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Monday, October 31, 2011

I am so sorry

Except for going to school and hub today , I never go anywhere today.

School was alright , I only used 25% of my energy for my physics. And 10% for my chinese since it is only for one hour.
Then , after that , go home , The weather make me damn cooling when I was on my bed. Plus the sudden rain that pour down, it gave me my favourite temperature in my room. With my fan directly blowing at me. Wow . I <3 it .

Dear sms-ed me. Replied him late.
Today, was abit of boring day for me and him. We did talk.
But there are no fun. I hope to bring the fun to him , in the future. I will really really really try my best. 
Saw Qian & Valerie at pump , with some random shuffling guys. Qian like dont know them like that .
I made a very big mistake. One of what Mel really really dislike.
I dont want to do this again . D:

This is what I want to tell my dearest.

Dear Dear, 
I am so sorry for today bored-ness. I apologised for not having any fun for you today. 
And lastly, I am really sorry for the pump machine mistake. It was your hate-est mistake ever. 
But , I will never do it again . I cant really tell you by words , but I will do it by action. 
No matter how angry you are, I know that moment only last for awhile. 
I love you, I really do. Forgive me kay ? 

Damn pissed with my own attitude.
I will never forgive my brother. , never , not for this year. 
My com is not fixed yet, I cant do many things. D: , damn fucking pissed with my family.
Everything , including the house -.-
My house is so messy , plus , I have a very loud father. Talking = Shouting. & worst , he dont trust me.

One whole night.
I want to be the peace-maker if I can . If I can . I really want to bring peace to my parents. But how to take it when the whole family is full of noise , Misunderstanding , miscommunication , irritating brother, a father that cannot understand me . A mother that assume and cant understand what I am talking with a house that is so KA-RANG-GU-NI- LOOK HOUSE, 
FML , -.-

I want to change everything , please give me a genie lamp . I am tired .
Not physically , mentally  I am tired with my family . What to do ? D:

Decisions to be made.

Hello .
Started off with the title and this photo. (This picture above is super cool right) .
I conclude that I'll not be dying my hair . :'( 
Because Sher told me alot of things of what will happened if I dyed my hair, nothing will be the same anymore. D: , Plus , I am running short of money , So , I will dye after my sec school then :'( , Sadded .
So , at 28th Nov , I think . I will be seeing my dear dye his hair only D: .
Jiayou DearDear. Just a few more days to your hair to be brown or gold . xD

But , I will not let my money go into a waste .
I am learning CJ or SJ at Oschool soon. (Need to see their schedule for courses) .
I am still learning alone. I just want to learn jazz , it looked nice to me , while dance is my favourite follow by singing . xD
I cant catch hip hop beats. Is either too fast or too hard, D:
I think I al learning for fun unless , I have talent in jazz , then I will consider learning the intermediate level.
Dear will be driving a car sooon , years later maybe xD AHHA

Yupp , this will marks my decision post , and ending :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Heart to heart talk. (Y)

Actually , there is no need for me to post everyday because I have not much readers at all , or maybe I have less than 5 readers, xD 
Junwen even remind me that " Xiaxue dont even update her blog everyday " . 
I agree . Should I stop posting everyday. Haha . Actually. I will not :X 

Today , 
Suppose to wake up early to meet Jiaqing to take his lappy . Then go meet Mel .
Ended up, we both take our time. When Mel called me , I just wake up >.< 
When I go meet Jiaqing, he dont want to go DG already , so we ended up playing arcade at amk after passing the laptop to Mel and wenwen :D 
We play until 4pm+ , 
After that I followed Wen & Mel , I have nth to do. Knew it , I should have bring things to do. 
We went eating , then went studying at mac , while studying, I wait for JQ to come .

When Jq came mac , we have nothing to do at mac , so we went out and take a walk.
We take a walk around hub , have a heart to heart talk . We talked about alot of shocking things O.O 
Really very shocking things. Many things that we dont expect will happened. 
We really cannot judge its book by its cover only .
Went back to Mac on time , was around 8.59pm . Then we played pump . 
They played one full song with 3 people. Get an "A" . Junwen played that song alone. Solo time for him.
He was damn tired . >.< . 

