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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

60 seconds will be enough

It was a random video that I found in my email, & I have fell hard for it.

This is a very naggy post, as I just do not want to waste ink & paper on my diary so I shall make use of the modern technology. You may choose to ignore this. :P
Just more about my feeling today.

Some bimbo wishes I have.

1. Mastering makeup skills
All girls want to be pretty when they go out right. I as an ordinary girl, want to be that way too, but pity that I do not have the talent for anything at all. I do not know why am I even born without talents in me. Therefore, do not know how to put makeup at all. I always get out of shape in make-ups. It can be overdoing it, it can short of it. Lastly, I do not have money for make-up stuffs, I have to start with the basic of coz they say. I can choose to buy those expensive one so that they will last & you do not need to waste money more. I can consider that, but I need to buy it with my own money. So, it is equal to "I have no money" .

So, I just want to share some information here.
I love one lady's blog/youtube. I really like it, her vlogs, makeup teaching & even some videos she were or are involve in :D

She is Bubz Beauty , A 25/26 years old youtube artist :P
I like her make-up lessons alot, she do not teach make up only, she will share lecture on hair & nails too & she will even have a heart to heart talk with you, How cool is that.
I want to be like her, but of coz, with my english standard now, it quite an impossible task.
I do not have talent in makeup & vlogs too, so hahah. You know the answer.

She is getting married next year August, :D
9th August 2013 , I think. I saw her pre-wedding video. So mega cute :P

2. Stay at another country for a period of time

This will cost me alot of money if this really comes true, but you know, nothing came true in me yet.
Results applies too, I need to have a good result to go to a good school in whatever country I want to stay at.
Actually, the reasons why I want to do these, is not
(a) Release Stress
(b) Feel like leaving my hometown for a while.
(c) I want to experience all 4 seasons before I die.
(d) Eat all kind of foods in this world.
If in the future, a person that love me alot ask me to migrate to another country with him, I might just agree to him.
I have no confidence in my future, so I dont bother pinning hope on it.
To have this kind of boy in my life, it will be a fairytale. (:

Some photos to show what I want in my life.

I want to make all of them happen before I die, better if I am a teen or at my twenties.
Finish all those & get back to reality for duty.
I wonder who will I be with , to experience all those with me.
I have fetish for those sweet couples stuffs, that will be a secret within me & my diary . :P

And once again, if you happen to read this paragraph means you finished reading this post.
Thank you for reading this naggy & bimbotic post of mine.
(Actually I will try my very best to make all these come true one day, I just need to be more smart & hard working now. I will be alright. Postivie Mindset ftw )
I love you all guys :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Werewolf Boy

I really really want this movie to be aired in Singapore.
I really hope that there will be a day when I happen to see the poster on "Coming Soon" or "Catch it now" /s board in Singapore.

Okay, the reasons why I want to watch this movie so much are firstly, the main lead is one of my favourite actor, Song Joong Ki. (He act in Running man & Nice guy (which just ended on last Thursday).
Second, is that the trailer is making me go gaga.
People would say that trailer are meant to be nice so that people will want to watch it. Somehow, I agreed to it, but after I read the review ( not the whole thing) . Most of them cried in the movie, to me.
A movie to make people cry is not that easy, the hardest is how you can make people laugh.
So, whatever it is, I really want to watch this .

This movie was aired in Korea at 31st October.
I am posting this at 17th November. Why are there no poster of this in SINGAPORE ????
Please aired this movie in Singapore, since they are even aired in Las Vegas. LOL
I want to see Song Joong Ki, He is like my B2ST , which I am obsessed with.


This whole movie is about :
Wolf Boy is an unusual love story between a reserved girl who’s shut away in a country home and a feral wolf boy. They develop a friendship and she teaches him how to be more human (the toothbrushing still below is my favorite), and they eventually fall in love. But of course when the town discovers that they have a dangerous creature in their midst, the trouble begins.

Melvin will not be interested in it, I think. Is romance, if he is interested in it, I will be amazed. I promise :P


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Song of the Day

Kimberley - 爱你 (Love you)
A Chinese song.

I found this song though Jason Chan's videos likes.
He liked a cover of this b someone else, so I went ahead to listen to the original one as the cover of that song is nice.
Original is much more nicer .

It is one of my type of song.
Those have touching lyrics & kind of loving song feel.
I really like this song . The lyrics are cute tooo :D .

Hope you can support her, Taiwan Star .
I find her so talented :D .

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mock Practical Exams

I have conquer my first fear, I am glad to say :D
I have many fears, but the fears that will affect me in my life was One: I'll tend to made mistakes till the end if I panic. 
Yupp, I experienced this before, when I am having the real examination, but luckily it was an examination only. I could flung that easily. Sad to say, I nearly did.
I was so badly scolded by the teacher, badly laughed at my fellow f&n-mates just because of his fear I have in me, I wish to conquer in, someday.

In the end, I did.
I was not under time constraint, but I made myself to get used to the fast pace cooking in one kitchen.
I start to experience all this at home, from timeline to following recipes and everything, including buying of ingredients too.
This time's mock exam , just make me feel that my effort for everything did paid off, just for that.
I have many things that I want that could make me feel that way. Like results, I will pay every single cents I have to see As in my report book or even better during Os, I started early, and i still cant get wat I want. I start to think that I am useless, even when I put my mind into everything that I wanted to do, study.
I just can't see the results that I want, in my report book.
Yupp, like what Melvin said, I should not expect to get my report book back, I was the last 9th in class . 18/27 with L1R4 26-28.
I am like 20 points always from my aimed score since I am sec 3. I have never get near there, with my midyear or final year marks.
I really want to do something for it, if I could, I would. If I can I will.

Back to what I have done during the practical.
Recipes are chosen by my teachers. I think my starting step which was planning a time plan was well done, to me. It was the best that I have done. I will do that for all exams :P

Baked Chicken Nuggets 
 The ingredients for the coating could be changed.
It could be changed to what you want. But, Eggs & flour mixture is a must for the coating so that they could stick to the chicken for it to be baked too.

 It was my first succeeding omelette, I always wanted to make an omelette because I am in love with it. I always wanted to make myself one, but I always fail at home, so with teacher's guidance. I managed to did this. :P Pretty right :D

Carrot Cake with "damn sweet" frosting 
Without the frosting, I thinl the cake alone will taste nice :D
It was my first pretty rectangle cake. :D
The colours turn out very nice when I take it out from the baking tin :P

Yupp. that's all I have for you today.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Mega Pizza

F&N Conquer O today.
Our holiday lessons in school are mostly on practical stuffs, so , My teacher finally realised the reality that we need help in cooking or Practical Stuffs/skills. I am sick of theory lessons already.

So this week, 4 lessons, 2 main lessons are practical, 2 lessons I am absent from school, but they say are theory lessons, I have been very lazy recently, focus not there at all, I cant study long at hom ; plus my O level Chinese is coming soon, like 6 days left .

It is a new month too, November shall be a productive month for me.
I shall make some changes during this 30 days. I will make it.

 The recipe are made up of ingredients that make a plain bread, like a loaf of bread that kind of bread. I think in order to make that kind of shape, we will need to use the machine to make it, so my poor budget school do not have that machine, so we turn this whole thing to a whole looking pizza looking bread & roll it to and look like a Swiss roll.
One lesson I learnt from this was that I do not need to put so much fillings, but greedy people are greedy. I put around 1/4 or 1/2 of cheese from the packet to my pizza  It did not tuns out to taste so cheesy, which is good. :P
I hate rolling the whole bread to a Swiss roll looking shape, it did not turns out to be the shape I want.
I want the shape at the side to be round or oval, but mine was totally a "thick lips" structure.
I think it was the shape that I have rolled I think, when I used the rolling pin to roll out a 12-6 inch rectangle, there were different thickness from one end to another end, and the vertically downwards, it was going up & down. Annoying piece, I do not know how to make it look good, so I just leave it like a pizza structure.

At the meantime, 400g of flour is way too much.
I wonder how those bakers did so many breads at one day. When, one bread need almost half of my strength, in order to kneed till it was stretchable, I will need to put in lot of strength. It was like a PE lesson. I was the first to finish kneading & my dough was the one that puffed up first, it really puffed up double of the size, it just poked through my plastic cover.


 Yupp, I do not mind sharing the recipe with you all.
Just comment down below, as if there will be people that will bother coming to my blog too :P .
But I will be thankful for people that have been reading my blog :D .