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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Yes, I did really plan and do something about it after my previous post.
Thanks to my dear J , he is so willing to cut down and go to gym with this noobie here.
He actually willing to cut down on his diet, spend more time in gym with me, training with me. And he even suggested to grow fit together too. <3_<3

I went gym for the first time. I went there with Shuqi first , before J appear in gym.
As my first time in gym, dealing with the machines, I have no idea what to do , no need to tell me about those sets , training which muscles kinda of stuff, but thanks to my first time & shuqi, I managed to find some related stuffs to do. I overdid - like over spending my budget on my legs, or thighs. It hurts. I nearly unable to stand up.
So, I decided that the next time I go gym, I will train my arms, Maybe not many repetitions, cause I do not want to have big arms, I still have the misconceptions that lifting weights will make my muscles look bigger. I want toned arms and thighs. -- that;s my ultimate aim.

So, the next time I will go and research on how many sets should I , as a beginner do in gym for my arms so I will be more prepared when I am in gym, instead of just flying here and there , trying out different machines. Bur I got to say that, I like it though. I like the flow, like I will run on the trackmil for 5-10 mins first (warmup) -- then go and do those machines. Subsequent set, the timing on the track is lower, then do again. I think I just have to ask J for opinion and research more about it.
But, for now. I like it though. Although I am still so shy But I believe I will be nice and slim one day. :D

Finally, Again

Yes, Again. How many times have I wrote this in blog.
I guess everyone is gonna say that I wont succeed this time round, but trust me. I wanna succeed as much as many expect me to fail. This time round, I would have to make this goal of mine last and keep going for, let me see . For 2 weeks first, before a new blog post comes by, saying I have successfully completed some stuffs ?

Things to be completed this 2 weeks ! :

1. Finish my UT.
2. Finish reading my "If I stay" .
3. ** Lawn's Salad for 3-4 days with J. **
4. Exercising morning workout before I go to school for 3 days -- till 4 weeks (Suppose to) .
5. SQUASH ON EVERY MONDAY ! -- Need to make that squash partner active.

For now, I just want to complete my module's notes .
Too many things to edit in my notes. Too many words. I dont know how to make them nicer to see, easy to read & all those. Hand-written notes seems to work the best for me :(

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Enjoyable 14.11.14

There were many "impromtu" events happened. At least for me, it were.
I did not have many plans for my sixth month with J. We were just going for the flow.

I always like Friday. And luckily, our sixth month falls at that day.
I like friday because of the module. I have a good faci for this module, he is like a friend. Funny and smart friend. :D
He will be there to help. Cracking jokes. everything.
And another thing to add is that Jeff's class is opposite mine during every Friday. <3
So, I was up to a good start.

As I thought it will be a good start. It did not turn up that well.
That day's problem turns out to be one of what I hate ? I dont know. I have slow process of understanding some stuffs. And I will force myself to understand fast, cause either I do not want to stop the process just because of me or I hate people thinking that I am a burden or sth....
People are selfish no matter what. 
I have a team-mate who turns out to be so bias. I have no reason why.
I dont like people who do not like me because I am loud or stuffs, or hyper. I did get affected, but after awhile. I really dont think it was worth my energy. I am just being me. People have a choice to hate me or to make friends with me. I am not being fake. I'm just being me.
So. I happened to buck myself up. Work fast for my brain. and roughly get it. But the practice questions was .... pathetic though. I did not know how to do... hence, I was so shagged out even before my celebration for it.

After school. I have no idea where to go. All I know was maybe to have steamboat or hotpot or bbq or sth. (But I have learnt, not to have any of it anymore, my appetite is not big enough for it.) 
So, me and Jeff took some time to choose for a place to go. Blasted music in my class till the end. I am happy to have J , he always have ways to make me do stuffs that I, myself will laugh at too. 

We went to Vivo. Yes, Woodlands all the way to Harbourfront. And J only sit down for 2 stations and I actually slept through the journey, Such a sleepy girlfriend. :( Hahah
I thought there would be food for us to eat, but it turns out no. LOL
So, we travelled back to Bugis. With Jeff saying that he will be going out with his friends to celebrate one of his friend's birthday.
So, we had steampot with bbq at the side. Which I got splashed by oil a million times :((
I will talk more about it next time.

Definitely had a good time at night, Celebrating his friend's birthday. It was a good experience.
Although I feel like I could maintain myself slightly more for some matters. But, it was good. I was hoping that there will be more activities like this once in awhile.

Once again. I love you babyboy.
Thanks for a perfect day and night. <3

Friday, November 14, 2014

Half a year just fly past us

Omg, Half a year just passed by us. We have been sticking together for 6 months. Another 6 more months, we will be 12 months (1 year) together. Time really flies , without us knowing anything. Time just did its job ticking away. 
This 6 months, definitely, like any other couples, hoping it to last, arguing till the very end, dont feel like seeing each other at some times, awkward heart to heart talk,after awhile, pillow fights, mini cute fights among ourselves... buying food for each other...
It is always the mini events that happened that makes this memorable. 

Before we were together, I have already ensure that you know me well first before you say you want to get together with me. Taken my past into considerations, my current me, my moodswings, my wants and everything for a relationship. I was afraid that you could not take it. But, who knows. and see where we are right now.

I am definitely happy .
Happy to be your girl. I'll be ancipating for more love from you. More months for us to become stronger as it passed.

--- Much loves x100
Abbiephotogenix xD