So , Yeah .
Mel & Kor accompanied me at the bus stop. Came home , kana scolded by Daddy because I send him a message that cannot be send. Then now, he mistook everything . Why is it so hard to gain his trust. I will never get his trust D: . " 
Yeaaaaaaaah , Finished with my blog. 
THERE IS SCHOOL TOMORROW D; , I wanna cry already D:  

Roller Coaster

Is a late post , post about yesterday .
So , It will be a short post with just a few photos.

Yesterday , last day of leadership programme.
The timing was 8am to 6pm. In school, it was super long can . >.<
So , it was quite a meaningful session, with all kind of teamwork things.
So , the photos are here,

Yeah , We are not the winning group , but we are the good structure winner :D , 
We do our things well , we did in 50 minutes. Cool right. 

Okay , after that , meet Melvin for dinner. 
He say he want to fetch me from school , but didnt fetch because he was asleep . 
Haha, then saw Jiaqing at arcade with Rina. 
Go out walk walk with Jiaqing. 
Then . he need to go to Bishan for his family dinner , then Mel called me , HE IS SO CUTE CAN , with his "just wake up" voice. >.< ~~~ 
Then , he meet me at arcade . before he come, the whole amk hub is full of indians . 0.0 

We ate Shaolin as our dinner, he eat the chicken , while I eat the mee sua. 
We ate at out special place , the staircase there, We eat and talk until the guard came and open the door, I was suspecting there is a camera there. I hope the guard will not come, I was nearly there . Meow. 

Reached home , chat with Jiaqing since 12am plus to 2am plus. 
Super funny can , wanna chat with him today. >.< , we talked about relationship to sick stuffs. 
He told me all his negative thoughts about me and mel .Wa, make me damn negative. 
He told me that "I think you do much more things for mel then what he do for you, if this continues, the feelings will fade." && 
He told me that "First few months , most of the couples should be sweet but as time goes by , the sweetness might not be there. , I said : Must all the couples be sweet at first and bitter at the end, but not bitter at first and sweet in the end ? . He said yes . You are putting a bet on this. 
Actually, I believe he will be sweet in the future. :) 
Then we chat sick stuffs until we sleep . >.< 

Friday, October 28, 2011

Coach Carter - Leadership

Leadership is influence . 

What I have learnt for the first day of my youth leadership programme.
Although it started at 4pm , ended at 9pm+ , damn tired when I reached home.
It was a fun programme, I can improve my english in that AVA room with some australian ascent people in there. :) , I like.
"Leadership is influence" is what they taught me today.
Follow by "What are your personal values ?" How to know whether which values are your personal.
Everyone have different value within themselves .
We did cancelling of 15 out of 30 values that we think we think it is not that important , left 15, cancel the other 8 , and lastly 2. Left 5 values, which is our own personal values.
I learn many many lessons is just one session. Nice work ! :D

We ended off today's session with one movie .

