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Monday, April 16, 2012


SLOCC , Singapore Lyrical Opera Children Choir.

This choir, it sounds so grand & so high class. The good news is that I am chosen to join the Every Saturday & perform with them every performance . I went passed the audition.
But the bad point is I AM 16 , And I am in the children choir, but not the youth choir. Standard is not there yet, I think. I can't quit right now. As I applied for the scholarship . I have to go through it until Dec 8th. All the best for me.
I cant even managed my primary priority well & now I am here and there .
Europe + SLOCC rehearsal . All for just a DPA . I also do not know poly will want me as their biomedical student or not :( .

Okay, Last Saturday , went for my first lesson.
They were very rush . They just rush through the whole school. I saw many "rich" people. Mostly were foreign people. So, I can't speak in SINGLISH , but ENGLISH. Super high class. But when the rehearsal started, it was very different from what I have expect. It is even less strict than my school's.
I like my school's rehearsal though . Stricter , but the difference was just the standard is not there , so we have to go through all the score detail.
SLOCC expects us to know it by ourselves. Stress for me, as I am weak at NOTES READING. So, I will just need to keep up. Bad point of going such a high class place yet do not have the standard.
They are not very discipline, and mostly are from primary school . At the age of 10 ? I am like one of the oldest  & I am being called "CHILDREN" . Haiis. What to do , I am in the children choir ,
Just have to endure it for awhile.

It is just the start & we will be singing and performing  for OKTO's KNOCKOUT.
I will be on the tv for a few seconds. Better than nothing :P . not very hyper about getting on TV . :P
So, I was not very disappointed :P .

And one day before my birthday, it was the JULY PERFORMANCE !!
13th July. Come and see my perform if you want. OF coz, nothing is free in Singapore, .

Yupp, that all I want to say .
Let's hope I will have an enjoyable trip .

My school's choir is going crazy over just one europe trip .
We WILL have rehearsals non stop for 2 weeks . THIS IS STUPID. :(

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Vow

Watched "The Vow" . 
I did not catch it at the cinema with anyone. Watched this at Funshion, No time & money to watch the movie too. I want to catch this with Melvin . But he is not the type to accompany to watch. Is not his type , Hahaha .

But the movie , I only give 3.1/5 .
But I like the quotes in the movie. Overall, the show is all about how everything changes, and how those 2 found their ownselves.

Movie started with them coming out of the cinema during a winter snowy period.
(I love the snow!) , and on the way home, they have an accident and everything changes.
As the female lead lost her memory and did not regain it .
The male lead been through alot , he tried everywhere to help her, including going through the parents' round. In the end, She found out that it was the parents that were re-writing her whole past to have their selfishness of not letting their daughter leave them again .
Most of the photos above will be able to bring my thinking to you all.
But, I forward it alot, Is kinda boring when the female lead want to find out everything and failed to get her memory back .

This movie is being inspired by a couple, which have 2 children now.
Her wife did not regain her memory at all . They are living happily after.

True Love : If we are meant to be together, we will be together anyway, 

Need to be back on track

I have kinda lost my track again. :( .
I have not stop eating for days. RICE, NOODLES, SEAWEED CHICKEN, BREAD.
I need to eat fruits, everything with fruits. 
I think I focus too much on my diet. After I change my diet to something else, I'm sick often.
Shouldn't I be more healthier than other days ? I am confused .
Growing sick right after my 3.6km slow jog & others.
Do I mind so much about my looks ? Idiot. Start to become so negative about it all a sudden.
I start to read up to the fitness blogs. I want to understand how they did it, & What I saw was CUT OFF CALORIES. How much more should I cut down ? Got to agree, through this whole process, it proved that I have weak self discipline.
I have no self discipline to control what I eat and do. I need to have a fixed time plan in my time for everything. Really.
Same goes for my studies.

Recently, I been sleeping on my bed instead of sitting at my study table with my books on.
Bad headache coming in, are all these necessary ? Do I need to stress myself ? Or everything comes naturally ?

So, I have to make my own decision.
Do I still need to be on the track that I was on previously or start to do something else to make myself feel better ?
So, Should I run today, for later on. Or should I just drag it ?
I need to answer all these on my own. I do not know how to answer all these all a sudden.
I have my books beside me, I can get start on it, but my brain start to tell me to workout, workout because i have a big tummy with me. So, does this mean that I mind my figure alot ? ._.
I feel comfortable eating it, but right after it. I feel bad about what I have done. Sickening,

I think I need to take a bath to coool down my thinking.
Going to dentist today. And going back to school afterwards, for my physics test,
I hope everything goes right. I need to stop tracking on what I am eating all those. It is stressing me.
I think I need to stop thinking I am fat. Even if I am.
Today, I will give up that thinking. :D . I am me :D

"This is real, this is me
I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be, nowGonna let the light, shine on meNow I've found, who I amThere's no way to hold it inNo more hiding who I want to beThis is me" . 


