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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Wow, this blog is like an ancient blog now.
It contains all of the memories from the past, when it dont seems to exist anymore.
I'm now at Year 2016, the last post was like 2014/2015, it feels that I time-travelled.

So, why am I back here again.
Cause of a better photo quality posts. I will prefer blogger style no matter how many different type of blogging programmes out there.
I will not post daily - if you all prefer daily blog post --> DAYRE , I will be posting those on the shot photos, they have hashtags system, and locations can be allocated to the post itself as well. To make it easier for me. It can only be updated though a smart phone using the Dayre app. So, I will much prefer that to be more updated.

But for today, I will use this source to create my own self-blog. I do not need readers, some readers will do. Cause I blog this for fun, of cause best to share my experience with everyone, but it is too tiring to be getting followers nowadays, when everyone are famous and those who are capable to get famous are people who have either looks or skills in something or even both. HAHAH

I will also blog more on photos here as well, because firstly, I got myself a secondhand selfie camera - Samsung Nx Mini.
right after I bought it, Fujifilm actually produce a similiar but better in megapixel at the price of $999. Ohya, at first I wanted to buy that camera but is really too much to be spending on a trip. I told myself if I have a full time job and a chance for me to travel more than I think I do. I will consider purchasing it. But for now, I will be posting those edited photos here as well.

I also started my vlog journey as well. My editing skill is horrible, really horrible. But give me a chance people, to learn. Everyone have their start - also not because I want to make a career out of it. maybe I just want to learn an extra interesting skill. - Editing is not easy, but I know I can do it if I put my focus in it. HAHAH.

 So, thank you very much blogger for always being here for me to update it.
See ya more :D