Coach Carter 

Is a basketball movie, it does not only talked about basketballs , but this movie taught us , me how strong education is. 
Without education , only basketballs, we ended up in prison. 
With education and basketball , we will be in college. 
Lazy to typed out the plot, so this is the plot. 
Ken Carter takes the job as coach of the Richmond Oilers basketball team at his old school Richmond High School, having been on the team himself and earned unbeaten records. Taking over from Coach White, Carter learns the team members are rude and disrespectful. He gives the team individual contracts, instructing them to attend all of their classes and maintain a grade average of 2.3 (although the local average grade students are meant to maintain is 2.0). Carter also asks the school staff for progress reports on the players' attendance. However, three players including Timo Cruz refuse to follow the contract and quits the team. Nonetheless, Carter coaches the team well and allow them to win their first victory whilst playing properly. Carter's son Damien joins the team, after quitting the private school St. Francis to play for his father.
Teammate Kenyon Stone struggles to come to terms with his girlfriend Kyra being pregnant and eventually splits up with her, unsure if he could juggle basketball, college and being a parent. Their relationship is explored over the course of the film. Cruz attempts to rejoin the basketball team after watching them at their last game, but Carter refuses to let him back in. Cruz has to do 1000 suicides and 2500 pushups to earn Carter's approval, aided by his teammates, eventually succeeding and is allowed back on the team. Carter continues to educate the teammates, teaching them respect for other players. The team eventually won a holiday season basketball tournament, and are invited to a suburb mansion by a fan to party. Carter finds out, crashing the party with the mansion's owners. The enraged Carter returns to his office and finds the progress reports reveal the teammates have been skipping classes.
Carter initiates a lockdown on the gym, forbidding the team from playing until they improve their grades, angering the locals and is verbally and physically abused by numerous people. Cruz quits the team again, hanging out with his drug-dealing cousin Remmy, only to witness his cousin get gunned down and dies. Cruz goes to Carter in tears and is allowed back on the team. The school board eventually confronts Carter, who justifies his actions, explaining he wants to give his team the opportunity and option for further education so they do not resort to crime. The board, save Principal Garrison and the chairwoman, vote to end the lockout, much to Carter's regret.
Carter quits his job, but finds the team studying in the gym, unwilling to play basketball. Cruz reveals to Carter his deepest fear, which Carter asked for repeatedly in the film, is being unable to fulfill his true potential, by quoting Marianne Williamson. Eventually the team improve their grade and are allowed to play basketball again. Kenyon reunites with Kyra, learning she had an abortion. The team play in the high school playoffs, learning their first opponent is St. Francis. The team ultimately loses, but are proud with what they have achieved. The ending reveals six of the players including Damien, Cruz and Kenyon all went to college."
Found in HERE  

Overall , how much I like this show , can be show in the ratings I give for this movie.

Rating : 9.5/10 stars :) 

Is a nice movie, dont miss it. You will learn alot from it.
Lastly , I just reached home from school , damn tired. Miss Mel alot.
But I can bear it until late november. I know I. Abbie Loke Yeng Yin can do it. :D
So , I end my post with one video.

Bye guys :) 

Breathing, Sharing.

Last day of school for this year, 2011 .
No one retain from my class, so we will still get to see my classmates next year.

The last day of post exam activities , Bowling. :)
Super nice, but different group from my dear Haida. Played with Apple's group.
Quan wen is a ninja ! I was winning at first , then she suddenly come up with spare and win me by a few marks. But in the end , she did not win any medals . Because the 5th was 800 plus marks. Which was Rina.


Yupp, when we are coming back to school, it was a huge DOWNPOUR , I need to go under the rain just to get on the bus ._. But overall, it was a fun trip :D 

After that , met Rina for awhile.
Then go back home sleep, until Mel asked me out for dinner 
Since he will not be able to meet me for quite a long time. ): 
Will be working at NTUC with Haida xD , catch me there . HAHAH ! Tomorrow will be going for the interview, hope I get selected . Because I really need money . $$$

Went Meet MelMel ♥ , 
Pump for awhile. Then went for dinner. Nasi Lemak :D , 
Hahahaha , My wish came true >.< , I also get to know that he is a great finder of "dark places" . 
I am actually in love with that place . Maybe next time go there sit sit ♥ 
Make his dare came true 
Wish came true toooo :D , so I benefit from it. 
He accompanied me from that place to my bus stop and accompany me for my bus. 
Sweet right, I know. 

New photos taken with him :D ,
Next time the photos will be after November :D  (Where both of us have our hair dyed :) ) 
Btw, Saw Sebas that group at the fountain there, 
They are totally bo liao, Tianxin is life-less , Sorry to say . 
He is even lifeless to scare me & Mel for 3 times , & worst , scare a innocent dog, piss me off -.- 
Get some life , I hope. 
But, because of them, we have things to watch . We played numerous rounds of Tap Sonic.
The songs that Mel played, I can never even pass. D:  , But I am in love with a song :D

Mendelssohn A Midsummer Night's Dream - Wedding March

I love this song, hope this song will be my future marriage song xD

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Deepavail - Bored

Happy Deepavail to the indians .

