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Monday, September 16, 2013

Back on track

I have to admit. I'm really tired & I wished to stop everything now, but I had already walked that long. I should not give up now. It is not worthy.

Back to school from that one week of holidays. I did not do anything much, hence I'm disappointed it myself for this. I do not have strong motivatiom & discipline to keep myself sitting there, focus. I felt the sudden urge , when I looked at my calendar. I have less than a month before my actual Os, and I have not prepared much, to me. I felt that I could do better if I have enough discipline to force myself to study there like a hardcore mugger . This have became my top wish in my wishlist.

First day of the week. I was disappointed & motivated to start, and not stopping already. I will do all the things that I told myself to do or that I had listed down a few months ago. It is time for me to start now.
I just got back my SS & English results. I was happy for my english's results. I shown improvement in my comprehension, but I do not know about my composition yet. I do not want to give myself high    expectations, but I do not want to demote myself either. I just hope that I did not write put of point again. Previously, I did wrote out of point for my situational writing. My grammar mistakes , I hope that whatever I learnt , I could know how to use it properly , including the vocabulary words. I hope I will use it well. So my english would improve much more. I want a B4 for my Os. Please.
As for my SS , I did not do that well. My section A pulled me down so much. I got 2 '0'm for my section A . Therefore I only got 6. And my section B , 10ms . Totally pathetic and I was aiming for an A1 for Combine Humanities. I get too carried away.
I hope I could improve with the current method that I'm studying now.

Next will be F&N , I know I did not do well in this as I left many questions blank. >< .
I will work harder for my Os. I just do not want to go back to take that results  is pathetic. All the best for me now. Update later again. I do not want to go for night studies now T-T