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Friday, December 30, 2011

School Starting soon

Hello ! :)
School is starting real soon . Just a blink of eye , I will be hearing countdown in SINGAPORE . Seeing how crowded is MARINA BAY .

School is starting soon & I will be in secondary 4 . Pretty soon right ? :)
I just hope that I can do well in my studies this year & can reach goal of getting top 3 in class .
Hope on year 2012 , it will be a peaceful one . I planned to abandon year 2011 aside and love year 2012 :) , Hope you guys too !

Gotta go to prepare for all my things !
& need to go shopping soon too .

Got my new casing le ! And my middle home button !

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas at year 2011 ♥

Christmas, I usually spent it with friends or family. Going to the common places, Ion, Orchard, Somerset .
All those town area. But this day, I spent it with Melvin . But the venue is different. We spent it at Mt Faber. 
Is a very nice place. 

Before we went and celebrate Christmas, went to his house and continue watching Phobia2 , where we stop. Is the last two part of the show. Haiis, this time , with no people around. I like the last 2 parts :) 

After that , we went and do the puzzle. It is hard, but I have a smartie pants beside me. 
So, he figure out by starting to do the corners first. Then, continue from there & slowly to the center. 
We went and treasure hunt for pieces. It is hard to find at first. 
But from there, we slowly from there. Melvin can find the pieces and fixed it fast at one side, which is the purple bear and clown side. It was easy to do. It seems easy to do at his side. I think it is because it is done by his side. :) 
We spent hours doing that puzzles, trying to at least some picture it & of coz, he finished his side the fastest. 
I always cant win him :D 
From 4.30-6pm , I think . But is fun doing with him , because we keep hunting for pieces that fix into it, we keep finding for each other, looking at the background , sides of each pieces, it somehow train my skill of seeing each piece properly >.< 

After that , Melvin went and prepared for going to Mt Faber. 
We want to enjoy the views this coming Christmas. 
I help him to choose his clothes while he go for a bath . I chose a shirt , "I M FAT" . Is a Macdonald logo . Then , I changed it into an anime characters which represents army stuffs . But the shirt so  so small >.< 

Went to Mt Faber. We took Mrt to harbourfront , and we have to go opposite to wait for a bus 504, according to my iphone google map. >.< , but I did not know that bus 409 is the bus that only go up to Mt Faber, So we damn blur, and Mel thought that we have to go down, so he pressed the bell. 
The bus auntie like so fierce ._. , but she is kind . :D , Can see. just that she is loud hahahaha. 

Mt Faber , is so tall and so high. 
I can see the night view just by standing at one side, it is so beautiful . 
So, Melvin bring me up to the highest point of Mt Faber, which is called "Faber Point". 
The view on top is nice, I love the wind so much , the wind is so strong when you are just on top of it. 
Melvin like the view which is facing Jakata . He like beach places , where there is wakes and ships moving. He want it to be moving. hah , I like the tallest thing that is between it. It is so nice. I love the lights that is on. You can every light that is shine on top, from my view. :D 
On another side, there is many buildings, It is so nice, I am surprise to see so many buildings from the top. 
Knowing the fact that S'pore have many buildings, but it is still surprising :D 

We took photos, of every angles . Thanks Melvin for accompany me to take every photo of each sides that I went to . There is no one to help me take the both of us in far view, but I am thankful that he is with me. :D , 
We spent quite awhile on faber point, and there will be no bus to come up as we have took the last . 
So, we have to walk down from the top. 
While walking, our pace is so fast :D , I walked until my side hurts. >.< 
But we walk down to Vivocity . & went home from there. 

I love spending Christmas with him :D , Although this is th first year spending it :D .
When we are so hungry, Vivo city is closed :D , Nothing much to eat . 
So, only eat Breadtalk. 