It was a boring day today.
Stayed at home , early in the morning, edit my previous post . Get some songs, update my phone with new songs & photos. Until Zen called me whether want to go vivo. Agree at first.
Went and look for Mel & Junwen while waiting for JQ to come. Zen called me and change the venue then change the venue again. Lazy to go , so chose to stay with Mel they all then.
See them study all the way , eat curry rice at coffee shop , then went to library ,. Halfway, forgotten that it is closed. >.< , went under block.
At 9pm sharp, went hub to play pump. My double is still cui D:
Rina cut her hair . To super short , cute :D
Then went off after Junwen was badly bullied by a guy. :D
Then go home, Mel accompanied me to wait for my bus . ♥

 Colours for my first time of dying my hair.

Need some help here , I am going to dye my hair at late November , with my deardear ! :D
But this is my first time, I have some colours on my mind, but need some help to choose . As this is my first time, need to be careful right, Help me alright ? xD

Colours are : 
Sparkling Amber

Copper Shimmer

Reddish Blonde
Light Auburn
Medium Auburn 

Help me choose kay :D

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Funny moments are treasure-able kay !

Today,  first day of post exam activities .
Dance steps , dancemob & Kpop dance steps.
Got back our report books tooo . I damn disappointed with it. So, I do not need to share that.
Dancemob using a catchy song.
Kpop used Weddin Dress by Taeyang.
Clean the whole classroom tooo. Throw alot of things away. Take photos at class ,
I didnt take the video of the whole flashmob & Kpop.
I like the flashmob & because of Kpop dance , I know Yee Shan . One of the oschool dancer.
I'm motivated to learn dancing , I want to learn to be flexible, I want to be a dancer (for my own hobby only). 

After that , went home straight sleep :x , make mel wait at home.
(I was that tired right after dancing lessons).
Then after that, I woke up and realised the time is so late, faster go bath, then go meet him.
Play pump together then mug together. Fantastic , with the rain.
Double improved alot, singles too, but everytime I improved , it is not constant improving. Sometimes, I can do it, another time, I can just fail the whole song. Amazing right ? -.-
Went Pepperlunch to have our lunch. Then we walked around to let our full stomach have a break xD

Went to meet Sebastian, the Butler. :D means, we went to VL , he played his music songs, He is always into the mania mania thingy. Especially Music. He is so pro in that kind of thing.
Saw munling & Eileen.
This is what he play :D , HE IS WEARING WHITE :D 

Mug at Library for a few hours , then went back to hub , pump .

Super hardworking right :D

There is so many songs introduced by my baby genius , from old songs to new songs.
He very cute right . xD

Btw, My dear is hyper today . :D ,
Love him love him love him. xD

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Days are sweet with you. ♥

My sweet baby genius LOL ♥

When was the last time I take photos with him ? 
Since 28th August , It has been a long time . Hahah . 

Wish : I want to take photo with him again [♥]

Today, didnt go to school as I said at previous post.
Sleep Sleep Sleep, until Mel called me to help him in his General Papers.
After that , we meet for dinner at 6.05pm , lucky I went out from my house early, since he said he will reached Breadtalk before 6.20pm , he reached like 15 minutes earlier . >.<

Reached Breadtalk first , then saw my fate senior, Mingxian .Asked him about his O , He say he want to get A1 for English . 0.0 . !
We chat chat chat , until I saw Mel , he walked towards different direction , chase after him, then he walked back again. Make me feel like a penguin xD

Went KFC to have our dinner.
Walk walk around Hub , then we spend quite a long time at the stairs there, a new hidden place that I can hide at hub, where no one can disturb us or me. xD .
Found by Mel ♥  , Sauna siia , inside . Haha , we listen to old songs, very old song . ._.
He is a pro in this kind of thing, I am in love with some of Tank's songs. Especially this .

I like the tune and how he sing it ♥♥♥♥

We listen to different kind of old songs can . From the old Singapore show, Kopi O until Carme .

and many more.
Super funny, we keep singing & listening , then I like the "Ka men" , the speed is unpredictable :D
Went to buy gogo at ntuc , then went to fountain to eat .
We stalk people in facebook , super funny. Looking through all the photos , from young to old , from past to current. :P , Stalk status tooooo .
Damn funny laaaa ! , I look damn nice in the past , he look damn fat in the past xD
Spend time together until 10++ , lucky is exams over period ! :D , no need to rush home. Reached home just in time.
Btw , just remind me of the photos ,

My baby genius changes photos !

