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Saturday, October 25, 2014

"Dear John"

Just finished "Dear John" from my folder of a whole loads of movies in my hard-disc.
Duh, I'm not going to write about review of every movie that I have or going to watch in this hard-disc. Just, some memorable review of my own, my feelings for some movies.

Background information:
I have various types of movie genres that I like or I have no hates in movie genres, I guess.
But, I am an emotional girl sometimes, I love fiction stories, I read romance genre books most of the time. I just love reading inspiring or reality love stuff.
So, I watched alot of this genre. and I will still continue wanting to watch it though. Just that, "Dear John" is in my hard-disc. And I find my feeling of this movie is worth writing down. I guess.

"Dear John" .
Summary: It is about a life of a US soldier when he fell in love with a young woman. They decided to exchange letters to each other whereever he is after he is deployed to elsewhere for war.

My feelings: 
I have already know that whoever, or which girl who fell in love with US army's soldier is a girl worth admiring. As, they have a strong heart, strong determination and definitely patience. US Army soldiers, they are like basically married to their country, they are ought to serve their country. First priority is always "USA" . Hence, it is not easy for a girl to wait for a love of hers to come back and have to go right after that. 

So, it was a story about it, hence, I want to watch about it, I like it too, when it comes to a part when is it not always him (John) and the girl. There are family love inside too. The father. 
I love how the plot brings out . 

This movie, also shows me that guys can really fell in love with a person deeply. 
And it is definitely not easy to have a long distance love, The guy is facing danger all the time (in this movie) as he is deploy for war. And the girl is being challenged to wait for him, Which is not easy. and this movie shows the life of it . It is meaningful. Dropped tears for this,

Ratings? : 
4/5 - Plot 
4/5 - Casts

Friday, October 3, 2014


I finally have a chance to go out with my most character alike to me twinnie in my sem 1 class.
How do I introduce her?

Hmm, let's start with:
I believe that there is always a purpose and a reason why you met someone. 
My today's random girls only outing partner is CLARA TAN JIE RU.

To summarise how to describe her:
"She is someone like me, but another much more stubborn me. meow." .
We are born at the same month too, she is just 4 days older than me.
Both are us are cancer too. So, we turns out to have the same thinking too.
And we happened to have the same reactions and thinkings toward some people or situations. Which is shocking to both of us. Hahah.

So today , we went and try one of the Japanese Lunch's buffet .
I found this shop through Groupon, it was having a discount & Clara love buffets, so went for it.
It is also a good try for me so I have more things to write in my blog.


  • Good services from staffs. They explained to us how to order from the menu. E.g, How should you write when you want this and that. They were patient to us , or is it because I understands what she is talking about very fast.
  • Good environment.
  • It comes to us as a surprise as both of us were expecting like a real buffet, like we could get food ourselves. But, they have a menu for it. It is ala car menu. 
  • Disadvantages are : Some food are delivered wrongly on to our table or some food were not served to us until we told them. 
  • 2nd D: We have no receipt to look back to, like confirming what food came and what food we have actually chose. 
  • Rating for this : 2.5/5 stars .

After that, we went and buy 2015 schedule book from Popular .
Went to mac for a short drink and some small snacks. But, due to OUR jobs commitment, we have to leave early. Or else, we would have talk more.

She actually copied my style of having a planner :P
I just have to say that to "entertain" her. Teehee. But in this case, both of us are so KIASU.
We have not even started sem 2, both of us are worried for our year 2015 already :P.
I hope to see her tomorrow during chalet. :D


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Random Celebratory Dinner for me

Finally some good news from school.
I'm finally happy with something related to my results, to school-related activities, e.g GPA.

So, I was updating my private blog about it. But, I will be more than happy to share this. (I have no intention of bragging.)
I was saying about my GPA. I got 3.5/4.0 . It was my targeted score for this semester. I am happy that I hit it, but this is just the start, I need to maintain this grade so I am giving myself slightly higher gpa target for this Year 1 Semester 2.
So, my dear handsomepie found out, and said he will be giving me a treat to celebrate me for getting such a good GPA.
So, he told me to meet him after his work and we will take a walk around and go to Swee Choon.
Yes. Swee Choon AGAIN. :P . (Tbh, I go for the Xiaolongbaos)

I ordered like 2 baskets , 1 basket consist of 4. So, I ate 8 all by myself.
In the end, It was not really treat by J . It was all Aaron's treat due to his good mood.


  • - I think the first time that I ate there was with Jeff's parents. (I was craving for xiaolongbaos and their parents actually says they dont mind eating there. It was awesome day with them.) 
  • - I really really love xiaolongbaos from DingTaiFeng after my first try, but I could not afford that expensive baos. And I found out that the xiaolongbaos here are cheaper and nicer too. 
  • - The best midnight supper restaurant you can ever come look for. 
  • As it OPEN FROM 6PM - 6AM. 

(For more infromation, click on "Sweechoon".)

Good thing about today was that :
- I could get to talk to all of J's friends much more better.. It was better than last time , the first time when we go out together. I was unable to communicate with them. But, I could now. HAPPY !! 

Definitely thankful for my handsomepie for such a random reward. 
much loves from me.