hahahah . And his hairstyle cut his age by 2 . 
But Mel, when you went half naked with that hairstyle, you looooked fat . :P  

Fate bahh .
I've been stalking Mr Izuan's girlfriend's blog :D
Their anniversary is 1st August , and at the year of 2008 !!!!
Ohmygod, is going to be 4 years soon . And me and mel at 18 days after :D

3 more days ! :D 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

14TH FEB 2012


Valentine is here . :D , 
My first valentine day with Mel ? , Yeah . It is :D 
At least , I want to make this first "V" Day a memorable one :D , 
I made a photo for him . , Spent half an hour making it to be perfect. Haiis. 

So, what are we going to do later ? 
Lessons and works are happening as per normal. 
So, we are going to celebrate it with Dyana & Justin. Double date at Sentosa Siloso Beach . 
I've nothing to show , so I will be wearing the usuals . :P . I look sexy with normal clothes on alright :P 
I know, wait till the day I slim down and get rid of that beautiful tummy out first , then , you will see me in BIKINI , I cant wait too. 
After O levels, Yeah , I will make sure, I am able to show my flat stomach by that time. 
Dyana of coz have no problem showing it :P , 
Taking photos with them to further update this :D 

I love this person so much . 
I made these photos for him to REMIND him that I am still in love okay . :P 

Yeah , I will update about what happened later in the afternoon , I cant wait :D 

Make sure :D 

Sunday, February 12, 2012


As what the title said, I have plan to slim down and work hard for my Os too :D
Sounds impossible for the people to know me right :P ,
I think is possible alright, Must have trust in me for now :P , I WILL STRIVE FOR THE BEST for everything, I make use of my school's motto even , so this time, I will definitely do it :D ,
With the help of my bestie and loves one . Who says it is impossible.

Ever wonder why I said this in such a random timing ? 
Scrolling down my facebook page, I saw my school's facebook page.

So, went and take a look at my seniors' prom night, is year 2011' batch :D . They are a cool batch alright, all so pretty and nice figure. :( .
They are so close to each other too. :D
I hope to have my own prom night tooo. Is from evening to midnight at a hotel which gets the highest votes :D
Haha , && I will just post some photos that motivated me to slim down :P

YEAH , All my seniors like so slim ! 0.0
Cool right, the ballroom , they have even a mini disco in it , with the programme .
I can't wait till mine to come , and their theme is Hollandwood .
I do not know what is next year's. I am not this year's batch, sad to say :( . HAHAHA

Yupp, at the mean time when I can see my face inside those photos.
I will study study and exercise exercise like mad ! , I promise teehee.
Sign-ed off :D