When he is in JC Year 1 

When I just known him, >.< , I think 


Hahaha , Dont know what he will think when he see this post xD 
Yupp, this will marked my ending of this post, Post exam activities tomorrow , 

I  ♥ YOU :D 
Dont know what Jiaqing say to you worhh :D xD

Ignore the arrangement of the photos laaa  xD
I dont know how does it ended up like that D: xD

Monday, October 24, 2011

Boku no hatsukoi wo kimi ni sasagu

Watched this movie early in the movie since I did not go to my school sports day.
Because I woke up late this morning , 7.30am need to reach there , I woke up at 7.30am. -.-
Nevermind, Mummy told me to go , but I refuse. :)
She encourage me to go work, no work no money take ! 0.0!!

Okay, this movie "Boku no hatsukoi wo kimi ni sasagu" .
Is a love movie, I always watched this kind of movie.

It is talking about the male lead having a illness , he cannot do any sports that are vigorous example PE all those.
Since young, he and the female lead have been together , encourage their relationship to keep going is their promise "I will marry you when I grow up" .
But the male lead has limited time in this world, that is up to 20 years old.
Because of her, he bear all those pain treatment.

Limited time love </3

In the end, she did not regret having this promise with him. 
Although he is not around already, but she still planned to married him afterall . 
I admire her faithfulness . True love really do exist, at least in this movie, it exist & it shows me how strong it is . :)  

Fun always last :D

Yesterday, cook cook cook, the come back home , suppose to meet JQ , go to Tamp together to take all the plush toys from Kenneth.
But didnt, because I update my phone to ios5, & it drained my energy just by starring at it :(
Then after that , he say he need to reach there by 3.30pm , therefore , I stayed at home. Sleep sleep sleep until 7 plus. Mel just finished his studying with his friends, he saw Don, Daniel at pump. Want to go , so bathed then go there around 7 plus.
It was fun , went home before 12am :D

Jiakai versus me in everything. He has a new son, Lucas . Give birth by Rina :D
Played pump , I deprove alot D: .
Super sweet Melvin is there , took my phone and saw all those sick things, then wanted to tell Moo. D:
I love Melvin ! :D , He wore the new shirt that he bought at NTUC :D
He is in all white , I LIKE IT :D . HAHAHA

Family animal farm .
Daniel = Cow
Sherilyn = Hippo
Sherilyn's boyfrend = Monkey
Jiakai = Baboo
Melvin = Mouse
Abbie = Cat
Don = Dinosaur

Eat this with DearDear

Hershey's White chocolate bar. Me & Mel's favorite :D

Today , Woke up early & then sleep back ,
Meeting JQ Kor to go Bugis together with Zen , super fun , this is what we do in Bugis Street :D
Then , we go Bugis junction to buy the puffs,

JQ looked cute & old in this way right ? xD

Normal shot.

Wanted to Let Melvin try this .


Then , went to cineleisure to meet Vanessa .
Played PRO2 together also ,
Saw JQ and Van played Reflec beat , see how they communicate , I thought they are back together you know.
Rilakuma :D 
Thanks to Kenneth , I get this free toy :D
Sent to my by Sanat Claus Jiaqing :D

Seeing HER play , making me stun ! , She is so damn pro >.<

Back to AMKHUB because Jiaqing need to go to meet his friend . 
Went back to AMK Hub , and came up to arcade and saw Justin playing , he keep playing his mission zone with different kind of keys to step , Hahah , Keep Mission Failure xD

 Went home before 11 today ,
Want to get some songs before I sleep.
Thanks Charmain for the encourage <3

Melvin is still studying till this late , or maybe he is asleep because of extra lessons in school tomorrow .
Hope his GP goes well . 

Got a few photos quite nice , I like :D , But still we have fun overall.
Got one last photo to post , but post this, I will be killed by Mr Lim siia.

I hope they get back together. D: