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Saturday, May 24, 2014


I am finally at another stage of my life.
I am also finally at my age 18 year. 

I have been expecting this day to come soon. You know. A place like college, where you can wear your own home clothes to school, meeting new friends. Totally new friends and different friends from secondary school. I could not even be this open when I am in sec school, cause they basically judged me for my past. How am I suppose to make friends that way. 
That was the reason why I stick with only a few friends in class for that past few years. 

Background information: 
I got 22 for O levels.
I want to be in the School of Life Sciences/ School of Applied Sciences badly, since I do not have equally strong passion for other schools.
I aimed to go into Biomedical Science in NP, but nevermind, everyone knows that I could not make it there. I do not have enough points to go into RP's BM too. :( 
So, I am in RP's Pharmaceutical Sciences. I did some appeal to NYP's one, but it is full of bullshit. -.- 

So, now, I am a student in RP's SAS ( School of Applied Sciences) .
I am one of the norm, since the intake for my course is like 200+ . no wonder I could get in. Anyone could get in. LOL 

I did not regret much, or maybe I have not yet . 
I attended SAS's day camps with Shikin, as she was the only classmate I have that joined the same school as me.
We were very shy, and every black t-shirt people were guilding us. I heard "Walk straight and turn left" every 50m ? It was that many students leaders at that point of time. 
The groups inside was grouped by the timing you came into the hall . I am in team 15, the middle range or towards the very late range already. 

I did not plan to talk until Shikin told me to talk, to make some friends. 
And she did. I was happy and did not regret these actions, cause these were the actions that make me hve these wonderful people in my life till now. :D , Which is already the 4th week of school .

I do not know how to describe how I feel when I was there.
I was excited. I did not know that, the team I made in SAS turns out to have friends that might stay for the 3 years. I just realised that the starting of something new, the friends made from the start, have the highest percentage to stay by your side till the end. :)

During the SAS camp, it was awkward at first. But I had that mindset of mine that I must be high and open so I wont regret and enjoy the most from the camp. That's the point of the camp.
If you do not have fun, you might regret alot. I do not like to regret the things I can change.

Maybe if I post photos, I might describe more on it ?

Flag for the Race

Me & Su. :D 

Our lovey and crazy SLs. 

Selfie time. Dont be surprised by the amount of selfies we have in our phone. 

Presenting my fav team of all time --- Team 15 :D