Today, went to his house and continue the jigsaw puzzle. 
We plan to finish it, and we did :D , The feeling is damn shiok . 
Of coz, he is so smart . he have some plans to protect our first finished puzzle :D , Although it is only 500 pieces/ We went to the nearest bookstore and bought the wrapper that sticks to it :D , 
So, in the end, we protect the top layer :D , By his DIY thinking :D . 
After that , we went to J8 to buy his 4bia . :D , His favourite saga . 
Then. we go home. 
I love today , He make my day for today  ♥

Photos is here :D, Same thing, it can be found in facebook too :D

 Bought this one day before, going to start doing it :D 

 ALL corners done :D

 This is how it looked like if you pour out all :D 



Gong face >.< 
 He looked damn cute here can :D 

Under the lights :D 
 Damn nice, & I love this <33

500 pcs PUZZLE DONE :D 

Show off ME AND MELVIN's end product .
500 pieces, took us only 2 days ! *winks* :D
But, I really want to write a reflection behind. A couple reflection behind every jigsaw puzzles :D ,
I think I will do something behind this :D


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas is here ~~

'All I want for Christmas is you ~~~ '

I hope to hear carolling in Singapore streets . But , I hope it will not rain later , in the afternooon .

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Hello guys !
Before I start anything here , I wanna say something here :)


Year 2011 is coming to the end soon , I think everyone have at least a few memories you all wish to keep for this year right ? :)
This Christmas Eve , I never plan anything big. Just going out with Mel and do our own things , create our memories. Nothing last forever , is better that we create memories now & have no regrets making all those.
Me and Mel have a list of things to do together . Hoping to finish everything in a longest time :) .
Is an endless list , that why it is fun to do . At the same time , you are making numerous memories :) .
Advice that you either take video of what you and your loves ones doing & write it into a book or a blog. It will be memorable , I tried it before , It is really a good experience .

Now , on my way to go find Mel and buy something that we both can do together :) .

Today , went to Junction 8 , to search for jigsaw puzzles as our aim because we want to create memories together . :D
So , meet him at J8 at first , but since he is on the bus 88 , he told me to wait for the double decker 88 bus :D. So, we can meet in the bus >.<
(Actually before that , Deja vu .) And then he sms-ed me. >.<

When we went to J8, the first thing he want to buy is food, which is at B1.
We went rounds while he asked me which shop to choose. >.< , Old Change Kee or another one, which it sells Mua Chee. >.<
So, in the end, I saw 'DU DU QUAY" . I like this cake after Melvin intro me for the very first time.
Then, I was thinking why is name call "DU DU QUAY" , he say because of the "O" mouth , it looked like du du quay. I was like , "are you saying me ?" . That why I like this cake. >.< Idiot.
So, he bought Mua Chee & so we went up.
He start eating it while going up to search for jigsaw puzzles.
So I need to finish the food before going into any of the shops >.< .

At first , we went to the cheapest shop . I saw Rilakuma bears & stuffs. >.<
I have the urge to buy it. I think I am going crazy over it. !!
 I want to have the long long pillow ! 
Both Rilakkuma bears ! 
 Yeah , I think I am crazy over them le .
Mel went out because the shop did not sell what he want inside.
So, I went inside popular, I was thinking of buying board games >.< , so when I go to his house, we can play board games, it is one in my list :D
At the same time, I saw the jigsaw puzzles, I like the 1000 pieces's set alot ! :D , But I dont want to do such a big piece so fast , I want to start from small , so that we have many memories due to this >.< ,
I found the "Toy Story" 500 pieces puzzles. Melvin like it alot :D , He say he want to buy it before other people take it away ! :D (CUTE)

I want to walk finish, and go to Comic Connection ,
But we went to the CD shop, he saw his favourite horror movie "Phobia2" .
I hate horror movies, it scares the chill out of me :(
He die die want to buy .
He even want to go back and buy 4bia . Which is the first version of Phobia2 .
He is a hardcore fan of pokemon & horror things. Arghhhh . Scary >.<

Took a bus go to his house.
I didnt expect that his mother will be at his house. >.< , until I on the bus .
So, went up .
His mother looked like my Aunt can :X , just that she is not as scary as my aunt.
She is kind and funny to talk to .
Went up to his house and watch phobia2 immediately.
Watched 3/5 stories inside. Is not that scary to me, I think it is because I watched alot of horror movies that why :X .
Tomorrow , he want me to watch the rest of the part . Waaaa , Meow .
Take video of Bryan , of his first self intro >.< , Cute right. He keep saying he dont like Melvin because he is ugly >.< .

