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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Brand New Year - A Brand New Start

Happy New Year Everyone.

It has been quite awhile since I last updated this blog of mine.
I have not update my own personal Diary too, I have many events to catch up on. Writing down immediately might be the best way always, but I am so lazy . (A habit that I need to change)

Alright, everyone.
Have you set your own new year's resolutions ?
I have set a first few of mine, I think I dragged it from the past years, I have not met the targets yet, so this year will be the year that I work harder than my past few years.
No matter is in studies or slimming process. I am going to put in my 100% .

So, this small post is to remind all of you that this year is a brand new year for you.
Do not be affected by the past few years, what happened had happened, It will be better if we just focus on the future.
I have already set some of my new year resolution , fixed ones for year 2013.
When you have goals, you must have ways to go towards it. So, I am working towards it now, it might be fierce journey, but I know I can make it through :D

All the best to you all too.
(Later at 2pm, O levels results will be out, All the best to the O levels candidates. See you all later, & leaving the hall with a smile.)

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Dear Choir Mates

I am the oldest , finally .
I am feeling how Annpei feel that year, when I was just secondary 2 & now I am secondary 5.
One of the oldest & the most active among juniors.

I, Abbie Loke Yeng Yin , am famous of her own loudness & her tenor girl's voice. 
Turn out to be most of my precious juniors' best friend. (Maybe I am) .
I hope to become one of their clique so that they remember me when I leave, at least have some memories. I do not want to leave the school without any happy memories . (Honestly, my class did not really give me much, cause I am one of the odd one out.) , So I shall learn from Melvin, to slack with my CCA's mates more. At least, I will have some excuse to go back into AMKSS after I graduate.

Tenor girl, I know it sounds so MALE . It is a male's part .
I have travel from Sops to Tenor , proud to be. :P
I love my sections alot, not because it has boys in it. I do not want to be a paedophile yo, I am 17, they are 16 this year. So, impossible. +++++ Melvin is my love one :D hahahah.
Writing this blog post to de-stress actually . :P Is in the middle of the night, I am not suppose to waste any second since this year is my O level year.
I have one of my best friend in Tenor. I am not the only girl of cause.
I have a friend that is younger than me, but is so into Tenor, she can even hit a low "RE" . Meow.
She is : PEK YOK HUI . 

Cute & Rough right. Tomboyy-ish girl indeed, adding her short hair in.
She as a President is damn fierce, but I saw her stress side before. She love drinking Jolly Shandy when she is stress, no matter is about choir or lessons. 
She know me so well, she can predict when are the days that I am going to skip. This is very creeepy, imagine a text came to you telling you to come to choir when you have the plans to skip it. 

So, Choir 2013 people. 
They have made me feel so happy with them. I have to admit that the boys are like part of my life. :P 
At least, for these 2 years, I have been surviving with them. Rehearsals with them, Games activities with them, despite of them kept calling me Tigress. 
Junior like Macalister & Matthew Tan. (Another pair of Tan Brothers) . that make my life interesting & worth living for . :D  (First was my dearie untranslatable - Tan Jun Wen & Tan Jun Keong) . 

This guy totally sounds like his brother. He can make everyone laugh without doing nothing, but it was worst when both of them says something. I will have difficulties breathing :D
He was the lightest - 35kg . His height was short for a male, but he is only sec 1 & he is the cutest in my whole choir. :D 
I love him as a Junior cause he can be irritating & annoying, but he still helps me in anyway . 
(I do not have his brother's photo. Matthew is a solo joker in my choir. He just have to stay there & do nothing, the whole choir will laugh their ass off. )

I have a Twinnie (Young one , a 4 years younger than me , Twinnie) 
People say that we looked alike. We have the same active-ness. 
Potential student leader, who knows, she might be the next Yok Hui. 
One note of advice for you, Please do be more efficient & take good care of your voice. 
One of the junior that I hope that I could spam more photos with, before SYC & before I leave AMKSS. 
Although she is secondary one, she does not behave like one. I thought she was sec 2 before knowing her. 

My Talented SNSD Hardcore fan .
She is so into it, she could dance to any of SNSD's songs. How crazy right .
She can be so stress sometimes, but I love her, I really do. A girl that will know when to go crazy with me, and when to calm me down :D

 How can I don't love my juniors ? :D
My girls' especially. :D
I have a girl that love to call herself "I am Awesome" & Froggy.
I have a president that keep guailan-ing me.
I have a girl that are able to control me.
I have a girl that behave like me, laugh like me, think that we are so open :D
I have a girl that is so sensitive towards people's comments tooo.

I love them all, really. I want to have more photos with them.
All of you.

I cant bear to leave you all, so give me more memories to keep for my rest of my life.