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Friday, December 12, 2014

Week had flies so fast

Wow, time really flies. In just a blink of an eye. I am already spent 8 weeks with my classmates. 8 problems for 5 modules have been solved when I was in school since the first day of school.

I find that this week flies extraordinary fast. I think it was because I have made some close friends and spent like a week with them. I also made some matters hard for one of my close friend. At the wrong time, you can say. So, there were happy moments, but also at the same time, some sad moments made too.

She was one of my friends who I have made. One of the closest one in class too. I can say.
We even bought L4D2 together. She was the one that make it worth-while. I am not the gaming type, so what can I say right ? ><

So, during this week. It was the first week that I did not even eat lunch with Ah-Lai . My lunch time is dedicated to both of them. I also thanks to fate. Another close friend of mine was in my group for 4 modules. I guess, I need to treasure this kind of things before it is gone.

This week was also a fun week as I am closer to Jeff's friends already.
I think I become outspoken too. I am thankful for this week that have passed. Just have to remember and treasure all these moments I guess.