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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pft ~

Is it too early to plan to what to do now ?
I have left 2 more papers to go. I have to say, there were a mixture of happiness and sadness for this whole O level experience.
Some of the papers, I think I did better, at least better than usual. Some of the papers, I totally feel like slapping myself after the papers due to the carelessness and stubbornness in confirming the answers. Especially chem paper, I totally felt like slapping myself. The paper, itself was so easy and it was due to my stubborness, it changed the whole lot of difference in that paper. Yet, I could not change the answers anymore. Despite knowing this, I refused to move on from it. It was raining yesterday, right after the paper. The sky totally understood how I felt yesterday, it was such an heavy rain. I nearly felt like killing myself or get myself sick before Physics paper, which was the next morning.

But I did not do it , of cause. I have my split personality working well yesterday. On that one moment, I could just convince myself to end my whole education, at another second, I started to scold myself for being so foolish and all kind of quotes came into my head and into my phone. >< . (I aplogised for that spamming in the group.) I was myself.
So, in the end. I went back and panic for my physics paper, cause I do not know how to do my physics papers, or the second B part on that night before the paper.
Causing myself to stay awake till 3am last night, just to get everything stick in my mind. It was well-done to me. At least, I tried my best not to make any mistakes. :D
Let's hope that my O level F&N Paper is easy. I hope I will be well prepared for it.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dedicated to you : :)

Wow, 5 years of educations flies past me, just like that. I've made many many memories, friends and of cause knowledge, that I hope I could remember for life, but Sadly, I have to do something to the textbooks I had used for these 3 years. No worries though, I will keep my own notes, as it will become one of my memories book or past experience stuffs.
So, I prepared this post like 2 weeks before farewell assembly. (Yes, I do not study 24/7. I blogged too.), but the truth that next Friday will be the last day of school for all of us, hit me hard enough. I will miss you guys. I will definitely miss the “surrounding noises” and the talents that you all had shown in class, for example : “Yeng Yin have a talent of speaking fast.” I have classmates that could produce all sort of sneezing sounds. I have classmates that could shout as loud as Mr Ong. I have classmates that could cry easily. I also have classmates that could dance so randomly behind the scene and gave an excuse like de-stressing. Hahaha.

For classmates in Class 3A2’11 to 5A2’13 that had been with me since the first day of school:

Names: Ai Lin, Khalidah, Jiahui, Amira, Rachel, Ximin, Amanda, Marco VW, Jerry, Sultan, Shawn, Andrew, Taufiq and Benjamin.

I can’t write a long message for each of you all here. This post will be as long as a snake. So, I should generalised everything here. At the same time, I hope you like the card that I gave you and some gifts. :’)

“ I hope you felt honoured to see my changes from the age of 13 to the age of 17. If I ever did something very bad to any of you guys at any point of time between that few years. I hope you will forgive me. Forgive and Forget.
At the same time, Thank you for being so tolerating for my nonsense. As sometimes, I really pisses people off. I understand my sensitivity could make you all angry sometimes, I am so sorry. And because of you guys, I have learnt to be broad thinking and to be less sensitive. I believe that will benefits me the most. :D I am happy to know you all as my 5 years classmates. I love you guys.”
And for the others in class. These 3 years have not put into waste. I always made a wish at every 11:11 that I could get close to most of you guys in class. As 3 years, they are not said to be very long, and they are not a short period of time either. So making use of that point, I do not want to have haters. I would want to be close with you guys. The journey was not easy at all. I kept saying I want to have a new starting point, but it was hard. As it start off with me being infamous, therefore it is hard for me to make friends that easily. To make things worst at that point of time was that I was quite sensitive to others’ comments to an extent. So, it was so difficult.

As days or weeks passed, I hope my behaviour improved, but I received a rumour within the class that anyone that sat beside me will be so unlucky cause of my loud volume etc etc. But in my heart, I earnestly hope that my seatmate will be my friend. I would want to start with her as my stepping stone in making friends. Yeah. I do not regret having a very special seat-mate for that past 2-3 years. Sitting beside me is a hard challenge for her. I guess. Thanks to her, I managed to change a lot and learn to behave “appropriately” and that is Haida. She mean a lot to me really. I hope you do not regret making friends with me and sitting beside me.  . Thank you in tolerating anything that I have done. For these entirely 5 years here in AMKSS, I’m glad that I made a twin friend. :D

So, as time passes, I finally get to “interact” with you guys more. I start to found out my own talent, that I could speak fast without people understanding what I am talking about. And from there, I made many different nicknames, from my movements, like yawning, talking etc. Hahah. Thanks for making me 5A2’13 ‘s Machine Gun.

Actually I want to thank Sherrie and Amira and Quanwen. They are the one that don’t judge at all ? . At least,I am happy that they do not judge me. I had fun , so much fun that I hope I could extent the PE Period longer. I love dancing with them, especially when they freestyle, all sort of dance came out. I am envious of the courage that they have.

TBH, I always want to join the group, as I am envious of the friendship that they have there, the laughters, inner jokes. Until one day, in PE, when they were dancing, I join in and Amira and Quanwen being so supportive. Thank you. Kamsanhamida. <3

Sorry for the late posting, but nonetheless, thanks everyone.

Some photos of thatday :D

Yay, My last photo in parade square. Gonna miss this place alot, when I hate & learn, when I fell & get up. I'm so gonna miss you.
My Secondary School days, thank you so much.
Sayonara alma dear.