Once again. I need to psycho myself that I'm not sick.
I have many tests to go for this whole entire week & one MAJOR exam coming. Plus, The Choir to Europe thing is making me stress-er than anything. I do not know the reason behind it.
One week of continuously training, one week of 20 over rounds. They are making me crazy. Worst, 2.4km & Napfa is coming. Suppose to be this week, but choir took away this week & gave me one whole week to practice and train my stamina.

I miss my dearest . :( .
9 more days to our lovely 8th month. I want to make this a better one at least , before he go into military life.
After that, I do not want to disturb him too much. I'll miss him to death. :P
Ah. I will not die without him, At least, I will make use of the time to improve myself :) .
I hope I can.

I can't wait for this coming FRIDAY .
I want to try out for the night cycling . I have never try before because my classmates do not allow me too, BECAUSE I AM A FEMALE. Yeah, they might just rape me they said. ._. , So, I did not try that when I got the chance. So, this time round, no excuse. I think I'm not that fit to hold on for the whole entire route to supper. But, at least, I as a female, get to try it :D
Mel said that , they will not get lost. With iphone around . :P

Monday, April 2, 2012

Once again, Sick

Since yesterday :( .
I did not go to school today. Missed out many lessons again. Pathetic. 
Yesterday was the Chinese 清明节. I need to go pray to 婆婆和爷爷。I hope they will bless me everything. Give me hopes. I know they love me. Although I have never see 爷爷 before.
With Aunt and Junice & JooJoo Jie. They are smart peoples :D
When I reached there, I was alright.

I think was the heat and smoke I breathe in too much causes me to be sick.
Right after that, I was having a really bad headache, like a tumour in my head. It keep pounding .
After everything,went to have a small lunch with  family . Cant eat alot.
Once I ate, I feel like going to toilet.
I have been visiting the toilet like many times.

After everything, Meet Melvin at his house.
Finally I get to see him. I love him <3 , I was so damn hot. But I am not having a fever. Idk what happened to me. Super tired yesterday .

Melvin accompany me to visit the clinic. Sweet right.
After that, I need to do a paper.
I know what method to use for quite alot of questions, but do not know how to use or too panic to even touch it. Wa. How can like this.

No one trolled me except for Melvin .

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Min's Session

Early in the morning, Tee Xi Min suggested to go study together & I wondered "What's Wrong ?" Haha.

So, we went and meet at Nebo, Told her to bring jacket at least. she said she will be okay with her long sleeves, but in the end, she was shivering in cold. :D
I want to finish my homeworks, but that pretty girl kept disturbing me :P hsaahha
We studied for awhile, then talk. Studies awhile then we have our food arrived. Studied for awhile, and we want to play game. The point is : WE ARE NOT FOCUSING AT OUR WORK AT ALL !! Need to get rid of this and start to train everything into plans.
I have put everything into timin, but nothing follows my timing, I need to be more discipline now to do all those perfectly. :D , NEED TO TRAIN ! 

Yeah, I saw Melvin today.
His side view damn shuai !!! :P
I feel like so proud of his side view :D:D:D , but I only get to see afar, then in the end being caught at a bery retarded way -.- , IS SO EMBRASSING , I SWEAR
I cannot take it. :(

So, went Ximin's house to see how she prepare her swimming clothes.
Came in only, Miki (Which is her dog) , do not like me :( . I came in & she kept barking at me. :(
Then, slowly, she get used to me, she is a very hyper dog. Really. She will kept jumping up non stop and keep playing with me "tug of war". Interesting dog.
She want to bite me tooo :( , but Ximin keep saying "te tiao ahh" , (which means cane in chinese) , to scare her. Everything she did that. Miki will close her eyes, how cute is that ?!?!?!
Wow, her room is like her personal makeup room. I like :D
I like everyone's room but never mine, although I have the whole rooom for myself. But is always messy :(

After that, went to ,y house to take somethings, & there we go to YCK Swimming .
Didn't swim much at all, Abit waste., but I love going out with Ximin <3333
I did not put my phone in the locker :( , DANGEROUS WAY !
So, we spend most of the time in the baby's poool singing & chatting. :D ,
Then go home.

I did not go home. Spent my evening with Maurice, Zen & Melvin.
I am like an extra there -.- .
But I am able to get near him somehow, but he was ignoring me like nobody's business. Haiis, Haven cross that time yesterday .
So. he like never see me like that.
I kept my mouth shut for th whole evening, I feeeel so quiet ! >.<

Hao laa, I hope he will forgive me by now .