Have to go home , Mel sent me to the bus stop.
We are so close, I wanted to take photo of the shadow , but when I wanted to , there is no more shadows :(
He smell like orange. He ate some orange thingy I think . But he dont want to tell me :(
But tomorrow will be a great day ! :D .
Is Christmas ! :D

Friday, December 23, 2011

Joel's Birthday Celebration ~

23rd December, One day before Christmas Eve.
Which is also the day , the day when Joel Wong was born . He is the youngest friend in my list . Which is also my bestie until now since primary school.

Today, the trip was cancelled , But I remember Joel's Birthday is tomorrow so I decided to change everything and celebrate Joel's Birthday :D , Early Birthday . He is still my bestie mahh , Cannot dont celebrate.

How we celebrate his early birthday ?
First of all , only 3 people are there , which is Joel , Me & Kenna. So, I didn't want to go far for playing or celebrating, So we went bowling.
Bowling was Kenna's favourite sport. But is the sport that we first played. Joel is still as weak but he is improving each game , but  I did improve right ? :P
As expected , when we first started the game, Kenna will always win the game.
Kenna is playing as normal, his standard did not change at all. So, when he first started, his luck was there.
But the first game, Me & Kenna put his name first, as he is the birthday boy.
But, he always get into "logang" , & he always use the wrong method, so , when he first started , he throws the ball everywhere. He always play with his leg wide open after he throw the ball >.< , but he is always improving in each game, :) . First game ended, of coz , the winner is Kenna.

At the second game, Kenna went and buy his popcorn chicken.
His bowling scored suddenly change to pattern score for the first few turns , me and Kenna's score are the same. I was like -.- . WHAT !
Our score for the first few turns is " - 1 " for two turns , like a pattern , >.<
Me and Joel keep saying there must be something wrong with the popcorn chickens he bought at the cafe. That why his standard drops, but this chance , let me have a chance to win Kenna. :D ,
So, yeah . Joel is still improving, But this time, I won the second game.
Then, me and Kenna was like saying, the next game , Joel will win since it goes according the pattern. :P .
Naturally, I really did win the second game.

When the third game started , he start to have "SPARE" & "STRIKE" , while me and Kenna do not have any. We were shocked , so start to have jokes , saying that if he have one more strike , he will treat us to dinner. >.< . When he missed, we joke with him , saying he do that on purpose >.<
Yeah , indeed on the third game he won , so in the end, he won the whole game.

After the game, we planned to go out for lunch , didnt realised that it was having a heavy down pour.
I get to know all these, by Melvin. :D . He sms-ed me .
We wanted to go to the nearest bus stop to take bus , but the rain was so heavy . we even have problem getting out from SAFRA.
Lucky, Joel have a small umbrella, but we know that this umbrella cannot shelter two person. But we want to try , but in the end, Kenna was damn soaked & drenched by the rain. Joel has his jacket that has a hood , so he is okay with walking without the umbrella.
Is such a funny scene , we seems like enjoying being under the rain, we ran under the rain thought that the opp bus stop have our bus, but , yet , that is just an OWL NIGHT bus stop , therefore have to walk back to North Point.
While on the trip , one funny thing happened, I did not open the umbrella properly, Kenna was with me and he felt strange about why he still have rain drops falling on him.And that is because the umbrella was not open properly >.< so, Kenna in the end, give up & walked under the rain .
We went and have shelter at some random place before continue-ing. This time, I give everything to Joel and the umbrella, me and Kenna run to north point. It was such a fun thing & experience.
In the end, we ended up in north point, wet and cold. :D ,
Went to the car park and celebrate Joel's birthday. with a birthday bash tooo :D

Photos will be here. Some only. All can be found in facebook :D

 Legs open wide wide 

 I was damn drenched >.< & I looked scared in this photo. 
Back . 

Hope, this guy enjoyed everything today :D , 
His early birthday celebration, although only me and Kenna went, but I enjoy it :D , 
Hope this Birthday guy will like this :) 
Hope today , will become your memory , Happiest memory :)