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Saturday, June 22, 2013

I was being random.

I was being random, and I shared this video like weeks or months ago in facebook.
And I re-watched it,and I'm still very touched and amazed by it.
This have write out the life of an army guy and his true love, how they get together, married, have a baby daughter, and to war till the end. It is beautiful clip and performance.
Wow, and they know how to make use of the lights and their shadows. I think I wrote this in this blog before. I think I am repeating everything again :P

This made me laugh all the time, and most of the babies looked alike god.

This is the loveliest video, I have watched. & I aimed to have a sweet and cute love like that. :)

Psy was famous in S.Korea , Our "PSI" is famous too.

Wow, looking at the haze once I woke up since the last 2 days.
I thought what had happened, I thought that "ghost month" was here when I woke up, as the haze got heavier. To me, is like a usual thing, like whenever there was a haze or outside looked so foggy, I will just follow what the crowd do, twit it or write a status in facebook >< .
But, wow, the haze was so heavy 2 days ago, I can't see what opposite my block clearly, and even my house's nearest tree seems to be blocked. I thought it was my vision, but I was wearing my specs.

Spending an almost a whole day in my room that day, my twitter's timeline was flooded with "#Sghaze" twits. And I have found out our famous "PSI" , It means Pollutant Standard Index. And I have found out that it raised to 90 in the afternoon, and 130+ at night. I do not know what are the legends for it, I went and found out about this, and found out that it was at the unhealthy range. WOWOWOWO.

So, one day passed, and when I woke up and looked through my window yesterday, the haze seems to fade. and I thought it will last for a week at least, but it turns worst at noon.
And as days passed by, the PSI number have been breaking record, it breaks national record of 227 in year 1997 with 250. That was not the worst it went, it went up to 321 at 10pm on Wednesday. People said higher.
Friday's night, it turns out that our PSI dropped to 135, but it increased always during midnight.
So, when I woke up just now, I was hoping and praying that I will see a less haze view, but it did not turns out that way. What can we do, we cant stop this from happening, as we do not have the capability to do so.
But, I believe there will be somethings that we can do within the nation .

This is how bad haze had made Singapore to :

Some tweets or photo of people's comment on either Indonesia or Singapore.
I think it make sense and worth working our thinking cells and reflect on what we have done.

(Comment to what Indonesia's government had said) 

I find this a well said post. As it really reflects on what people have done and should have done.
We should not be expecting too much, as haze is not an one-day-settle thing. Yes, we are expecting improvements, but what we got was PSI increasing.
I like what he had typed for the last paragraph.

And what can we do , is just a helping-hand.
I liked one video, maybe I want to be a kind soul, that why I like it. But honestly, we can improve on the quality of air, therefore, just give a helping hand to others, you will never know, how much that one bottle of liang cha or one mask can help them :D

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Now you see me, Now you don't

Finally a movie, I have finally watched a movie since dont know when. It was not that long time ago, just that I was quite active when it comes to movies.
Due to studies, and the nearing O level, I have no time for it at all.

Watched "NOW YOU SEE ME" with Melvin last night. It was nice.
This movie came last min, I was shocked when Melvin asked me whether if I want to watch a movie at this time or not, I was alright with it, but of coz problem comes when it comes to financial.
I like the movie,the twist was really unexpected.
I will talked more later, need to study. Byes . :)